Monday, November 14, 2011


As there were heaps of photos on yesterday's post, I saved our 'tiki tour' photos for today:

ABOVE:  on the road between Helensville and Wellsford... a cute wee bridge.  It caught me fancy...

ABOVE:  a view of the Kaipara wasn't the best of days for a lovely scenic photo...

ABOVE:  gorgeous countryside...

ABOVE:  trust Emily to find magazines in the cafe'....

ABOVE:  Emily and THE DUCK.  She really liked that duck.  It didn't like her... strange that!....

ABOVE:  These two had fun on the beach...

 ABOVE:  Emily and Granddad in the park... Em wasn't too sure about the swing...

ABOVE:  more freakin birds that wanted NOTHING to do with her.  Her face says it all.... "damn it"....

Before anything else :  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY:  Mike.  He's 22 today.  Goodness knows if he will EVER move up here.  I've given up trying to persuade him.  Seems he likes doing whatever down in Palmerston North *sigh*....

TODAY:  lots of housework.  And finish off the cards for Aussy Chick....


No housework has been done yet, but... I did a big grocery shop, so that counts eh?

Now:  who won the photo contest?  There were 3 who guessed MY favourite photo, which was "Granddad, you a bit silly"... Anne, Tracy and Dogstars.... so  I did this:

ABOVE:  names on paper, fold up, chuck in lap, mix around, close eyes and grab one.  Winner:  Tracy.   Chick, send me your address and your cards will be in the post this week.  Thanks all who entered.

Right now:  I'm off to finally finish the order for Aussy Chick...

Yaaaa.... just got a few finishing touches and the  Aussy order is done.   Doing something quick for dinner... sausages and veges I think.

It's getting so hot outside now... and it's like a sauna in the garage... where I work.  Must find the fans and get them in use again I do believe.

End of Day:  well got lots done today, very happy with that.  Happily watching idiot tv with the guys, then heading off to bed.
nite nite.


  1. Happy Birthday Mike, and love the photos :-)

  2. Leigh9:54 AM

    I was at briscoes yesterday and saw a hair curler like you used in the mall a while ago (for $80 I think). And have just got an email from them saying 30 to 60% off all electrical for then next few days. You might want to tell Santa.

  3. I love the pic of the two kids on the beach. It's really beautiful.

  4. Yay - I won. That is so cool. I have emailed my address etc.

    I can't wait to get them. Thank y ou so much.

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Chris! New Zealand is BEAUTIFUL!!! Enjoyed all the photos!! ...debbie

  6. Looking at those photos I feel SO BLESSED to live in such a beautiful country!

  7. Hi Chris love all the photos but the one of Griffin and Brylee its georgous it would be lovely enlarged and in a frame on wall.

  8. O your pictures are so beautiful . I love that new camera! (well, technically not perfectly new now - about a year old-but still that counts as new to you because mine kicked the bucket so that makes it over the hill! I hope your sweet camera hangs in there for MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES & to preserve your family histories. You just never know when family memories will come in handy. I was sharing pictures with my youngest granddaughter on Sat. and she discovered the ones of her and her sister streaking naked on a lawn mower when they were very small and into everything. LOL - I loved making them blush! : )

  9. Love the photos, and congratulations to Tracy!

    Chris, you are inspirational with your exploring! Good luck getting the rest of the cards done!

  10. Happy I got the right answer, bummed I didn't win the drawing! Cute little girl she is! I am also the one that made the crazy spaghetti and sausage concoction! It sure worked to get the kids to eat it up! Silly and fun! And tasty, I might add.

  11. Emily and those birds classic IF only she could get a handful lucky Tracy OF COURSE Grandad had to feature your favourite person too!!! as well as Emily's

  12. Looks like you had loads of fun this weekend. Great photos of the baby. Happy Birthday to your Son. Enjoy the beautiful weather.


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