Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First off today, just when you think your home is REASONABLY clean and tidy, someone points this out:

ABOVE:  the view UNDER the fridge!  OMG.  We are pigs!!!   (OK, I exaggerate a bit)... but still!  THAT job is going on the:  'You Guys' list!  Some bloke in this house needs to pull out that fridge and clean under it for me.

WTF?  last week this cheese cost $20....

ABOVE: this week?  $29.99  'SOMEONE' is ripping us off.

COMMENTS:  now I really want your opinion on this one (PLEASE)...
If you visit a person's blog over and over again, leave nice comments every time.... but that person NEVER comes over and leaves YOU a nice comment now and then.... do you think I should just stop visiting their blog and stop leaving comments???  I am in this 'position' with quite a few blogs I visit... I LIKE these bloggers/blogs, but am feeling a bit.... sad? that they don't return the favour.

(Some of these bloggers DO acknowledge my comment with an email... but still don't visit/leave me a comment EVER.)

So:  tell me what YOU would do in this situation... IF you are someone who actually leaves me comments!  lol

OH and another thing bugging me right now.  If I send you an invite to read my Private Blog (cos you asked for it) then I never hear from you again.... I feel awful.  So if this applies to you... I am weeding my private blog readers again... and you will be deleted.  Sorry, but if you read my private blog and don't even bother to comment... ta ta.

LYNDA:  we usually buy it once a fortnight.  And what do we do with it?   Just the usual thing really ... WE EAT IT.  DOH.  Sliced thinly on sandwiches mostly.

Right, I've been out and about this morning.  THANK YOU for so many suggestions re:  comments etc.  Muchly appreciated.

NOW on to my morning!  Bit of a long story ahead:

I mentioned the other day that my SD Camera Card was jammed in my camera eh?
Well... I rang the place where I bought the camera from,  and the guy there said to bring it in, and it would cost me $57.20 to get it assessed at Panasonic Head Office Service Department.  He also said it would be a minimum of three weeks until I heard anything, and repairs cost $120.00 +GST an hour, with the minimum charge being 1 hour.

I'm like... bugger that!

I found out where Panasonic's Head Office was and drove there this morning.... 10 minutes from me house.
The lady at the Service desk said she would take me camera out the back and see what the technician thought.... I waited about 10 minutes then the lady came back with the technician.
He told me the card was cracked and jammed in there, so it was a physical breakdown, NOT covered by warranty.  
I said BUGGER, and could I book it in to be looked at and repaired after Christmas?  

Well that really NICE MAN said he would have a go at getting the card out right there and then, and told me to go have a coffee and come back in an hour!

So I did.  Well OK, I didn't have a coffee (ikkkk).... I went up to Botany and posted some mail.
When I got back the camera was FIXED!  AND they waivered the assessment fee ($57.20)  AND did not charge me a cent for the repair either!  I was gobsmacked.

They said I would need a new SD Card as mine was dead, and would I like to buy one while I was there?  I said 'YES PLEASE', how much?
The cards are $40 in the shops... I got TWO for $50 at the Panasonic Head Office!

Those people are just so nice, I went out and bought them a dozen slices/pieces of cake for their afternoon tea!
I would have taken a photo of the cakes, but hadn't put the SD Card in me camera at that point.

So, I've had an EXCELLENT experience with PANASONIC again!

After that I went and bought a set of Tie Backs for Steve's room:
ABOVE:  the tie backs... I will show you them in use once I've put them on the wall I suppose!
I mean, I show you fulla's just about EVERYTHING don't I?  lol

I am really, really chuffed (happy, thrilled) with my day so far!

