Saturday, November 19, 2011


Saturday, usually I sleep in... but Stew is today as he had such an early start yesterday.  Poor bugger is knackered!

The kids are happily playing.... and I've got a mass of clean washing to fold .... and more to put in the machine.  It never ends.

ABOVE:  Steve and the kids playing 'Trouble'... it's quite a good game as it can be played by most ages.  

TODAY:  well the only thing that is a sure thing is Emily is getting dropped off for about 6 hours while Andrew and a mate go to some show about Big Boy's Toys... whatever that is.  Stew said it's cars, motorbikes, remote toys... you know, boy stuff!  

I want to do some sewing today too.... and once Stew is up he has to go and have blood tests... a regular occurrence to monitor his Type 2 diabetes.


ABOVE:  almost standing!  Won't be long before the dogs will have to think of somewhere else to go to get away from her!

ABOVE:  mobile... and heading off down the hallway to investigate where Granddad is, with her cohort Coco...
See the dog food bowls in the laundry?  They got picked up pretty quickly by Stew!

ABOVE:  around the corner they go...

ABOVE:  a.. haaaa, there's Granddad!...

ABOVE:  gorgeous moments with our Emily...

ABOVE:  that darling wee face says it all eh?  She loves her Granddad.

Not going out today by the look of it...just a quiet day in!  Unheard of on a Saturday... I know!

WE did decide to go out, but Andrew came back early so we had to turn around and get back home so he could pick up Emily and go back to Hamilton.  Once they left we popped out to Sylvia Park to return Griffin's remote controlled helicopter as it was malfunctioning.  

Hopefully he gets it back in a few days.

I'm feeling decidedly 'flat' today.  Just not really enthused about anything.  Shall get back to my sewing, maybe that will perk me up?

End of Day:  Stew cooked a nice pasta/tomato/sausage dinner.  Why is there NOTHING decent to watch on the TV on a Saturday night?  Some people DO stay home eh! nite nite


  1. Washing is a be all and end all of every house I feel and like you my first 2 loads were out at 7.30am this morning, very cold moring here but sunny day ahead.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Nice to see the kids playing well together!! Hope all Stews tests came out great!! ...debbie

  3. Sleep in? What is that? Will I ever get to do that again?

    I love the smile on Emily face as she looks at granddad. It's pure love and joy. And look at all those teeth! My little one has no teeth but she eats like you would not believe, just gums everything.

  4. Totally understand your concern re: donations, but with a Kmart gift-card, they can only spend it in Kmart....

  5. aHHHH - that Precious Wee One!They are all so sweet. That top one with the chair is so cute because it will not be long at all.

    Strolling down the hall - I just love that -two sweet ones together.

    Then finding Granddad- that little face says it all! :)

  6. So cute! She's on the move for sure!!

  7. Oh my gosh, kids are so adorable at that age! Then they learn to talk.. and answer back... and demand stuff... BUT never mind, at that age they are sweet and innocent and wonderful.

  8. And it is true that washing never ends. It just doesn't. I don't understand it. Also, the 'one sock' thing.. I've got a whole shopping bag full, it's ridiculous.. where do they go??

  9. Nawwww! that last pic with Em and Dad, that is just gorgeous! Gona steal that one, print and frame it :)

  10. Agree, Amanda, that last photo was priceless! TV on Saturday night: had forgotten how rubbish it is! I want to watch CSI, SVU, etc.

  11. I agree with Amanda, the look of pure adoration is priceless. Saturday night is a good time to catch up on stuff recorded earlier in the week.

  12. I'm so glad you are able to spend so much time with Emily. She really is a sweetie. :)

  13. laundry day - and cute babies and puppies!


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