Monday, November 21, 2011

YUM YUM.....

Some very interesting new Honey to try!
We got it yesterday at the Honey Shop near Warkworth.  There were about two dozen flavours, but I only got the three this time :

ABOVE:  right this minute, I can't think how to use them to make the most of their unique flavours.... but I'm sure it will come to me!

The Honey and Cinnamon one will probably go really nicely in an Apple Pie....  Then there is the Honey and Spiced Apple... hmmmmm....

TODAY:  I'm going to do the housework, which always involves a good solid 3 hours of cleaning after the weekend.  Vacuming, washing floors, putting shit away that 'people' leave lying around (almost ALWAYS a male) bla bla bla.... 

Then I'm going to sew some more of the placemats.... the quilting takes quite a bit of time ... but it is worth it.  They are going to look really neat (I hope), once finished.

Might just go buy some cooking apples later.... a pie is on me mind now.....


I felt a bit cold this morning, so I've just put on socks and a sweatshirt.   Not 5 minutes later... got a hot flush.
Worthless information:  putting your head INSIDE the fridge does not help.

ABOVE:  'Someone' has been down in the garage sniffing around my card scraps...

Where is everyone?  I am not feeling any love at all.  Pffffffft.  Tis lonely here on me pat malone....

ABOVE:  there !  All 9 placemats quilted and trimmed... now I have to get some binding and bind them all.  Not sure if I shall buy ready made binding or buy fabric and make my own.  

AND I've just realised I will have to make a table runner to go with the freakin placemats!  Yaaaa.... another thing to add to me list of 'To Do's' .   

It's been a weird old day really.   Very, very windy... but nice temperatures.  And I've felt very lonely today for some reason?  I usually love Mondays... kids back at school, men at work.  Got the place to myself.  But today I ain't liking it.

It's quiet days like this I question why I blog... is it to record my daily doings for me... or for my readers?  Cos sometimes I think my life is INCREDIBLY BORING,  and when it's a quiet day I always think:  why bother?  Who the hell cares what I do with my day?  Or week?  Hell, at all?  

JACKIE:  I hesitated to answer your question because it's fairly obvious (to me anyway) that I fell off the WW wagon again.  I am disgusted in myself (again)  ... and that is pretty much the reason I'm down in the dumps.

CRANKY:  THANKS my friend.

End of Day:  it's almost 1am and I am putting off going to bed.  Why?  Cos I want to be damn exhausted so I will sleep!  I am not sleeping well again due to hot flushes.  Summer's arrival is not helping, that's for sure.
I would love to get some security thingees on the windows so we can keep the bedrooms a bit cooler... and insect screens too.  Might just price them out this week.
nite nite


  1. Love the look of the honey and cinnamon one..... am not a great honey fan though lol.. hey you still doing Weight Watchers??

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I like honey. We put it on all kinds of things. And the grandgirls like it too. Put it on their cereal. Puppy is so cute! What kind of dog did you say she was?? ...debbie

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I'm here! Got too much time on my hands now that I quite my huge 11 hour/week job! Can't wait to see the finished placemats. The "fur child" was helping clean up your crafty office in the garage. Have no honey recipe suggestions but the website "Best recipes" has a lot of good ones and you can enter an ingredient and it will give you recipes using that ingredient. WOMBAT

  4. Geez, Chris, you have so many readers! I am lucky if I get 3 comments a week! :-)

  5. One day it will all click again.... Well that's what I keep hoping time and time again.... Take care

  6. Chris, I had to comment even though from my bed LOL, but I couldn't leave you feeling like noone cares... I know it's hard when that mindset hits and doing what you love doing is a major plus in helping to lift you back up again.

    WW, well, you might have fallen off the wagon, but hon, one leaves pity station every 5 mins :) and I'm sure many of us are on them to reach down and give you a hand up..

    So chin up girl, you blog because you love to and we love sharing your every day life stuff too... never boring for me at all :) in fact, it was the first thing I did in hospital each day was to pop on and see how you were doing.. along with my other bloggers I follow.. so please don't ever think you're boring.. to someone like me that's housebound, it's bliss to come on and read each day ... ok? :)


  7. Hey Chick. I'm now working in Ponsonby Mon- Fri. If you are ever over this way flick me a text we could do coffee or lunch xx

  8. Love those placemats, those colours are just beautiful.

    And Chris, boring you're NOT !!

  9. Hi Chris,
    I really HATE that you are feeling a little isolated! We just cannot have that!

    Pull out a composition book and start to count your blessings -next make a Christmas list -then make sure that you have what it takes for the people in your family. As you start to see that you are making progress -it will make you feel so much better.

