Friday, November 04, 2011


SO..... no bugger better text me today!  Ya hear me ???

Comments are fine.  Lots of love over the cyber airwaves would be much appreciated. 

First up today, I'm going down to the Hospice shop to hopefully pick up some clothes racks.. they are being thrown out otherwise.

Then home to make up beds for visitors.
Clean bathrooms.
Prepare dinner (Beef stew in the crock pot)

bla bla bla.

If I get a chance I will work on the Christmas Cards too!

ABOVE:  see what Stew and I bought last night?  We started watching the first episode of Series One last night.

ABOVE:  Something tells me we will see The Big Bang Theory on our telly for weeks to come!  Yaaa.

Seriously feel ill today.  Tossed and turned again all night, and at one point I was hit with a massive "I need to vomit" urge.  OMG it was awful.... and it wasn't brought on by a coughing fit either. 
I am wondering if it's my body having withdrawal symptoms from not taking my 'hot flush' pills for three days now?  I take amitriptyline ... it's an antidepressant, but the side effect of them is I sleep at night.  So first thing this morning I am getting me 'script filled!


CAN I BLAME IT ON ????  BEING A BLONDE?   I just checked my calendar to see what time I have to be out at the airport to pick up my Mother... and.. ummm.. they are not arriving until next Wednesday!   OMG I'm a fool.  I've just stripped Steve's bed and made it up with fresh WARM linens for my Mother and she's not due here for another 5 nights!

Bloody hell I'm a twit.  This makes the weekend look a bit better if nothing else! 

ABOVE:  Our darling wee Granddaughter Sienna... apparently she likes her toes at the moment!    And would ya look at that... she has legs like her Grandma!  Only hers' are cute.

Kelly and Rena have arrived.... and have just left with the Dogs to pick up Brylee and Griffin from school.
Me?  I took two of my amitriptyline pills this morning to try and get back to 'normal'... and I feel like a zombie!
Best thing about today though... it's Friday... Tipple O'clock soon!  Yaaaa.

It's funny how I only have one or two drinks on a Friday night ... I could drink every night if I wished...but it's just not in me Psyche to want to drink much. 


End of Day:  full house.  One tipple... then just faded.  Looking forward to bed.
nite nite.


  1. Good luck for this weekend!

  2. Just curious what dose amitriptyline are you on??? And maybe it is stress from the weekend, and just maybe the weekend might be enjoyable :-)

  3. HAHAHAHA I love it, all that panic & stress for nothing :-)

    I suspect you are probably feeling ill & not sleeping because between the Mothers imminent arrival & the Lacy drama your brain is running amok & it is affecting you physically.

    This weekend relax with Stew & the kids, have a couple of relaxing days & ignore any texts, messages phpne calls etc.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Ha ha that is hilarious. Now you can go and relax. Enjoy your weekend as next week might be a bit shit

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Too funny! I can relate to family visiting and head spins preparing for it, take care, cheers Glenys

  6. Oh ok, I am on 100mgs at night have to take no later that 8.30 pm else I am a zombie the next day lol. I am on it for sleep at night so I don't wake up with pain, they are thinking of upping it to 150mgs at night as I am waking up with pain again.

  7. Kick back, laugh yourself silly with your new DVD's and totally chill. Good to see you are as organised as I am LOL
    Lot of cyber love coming your way

  8. Well at least the bed is made :)

  9. Classic Chris! That's the kind of thing I would do :-). Have a great weekend. Oh and I agree about the effect stress can have on the body.

    Penny xo

  10. Dont ya hate that well put your feet up and watch Big Bang enjoy Rena being there and drink your Totara Cafe as its the weekend, no doubt we will see loads of pics of Rena dogs and Cards tomorrow.

  11. Enjoy your Tipple & have a fantastic weekend.

  12. I love and hate when that happens. Getting ready for someone to come, all the stress and everything. Then they either cancel or I got the date wrong. At first I'm frustrated because I worked so hard for them. Then comes relief because I can relax. :D

  13. What's your number? I want to send you a text!
    Baby has Grandmothers legs! Made me laugh out loud!


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