End of Day:  well after all you gorgeous buggers leaving me comments today I feel much better about what I am doing.  Blogging is quite a time consuming thing... well it is if you are me and blog on and on and on... all day!  lol

But I do love it, and I love visiting blogs too... but the number of blogs I read now is crazy, and I will probably have to start cutting down to just those who  are my 'regulars'.  I think this is necessary just so I don't have to spend 6 hours in one day reading/commenting just to keep up!
nite nite


  1. I think its a 'manners' thing Chris. I don't post often, but appreciate your comments. I also don't post comments every day, but thats cos I work fulltime, parent 2 kids, gym, walk etc. I often only catch up on blogs every couple of weeks but I love yours!! :-)

  2. If it was me and I had a blog, I would stop leaving the comments and just read their blog. I try and comment when I can or when I have something interesting to say (matter of opinion).... but sometimes I visit blogs and it might be a whole week that goes by to catch up on - you can really only comment on the last entry - am I right? If you go back and comment on last week's entry - is that a "done" thing???

    Anyway - as I don't have my own blog (yet) I guess I would just read it if you enjoy it and don't feel too bad if you don't leave a comment.


    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  3. Ok as for your public blog, though getting comments is lovely, they are not compulsory, so to me it is not really a tit for tat thing, if i have left regular comments on someones blog, though it would be nice, i do not expect comments back from them, if they do it is the bonus, the blog is for me, the comments are the icing on the cake so to speak :-). And if they acknowledge with an email whats the problem?????? As for the private blog, sometimes I think if the issue is out of someones experience or maybe sometimes to close to someone's heart they don't comment cause they find it to hard, hence why sometimes I comment on things there other times I dint.... cause sometimes I just don't know what to say.... and on that note have a happy day ;-)

  4. WOW what a jump in price for the cheese.
    Not sure re the comments - you are my soul one at the moment and it is greatly appreciated.

  5. I find that sometimes the comments I want to say have already been said but others much better than I could say them myself.

    For a blogger I actually find the written word very hard, now if it was talk back radio I would be fine. :-)

    Not a reader of Pepsi but I gather it is for some things that best not be made public. I think if it were private I would comment more.

  6. Because you like to read a blog (and comment) does not mean that the blog writer will read your blog. I think the two are separate. I only have about one or two comments left per entry but I know sometimes 70 or 80 are reading !! Does not bother me. About the private blog, that is different - I think because they have asked to be invited they should at least say something from time to time!

    Fridges are not hard to pull out by the way - just empty it a bit first to reduce the weight. I'm guilty of not cleaning behind stuff so I can't talk :)

  7. Oh Chris, I hope you aren't talking about me! I know that I have been sadly lacking in the comment department lately...but do manage to leave one every now and then. Things have just been so crappy around here lately that I am lucky to even be reading blogs! :o( I do love your blog and promise to do better about leaving you comments! Please don't stop visiting me, either!

    And now to answer your question...I guess it would depend upon how much you like the blog you're visiting. If you really like the blog but don't EVER get comments from that person or they never visit yours, then perhaps you could still visit them but just not leave comments? I'm probably the last person to give advice right now, though. Hope you work it out!

    XOXO from your sometimes silent friend,


  8. I have one person that always responds with an email but never comments on my blog. I think it's kind of weird.

  9. OMG $30 for cheese?!

    In regards to the comments, if they email you then I guess it equals out. But if they don't ever reply. I wouldn't bother commenting.

  10. Ok never read it properly re the email part lol. whoops, thought they were emailing you about you about your blog lol.... um i still see comments as the icing on the cake though lol..... i dont see it it as if i comment on yours you should comment on mine, cause I may like reading their blog but they might not like reading my blog which is fine so if thats the case why would they leave me a nice comment, i only read and leave comments on blogs i like :-).

  11. Eat that cheese sparingly!! Nice cheese though we only have it at xmas and new year. Re comments as above maybe others have already said what they were going to say, sometimes conveying in written form what you think is hard too.

  12. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Think it is the National Party with the cheese price !!!
    I read you blog but don't always comment as other people have already said love this,love that nice pics good laugh etc etc.
    I try not to negative comment. Think it but don't write it. eg What in the hell are you doing cleaning up Steves room what did his last servant die of!! Then laugh about the shoe ties. Classic.
    Just enjoy reading the day to day comings and goings Also enjoy reading the comments from people whether I agree or not.
    Thanks Chris for your blog its special
    Mary H

  13. I have the same on facebook....I leave comments and likes and I have never had one on mine...it is annoying but everyone to their own.

