Sunday, November 20, 2011


So, I made a start on quilting the placemats yesterday, and today I hope to get most of them quilted ready for the binding.   Shit I hate doing the binding!   I simply cannot remember how to join the binding properly when the two ends meet.  Anyone know a good tutorial I can read on the 'net???

ABOVE:  I used a bright green thread to quilt the main part of the placemat.... should I change to black for the side borders...  which are solid black?

ABOVE: Little miss getting into mischief yesterday.  *sigh*  she is such an imp.

Today, apart from wanting to sew... we will no doubt go for a little Tiki Tour somewhere...


JULIE: my Husquvarna has many quilting stitches.... that is what I use.  I don't have a 'real' quilting machine as such.  

Talking of my Husquvarna, it is working really well now... so I suppose I shall have to stop calling it 'The Lemon' I think.

We are heading out and about soon.... I just have to duck downstairs and hem a dress for Brylee so she can wear it...

LEIGH:  thanks chick!

Just got home from our tiki tour today (shit we are turning into 'Sunday Drivers'!)... ha ha ha.

We decided to go to Matakana for lunch... we love it up there.   First off though, I dropped off the Cards to Tracy who won them last week... sadly she was not home so I had to leave them with her hubby....

ABOVE:  Start..... going through the new Victoria Park Tunnel....

ABOVE:  passing a grass fire just before the northern gateway motorway...

ABOVE:  we have driven past this Honey Shop many times and not stopped, so I made Stew stop today.... I'm glad we did.  It's a really neat shop....

ABOVE: if it could be made with bee by products or honey, they had it!  Sweets, soaps, candles, honey's (of course!), perfums, essences.... you name it!  We bought 3 small honey pots to try.
OH, and some marshmallow with honey flavoured coconut on the outside.  It was OK... I wouldn't rave about it though.

ABOVE: this was the best bit!  Real live, working hives that you could see inside!  It was quite awesome to see the bees furiously working away....

ABOVE:  try taking a photo of moving bees!  Rather difficult.  The bee in the middle with the white mark is the QUEEN Bee. (apparently)  I always thought the Queen was way bigger than the rest of the bees... but she wasn't.

ABOVE:  at Matakana, heading off to the local pub for lunch...

ABOVE:  inside the pub, where you order your food and drink...   quite a neat room... as long as you don't mind this:

ABOVE:  one of the many  'inhabitants' looking down on you!

ABOVE:  I was looking at this sign by the outdoor seating, wondering who was the 'Ginga'... I thought it was probably someone who worked there?  I really am a bit slow sometimes..... 

ABOVE:  as Stew said... it would be the pub cat!   Well... he is a 'Ginga' afterall!  Derrrrr.

ABOVE:  THIS is why we drive an hour and a half to Matakana for lunch ...  A whole day's food in one go! 

Their burgers really are AMAZING.  If you get a chance go there... order their MEGA burger.  You won't need any chips on the side.... cos that burger is really hard to finish off.  We got chips, but sent most of them back... rather a waste of good food.

After lunch we went to Omaha, Stew and the kids had a big long walk along the beach.  I had a siesta in the car!  I was stuffed after that lunch.

Home now and I'm hoping no one wants too much for dinner, I sure in hell don't!


  1. Pretty! Do you have to have a special machine to quilt like that or can you use a regular one?

  2. Leigh9:55 AM

    Here's a good video of an easy method to join the ends of binding.

  3. The photo of Emily and Grandad yesterday was gorgeous and would make a lovely T shirt eh!! and framed photo and wallet size photo How is Steves job going another year nearly done and kids a year older christmas around the corner nice.

  4. Thank you so much for dropping the cards off. I was gutted when Gary said you had hand delivered them & I wasn't home, it would have been so nice to have met you in person. Hopefully another time. The cards are gorgeous by the way. I managed to have a look through them before heading back out to take the kids to rehearsal.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Your "imp" made me think of my"imp" today! Mine is a great-grandbaby and between me and his Mama chasing him he found More things to get into. I had forgotten how dangerous a house is to a toddler with their "radar-eyes" that can spot so many things they should not because you do not want them to get hurt. By the time You are down to exhaustion - one of those little heart-break smiles will really melt your heart.

    Love those place mats-!Wow!

  6. I would pat the ginga. Got scratched to bits by my own cat (a real tiger) when i was a kid. Emily is so darn cute.

  7. Love the ginger!! He looks like he's the boss!

    Do you take that burger apart to get it in your mouth. Holy moly it's huge!

  8. Anonymous2:31 PM

    What a great place to go visit!! Seeing the bee's in action was really neat!! I thought the Queen was huge myself. Perhaps she's a faux Queen. lol. I can't believe the size of that hamburger!! How on earth did you manage to get that thing in your mouth?? Love your quilt colors. The Ginga looked a little surly. But he was pretty!! ..debbie


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