Tuesday, November 08, 2011


You might as well bugger off.

I'm making cards all day.  And that is all!

So... ya might as well go read a more interesting blog today.

I'll chuck a few photos on for now, so it isn't quite so boring:

ABOVE:  Teddy... can't get any cuter.

ABOVE:  Emily playing peek a boo with Griffin.

ABOVE:  two watching TV, and one ignoring me.

ABOVE:  Emily asleep in the porta-cot.

 ABOVE:  Lacy and her new cat.

ABOVE: Hayley feeding her baby sister Sienna.

ABOVE:  Russell's newest tattoo:  Sienna.  Looks like it hurt!  

Right... off to do some cards.... might even have a few to show ya later.


I came to the conclusion I simply did not have the right stuff to embellish the cards with (Xmas Themed) so went out and bought a few bits 'n' bobs... and finally the cards are starting to flow...

ABOVE:  opinions?...

Happy to say I got heaps done with the cards today!  The creative juices really started to flow... thank goodness!

End of Day:  going to bed really happy.  I've loved making cards today.  Being creative is something I love to be... arty fatry tart....that's me!
nite nite.


  1. I haven't been leaving comments, but I've been keeping up. Enjoy your day of making cards. Today is the first day in a long time that I have a day to myself...and I'm catching up on a ton of stuff.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hope your card making day went well. Enjoyed all the photos ...debbie

  3. Oh Emily looks cute as and I love Russells tattoos, I do hope you find your xmas card Mojo today....

  4. Sienna and Hayley have lovely Blue eyes too, must be a family thing those blue eyes....

  5. Sienna and Hayley have lovely Blue eyes too, must be a family thing those blue eyes....

  6. have a great day crafting...I can't wait to see the finished products of your cards.

  7. AAAAAAaaaaahhhh! Your pictures are full of them!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

    Playing peek-a-boo is so sweet & sleeping too. I used to say that was the only time that mine were out of trouble. LOL

    How did my DH's kitty get all the way over there? If I knew I would follow that path. : )

    Russell must REALLY love Sienna. :) Talk about "burning love"! LOL

    I hope you got your card-making time. If you are like me the harder you try to get there - the more things like to pounce on you!

  8. Particularly like the cat bauble with the NOEL... xxx

  9. Very cool cards :-)

  10. Love the cards, keep up the good work

  11. love the cards mum man you so creative.

  12. wowwwww those cards are gorgeous...those bibs & bobs really jazz them up nicely :-)

  13. Thanks for throwin' up a few pics! Don't know what I'd do if you didn't post today! I'll go bugger off now!

  14. Looks like you weekend was a success. Love the cards so very cute. Busy as ever!

  15. I love the cards esp the ones with the green background and the cat (with orange background) looks very arty farty in a good way. I have your cards so I know how much work goes into them.

  16. The photo of Hayley feeding her baby sister is really cute!


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