    I would love to be added to the private blog or placed on the waiting list....lol :O)

    As for the cheese blame Christmas when every thing goes up in price :O(

    Michelle x

  14. Another comment... YOU BUY GOUDA EVERY WEEK?? Holy hell woman. If I ever bought it, it would be a tiny amount for a special occasion. What do you do with it?

  15. I was looking at my dust bunnies under the fridge this morning. Somehow they just caught my eye - funny that I didn't notice them before. I also have to admit that I am guilty of neglecting the top of the fridge. That's cause I'm too short and can't see, lol. You know out of sight, out of mind.

    I might be a slack commenter but I try -and I've come to Palmy to visit and Auckland and a meet up in Tirau - do I get cookie points that? Ha, ha. will try and do better but I do think that Janine is right that sometimes others say exactly the same thing and sometimes better.

    Cripes this comment must make up for a lot. Have a great day mate and next time we're up in Auckland we'll catch up at Slyvia Park. Something tells me you like that place.

  16. Honey, I think you're being a bit paranoid about what people think about you. So what if people don't read your blog? I read it, but don't always leave comments. I have a grand total of two people who read my blog (and sometimes you do too, which is lovely). Just write for you and forget about what other people are doing. You're under no obligation to read others, and remember, you pushed for 250 followers, so people naturally "followed" you so you'd get there, and they had a chance of winning a prize. People do other things and don't always get back to you. Your loyal followers will always read your blog and they are the ones you should worry about. We'll always be here and read what you have to say. This blog is for YOU not for the general population. Sure, you write to entertain us, but this should be for you.

    Don't sweat the small stuff, and if you only have 15 comments who caress? Show me another blog that has 15 comments, cause I ain't seen one. I check in several times a day and I read Pepsi every couple of days.

    As I said, and I'm sure most would agree, your loyal followers will always be here for you.

    Big hugs xxxxx

  17. I would probably stop commenting. I know you have hundreds of blogs you like to visit and comment on, but life is too short. It must take *hours*!!!... Just comment on the ones who comment to you or the ones you feel strongly about xxx

  18. I'm guilty of not commenting much... but mostly cos I read blogs through Google reader at work, and I can't actually comment on them... the IT Nazis here have blocked Blogger...
    But... like today, I can get around it by sneaking in to the spare office, logging on to the PC that doesn't go through the network, and leaving one that way...
    Of course I can't do that on every blog, otherwise my boss would wonder what the hell I am doing all day long!
    Hahahaha.... actually - he probably wonders that already!
    And on that note - I better get back to my own desk :)

  19. I think I am guilty of doing this two, excuses not many but I still love reading your blog, it really put a smile on my dail. Even if there's not enough time in the day to go through every persons blog. Mostly read at night and end up falling asleep before getting around to everyones blogs. Really love comments and commenting but Blogger has not helped the situation much, yours is one of the few I can actually comment on without going through the whoops. Enjoy your day

  20. mmmmm not sure about that price rise in the cheese....but if its something you all like and all eat regularly I wold be watching the price more !!!

  21. Ok so I know you eat it!! Why get gouda for general eating ie, sandwiches? That was really what I meant, isn't it a more "special" cheese then every day cheese? Do you also get everyday cheese?

    You see... I am commenting so you can't complain!!

  22. I'm not sure about the etiquette for commenting. I have a blog that I haven't updated in FOREVER, mostly because I can't seem to get a handle on my weight and it really has stifled my thougts.. and I end up sounding like a whinybag when I want most to sound positive... however, I do read yours daily, comment occasionally, and would hate, hate, hate, to not be able to stay in touch and see what's going on with your crafts, family, etc.

  23. Re the dust bunnies once a month we do oven fridge underneath and I do top of fridge once a month also I CLEAN the oven inside, cause i hat leaving it too build up and it becomes a major job!!!! SAD life eh

  24. Hello darlin, I think its probably a case of some of us (ie, moir) have LOTS to say and are probably natural chatter boxes, where as I am certain that others probably enjoy reading but then don't have the foggiest idea what to say or comment about.

