Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I popped into the Hospice Shop yesterday, to check how the renovation was going.  It's finished!
I can go back to do my stint today.

The only thing wasn't that happy about was there is only one counter again.  OK, it's a new counter, it's a bit longer too.  But I can see the same problem happening ... Mrs Smelly Pants will hog the counter, leaving me doing nothing.

If that happens, I'm outta there.  I don't need the hassle....  coming out of there after nearly 5 hours of being angry is not worth it.  NOT AT ALL.

So, fingers crossed it works out, as I really do like being there.  And it looks so good now!  All new paint, new shelving, new racks, new carpet... it's just lovely.

I went to Weight Watchers last night.... I refuse to give up!

ABOVE:  they did not lie.  I gained 1.3 kg.  But I will continue to fight the war against MYSELF.

CRANKY: thanks for the tough love.
FROGGY:  the breathing did not help, but thanks for suggesting it. Anything is worth a go eh.

CRANKY... funny you suggest Stew goes to WW with me, I was thinking the EXACT same thing last night!
So Stew: what do you think?  Wanna be a 'Weight Watcher'?   

At the meeting I go to, there are about 3 men who are there with their wives/girlfriends... and there is this one Dude who goes on his own, he's been going a while now... and OMG he is so bloody gorgeous!  20 years too young though... IF I was looking!  lol   (I ain't looking Stew, I promise *smiles*)

Right, Hospice here I come...-

Well... it was OK!  Sorta.   Mrs Smelly Pants tried to 'hog' the counter... but I just kinda stood REALLY CLOSE to her until she moved over a bit!

My Aunt came into the shop today too... and I managed to sell her a few items of clothing!

ABOVE: her she is modelling a really lovely lightweight jacket... which she bought for $6.

ABOVE: having a laugh with another customer.

ABOVE: the new counter... and I'm NOT saying who that is behind it...

ABOVE:  another view of the counter area.

I bought some 'treasure' but will save that for tomorrow's post.   There's enough on here already.

This afternoon I'm taking it easy, I have felt sick all day ... dinner last night was too rich.  (teriyaki Chicken and garlic bread)  

It's been very quiet around here this afternoon.  Nothing happening at all.
Kids are at school this evening for their 'Wearable Art' show.  We (adults in our house)  did not go... you get to sit on the sports field and watch for 3 hours... and our kids only feature in about 3 minutes of the entire show...  so not going.  OH and you had to PAY to sit there!  Naaaaaa.

End of Day:  kids seemed to enjoy their school event.  That's nice.  Still glad we didn't go though, it's blowing a gale out there!  
nite nite


  1. Good for you going back.... have a good day at the Hospice Shop :-)

  2. I'm not a regular commenter but a regular reader. Glad to hear you're not giving up on WW or yourself!

  3. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I hope smelly pants stayed on her end of the longer counter. Where is the cash register located? Keep up with WW, it'll get better!! ...debbie

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Awww, it wasn't REALLY tough love, it was more like tough reality. I know know know know know KNOWWWWWW how much it sucks losing weight but the alternative for me wasn't an option.

    Why don't you get the husband to go with you? Would he consider it? It is so much easier with the two of you doing it, trust me!

    Chris, you have done it before and you can do it again. I have no doubt.


  5. ok IF MRS TRUMPET BUM doesn't quit go looking for the OLD army gas masks and wear it too work and stay like that until she leaves AND when customers ask why you are dressed like that POINt to her or hold up a sign "SHE DID IT".....

  6. Whether you chose WW or whatever works, it is much easier having your partner on board too. Having Stu doing this with me makes it so much easier and much more of a lifestyle.

  7. Yes, dear friend- we are all rooting for you and we do realize how terribly difficult it is!

    I hope the hospice works out - you are right - it is not worth getting upset all of the time-your health will suffer.

  8. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Didn't I read he had diabetes? A bit of weight off would help that! A certain husband of mine is starting in January with me after the promise that he would lose some kgs before the end of the year has fallen flat. He doesn't want to go but TOO BAD! :D He only has about 15kg to lose and come January that's how much I'll have to go so we'll do it together!


  9. Good luck with work today.
    And good luck with the journey on WW - are your following pro-points or the old way of points? - When I am good and follow WW I use the older points way (too tight to go to meetings again) and I do the Wendie plan version - have you heard of it - Kazz does something similar with her calorie cycling.

  10. Good luck with work today and your WW journey.
    When I am in the right frame of mind I do a version of the WW old points system called the Wendie Plan which is about High and low point days but still having the total amount for the week.
    I have had great results on it - but you do need to be organised on it.

  11. Hi Chris, I think your comment re the younger man might just give Stew enough motivation to join you to keep you in line! just joking. David and I are the opposite (he needs to gain, I need to lose) and that sounds hopeless but if one of us is motivated to cook a proper dinner, the other gets a decent dinner. He just has more carbs or butter on his veges than me. Otherwise, he would go to bed hungry and I would eat crap. Having said that, I am in Dunedin at the moment so my food is a bit more out of my control, but my mum eats pretty well so it's okay. We did share a piece of lollie cake yesterday though ;-). I wouldn't have bought that on my own to eat, just I do like it and she does too, so I bought it. Oh well. Good on you, anyway! And yes, agree with the hospice shop. You don't need that kind of stress in your life, and if the manager can't do much to keep you despite your concerns, that is their problem. You aren't asking for much, just the chance to find the work fulfilling!

    Penny xo

  12. That looks like a small counter to me. Don't take any crap.

  13. Looks like a nice shop :)

    I hate when you have to pay to see your kids in something. I can see if they sell stuff on the side but seeing your kids perform or play sports shouldn't cost anything.

  14. Oh, gorgeous young man, eh? So, introduce him to me! I'm looking for one of those! :D

  15. What, you're still working there? Life's too short to put up with someone like that.


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