Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Not a lot really!

I am FINALLY going to pick up my new luggage  today.  (shame I have nowhere to go to use it... YET).
I'm also going to buy some more Elizabeth Arden facial moisturiser....for Steve (son).  He has very dry, irritated skin mid-forehead and either side of his nose and I've been getting him to use my moisturiser, and it has helped immensely!  So, I shall get him his own.

Then I shall come home and get on with sewing fabric on to cards. 

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook last night.  It made sense to me. 

Gossip just in:

ABOVE:  Kim K is divorcing her newest husband... after only 72 days!  YEP, saw that coming even before they got married.  Sheesh, what a huge waste of $10 million dollars! 

ABOVE: yaaa... I finally have my new Guess Luggage (to go nowhere with, lol)... it matches my handbag.  At least now if I do want to go somewhere I have nice luggage eh?

Not got much sewing done... took Brylee to Gym after school.... and actually had a lovely yak with one of the other Mum's there... her two girls go to the same school as B & G. 
Got butter chicken cooking in the oven, rice in the cooker... all's good.

End of Day:  an INTERESTING day ... but me lips are sealed on some aspects of it.   But not bad overall.  Dinner was so-so... don't try and do Butter Chicken with chicken pieces ok?  Doesn't work that well. 
nite nite.


  1. Happy November, here it's Halloween!

  2. Re Kim Khardashian - I read this morning that the husband is surprised & shocked - well he must be the only one in the world because any one who even saw 5 minutes of that train wreck reality show (I really really tried not to) could see it was not gong to last (unless of course he removed his pride, dignity & balls) since she was going to only be happy if he did what she wanted & how & when.

  3. Samuel now has his own moisturiser as he uses mine so now I'm happy too, I never liked The Kardashians there so trashy "look at moi".......

  4. They made $15 million from it!

  5. Good plan Martine! It's on the summer's agenda for David and I anyway! Penny xo

  6. It's 1.11.11 today. It's thundering in Singapore as usual. Have a good day.

  7. Love the new luggage!! I hope you get the opportunity to use it soon :)

  8. New luggage sounds like a good excuse to plan a holiday!!!

  9. kim kardashian is a joke. 72 days? i guess one fight and then they're done?

  10. What pretty luggage!


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