    I will often write my sister a big long e-mail and include random stuff thats probably of no interest at all, and in return I'm lucky to get a couple of sentences. I've pointed out (many times) that I want the details but I have come to realise that writing is just not her thing, so if I want info I either need to visit or phone her. lol

    In regards to the cheese, I am obviously clueless as I didn't even realise there was cheese out there that cost $30. lol At that price it would be staying in the store. lol

  25. Well, because you asked I will comment. I read two blogs and I have never commented on one at all ( I have been reading it for three years, it inspired me to go sky-diving) yet I have never even thought of commenting. I have commented on yours twice. Once to pick a picture - and another time because I made those crazy spaghetti pasta noodle creatures. So, IMO it is not nec. to comment on a blog. Some newbies like myself might even think I am butting in or being annoying by commenting. So bottom line: if you enjoy reading blogs do it! But do not worry about (or even think about) if they are reading your blog. What if they have 500 readers and of those, perhaps 50% have blogs of their own.... It would be unrealistic to follow all of those. I love your blog, and the other one I read. I never knew it was important to comment. So, don't worry about it! Read what you enjoy, and let the rest go! Peace!

  26. Anonymous3:23 PM

    awesome about your SD card. shows there are nice people out there.


  27. Awesome on the camera front Chris. There are some business still out their that think there customers are worth going the extra mile and looking after them. Shame other business don't take notice.

  28. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I don't have a blog Chris, but I read yours everyday (I only read about 6 blogs) and leave you a comment here and there. My rule is, if someone can't be bothered with you, then don't waste your time on them. You know why the cheese is getting dearer don't you? CHRISTMAS! WOMBAT

  29. What brilliant service from panasonic.

    I must admit when I first started reading blogs I didn't comment, I guess I felt a bit weird because I didn't actually know the person & didn't want to offend. Once I started commenting it was fine & I try to comment as much as I can. Like Jo I tend to read mostly at work so often don't have time & if I am reading at home on the iphone it seems to be a bit tetchy sometimes & not let me comment.

    As far as the private blog I do make a concerted effort to comment on that one.

    Sometimes I want to comment but just need to get what & how to say it straight in my head to make sure I don't upset or offend anyone. Unfortunately sometimes by the time I do that it is a few days later & the moment has passed.

    For the record I enjoy reading your blog & do try to comment when I can or if I actually have something to say (which my family will attest to being pretty much all the time).

  30. Isn't it funny how Customer Service is so unusual these days we always need to tell everyone? Like our experience with the car sales people? Makes you want to yell it for the world to hear!

    How lovely for you to have something to right for once xxxx

  31. "I would have taken a photo of the cakes, but hadn't put the SD Card in me camera at that point."

    YOU ARE SO CUTE! I just love your thoughtfulness. I think being a great hostess/knowing just what to do in these situations is a gift. On the fridge, I would never, never notice that unless I were a crawling baby. Babies change everything, don't they. Hugs to your beautiful family! :)

  32. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Just so you know, I visit your blog daily, most days twice. I don't often leave comments but I like to come and read your blog. I suspect you have a lot of followers like me :-) (I usually use my education blog when I do comment on your blog) I have just become a regular blogger on my weight-loss challenge so you probably won't recognise me this time. Mel Gibb.

  33. I leave comments but as I am not currently a blogger (about to change) I am happy as it is. Sometime I guess comments are nice as you know then people are interested in what you have to say :)

    And well done you for going straight to Panasonic....awesome response from them.

  34. Wow! That is so nice... it must be your day

  35. Ginger19847:31 PM

    Listen, too much time has been wasted talking about whether to comment or not on blogs. If you want to comment, comment. If not, don't. Everybody, get a life and clean under your fridges.... those dust bunnies are shameful.

