Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today our country holds it's General Election... where we get to say who we want in 'power' for the next 3 years.
I have and no doubt always will vote for :


I  had to take off the picture and blurb about John Key as it's classed as 'Electioneering'... oops, I didn't know that was a 'no-no' today!

So that is first order of the day...VOTE.  Then we are going to Hamilton for lunch .... possibly catch up with Steve too... he's there for the weekend.

So... ONWARD....  
LEIGH:  oooo was that electioneering?  My bad.   But I am keeping everything crossed and so want National to get enough votes to be able to go it alone!  THAT would be awesome.

Here's a couple of photos of today:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bec's, his girlfriend.  First time we had met her... she's nice.  *smiles*  And anyone who begrudges him being happy is not nice... just saying.   He has been on his own for a long, long time and his Dad and I are really happy for him.  His life went to shit for a long while there,  and it's just so good to know he's happy again.

ABOVE:  Stew with Emily.... she rather likes banging herself on the head with that emply bottle.  She's so cute.

Almost time to go back to Auckland....   
Home again... uneventful trip home, I slept!  
Before we left Hamilton we stopped in to see Amanda at her work:

ABOVE:  she's the Manager of a fashion Outlet shop at The Hub in Hamilton.  It looked like a very busy shop.  

Now:  dinner?  hmmmmmm....

End of Day:  Stew cooked dinner... such a good man.  Been watching the election results... looks like NATIONAL will win.  Can't say I'm surprised... can say I'm really happy though.
nite nite.


  1. Voting opens soon and in THIS horrendous wind I'm going early!! I have already got one load of washing dry..... well one item blew over fence lol

  2. Leigh9:49 AM

    Oh hope the electoral commission don't come after you. No electioneering allowed today!

  3. I don't know if it's electioneering... you're just telling us who YOU are voting for and why. But maybe laws are just different in NZ. Here, you can't wear political shirts/buttons in to vote and you have to stay a certain distance away from the voting place to hand out the political stuff. They still let you do it and you practically get tackled on your way in in a big election...

  4. Someone from a certain political party (won't say in case it counts) just knocked on my mum's door and asked if we had voted - after they left we thought hang on, they can't do that today can they?

    Penny xo

  5. Leigh3:39 PM

    Yes parties allowed to ask you if you have voted, even drive you to a polling booth. Just not allowed to tell you who to vote for today. No electioneering (that is telling people to vote for a certain person/party)allowed today.
    (I have relative who works for electoral commission)

  6. Leigh3:41 PM

    PS Steve looks pretty happy he might be moving to Hamilton soon!

  7. I think that Emily and Grandpaw make the cutest pictures together- I think they have a "chemistry"! : )

    I sure wish you luck on your voting - I am beginning to think that "only the crooks survive". : )

  8. Emily, Emily. She's so darling. Yes, I remember my kids banging their heads with empty bottles too. All kids are the same!

  9. Hope you elect someone good.

  10. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hope your election came out as you wanted it too. Cute pictures of Steve and Bec and Emily and Grampa!! I put macaronni inside mine to make a nice loud noise!! My kids loved it!!...debbie

  11. Wow over here it's not stop "electonerring" on the day of the elections!

    Congrats to Steve, they are a cute couple :)

    That Emily is so adorable!

  12. Aw, Steve looks happy with his girlfriend! Good for them! :D

  13. Don't know why, but my toddler likes to smack himself on the head with his hands.


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