    The holidays are suppose to be SO hard on many people's mind set.Gosh, I am about to fall out of my chair -dieing to get some sleep so please forgive me if I said something "stupid" ;)

  10. Oh those place mats are beautiful! You should sell some of your work! It's so gorgous!

    You are so NOT boring!!! I love your blog and you make me feel lazy most days...LOL. Keep on blogging cause we love it! I am like the other commenter, I get so few comments on most my entries, you are lucky, and loved!!

    God Bless~

  11. Hey Chris, so understand about falling off the Weight Watchers wagon. I just have not had the same conviction since the change to pro points, and now they are rocking the boat again and changing points allowances and offering core plan and simply filling, bloody unbelievable. A few people I have seen on facebook who are mutual friends have been trying and doing well with my fitness pal, Lee-Ann (yomama) is using it and I think Kazz as well, Lee-Ann doesn't count the vegie calories but does count the fruit calories. It might be worth a try for you. We could maybe set up a different site and start our own little support group using this as a guide. What do you think? I am not giving any more of my money to Weight Watchers, the old points plan worked and did not create all the hassles that pro points has, free fruit and then 49 points extra, it is too easy to loose track of how much you are eating.


  12. I love Rewa Rewa honey, but the spiced apple sounds nice,my loneliest time is always just before I fall asleep.

  13. Hi Chris,

    I agree with all the comments - I have been really busy re the big project hence my lack of comments lately but I do get it. It's funny, if David is not here I mainly enjoy a wee bit of space (love having him here usually) but occasionally it just really gets to me if I am on my own and I am down. He usually does a great job of helping me keep things in perspective.

    I agree with Anne especially - I am not housebound and have a busy life but I still love reading what you are up to, or what is going through your head. If you ever feel like a day off though, we would all understand. We would just miss you!

    Take care,

    Penny xo

  14. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Don't beat yourself up about WW. Years ago I joined up with a friend whom I'd know since grade 1. We weighed in and stayed for the meeting and promised each other that we would stick to it and go every week. I found out during the next week that she went around and told everyone how much I weighed (because I was so much heavier than her) so I didn't go back there again. She also decided that she'd rather spend the tuesday nights with her boyfriend instead of supporting an old friend. Don't worry, she is a friend no longer. I haven't spoken to her for over 20 years now.( Two other nasty things she did were - told me to get down to a size 14 to be her bridesmaid - but I refused- while she wore a size 20 wedding dress and told me that my boyfriend only went out with me because he felt sorry for me plus she also asked me "why don't you get lap-band surgery?". Found out from a mutual friend that she had the surgery done a couple of years ago and has been having trouble with it. Oh what a shame! Anyway, don't worry about WW. Just try to be reasonably good, for the rest of the year because seriously, what is the point of losing weight before christmas? Just whoop it up, and start afresh on the second day of the new year (ya gotta get over the hangover on the first day of the year!) WOMBAT

  15. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Well I think it's time for some cranky lovin'. I see it you have a choice. YOu can accept the size you are OR you can put in the hard yards and change it.

    I actually decided about 3 years ago that I was going to accept that I was a size 20 as I was so sick of trying to lose weight when my heart wasn't really in it. I went and bought a whole new wardrobe, gave away or sold most of what didn't fit me(except for about 4 bags that I couldn't stand parting with) and got on with my life. It wasn't until I got pregnant that it occured to me that I had to do something about my weight, and I was actually ready to permanently change the way I lived. And that's how I lost 3kg whilst pregnant (no diet, just sensible eating) and am now over 15kg lighter than before I got pregnant. You know I am going to WW and you know it works IF you want it to.

    I am not saying you should go, or get back on the bandwagon. I think you *really* need to decide what you are going to do, and do it. If you decide to stay the size you are, so be it - cancel your membership and save some $$$. Clear out your wardrobe. Be at peace with it. But if you are unhappy, then have a serious talk to those in the house with you, stop buying the food that will tempt you and get back into it.

    All this is written with love!


  16. Honey and cinnamon, sounds like a good combo!
    Thought all the dogs were gone?

  17. Hope the blues have passed. Looks like a busy weekend at your place. Lots going on. Keep on writing! All the best.

  18. Did you try the breathing exercise I wrote out for you, Chris? I'd love to know if they work. xx

  19. I mostly blog for myself but it's nice to get comments. I had over 200 people look at my blog today. Comments? 1

    Apparently I'm not interesting enough to comment on haha (except you are one of my best commenters so obviously I'm not talking about you)


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