  36. Not having read any other comments in your huge list, that way I wont interject on others opinions, I feel you keep doing what your doing with visiting other bloggers if thats what you enjoy doing, your a nice person and nice comments are nice to recieve as Im sure if you were to put a constructive 2cents in, you may get a reply back.... on other thought, are they reading your blog and not commenting or not visiting at all?
    And that was really NICE of you to buy the Panasonic peeps some arvo tea :) Gold star for you.

  37. I visit blogs, and leave comments and seems I also do not get any comments back. I feel like most times, I am blogging for myself only. I do try and comment on the blogs I read. After some time, I just read the blog and don't leave a comment unless I really find I need to.
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read your private blog, if you would approve. I promise to comment!!! LOL.
    Love your experience with panasonic!!!

    God Bless~

  38. And I think that If you like that Yummy Cheese you should eat and enjoy.

  39. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I think that if you take the time to comment on people's blogs they should return the favor. I love reading your blog it is even a saved page on my iphone :) ---- By the way if you get a free spot on your private blog pick me!! lol keep blogging Chris it really is a highlight of my day.

  40. Please don't delete me or stop visiting. I've been feeling so lousy but today I'm thinking its one of the pills the Dr put me on 5 weeks ago. So I just haven't been blogging or visiting or commenting.. but I do luv ya!!!

  41. Same here, I agree, Panasonic really came through and good on your for your thoughtfulness re the afternoon tea. As for commenting, I see where you are coming from, but also know i am guilty of reading and not commenting, often because what I wanted to say has been said or I am really busy. I do try to though. It's up to you whether you keep reading: if you are offended don't, but if you enjoy reading and can accept they are not reciprocating then read away.

    Penny xo

  42. I was sure I had left a comment this morning.......but can;t see it. Was a long one too, but buggered if I can remember all of it. Duh!!! if I pushed wrong buttons or something......brain not working properly is my only excuse...lol
    Cheers :)

  43. Love Gouda...Cheese is overpriced here, but then the powers to be say that TVs and electronic equipment is cheap so we cant have it both ways LOL!!..I am now a slack reader and commenter, try to catch up in weekends, or nites when I'm not knackered, cos we cant access too much internet at College, watchdog blocks us! But you know I think about you and wonder how you are...

  44. That was awesome service from Panasonic ... and I'm sure they appreciated their afternoon tea in return. (So glad that I have lots of Panasonic here after reading your blog!).

    Re the blog comments, I don't always comment - but usually because I don't have anything to say. As far as you commenting on others' blogs, do what feels right for you ... if you don't feel like commenting on those that don't reciprocate, then just do the read only thing. I know when I blogged for a short time it gave me warm fuzzies knowing that others cared enough to comment though (thanks Chris!).

  45. Hello Chris, I know from my stats that I have a good number of readers on my blog but very few leave comments. Does that mean anything? It's nice to get comments but if I don't it's not the end of my blog. What makes me happy really is if I get a sale of my stuff thru' my blog. hahaha. I only read blogs I enjoy reading and not to reciprocate. Something has to catch my eye. If I were to read everyone's blog I would have no time to make my bags. I don't leave a comment on every blog post because sometimes I have nothing interesting to say.

  46. Anonymous1:22 AM

    I don't comment if the blog gives me a fit..like right now..won't let me comment even though I'm signed in to blogger..so I will post this annonymous..It's me Lyn from BritsBlog..and i can only hope to be added to the private blog...oh my! lol

  47. That's how it looks under our fridge AFTER we clean and roll the fridge back!

  48. Sorry- Will try to comment more often. Too bad about the dog door. My knucklehead dogs would have removed the entire door, the way they go at it. My new favorite word is "chuffed". Love it. Now let's see how many people at my work figure out what it means when I use it tomorrow..

  49. Wow, Panasonic really took care of you. Very nice.

    I'm always behind on blog reading. I basically have to do marathon sessions on blogs when I do get a chance to catch up.

  50. P.S. Don't worry about the comments too much. I guarantee people are reading and appreciating you even if they are not commenting.

  51. I recently had to try and fish something out from under the fridge... OMG, there is another world under there.. probably with evolving life forms.

    Also, I once had to do a quick fix on the cat door... about a year ago. It's still there. :-/


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