Monday, November 28, 2011


The rounds of what?
Blogs... I am going to visit me regular blog friends this morning, then spend the afternoon sewing I hope.

When we were in Hamilton on Saturday I got Stew to take me to the local Spotlight shop... and they had the plain black fabric I wanted for the placemats.   Yaaaa hoooo.   

ABOVE:  I give you two 'funnies' I found on the net.... cos I don't have any photos for today yet!

I hope to get lots of washing done today too... the weather is due to crap out tomorrow for the rest of the week...

Getting there.... blogs that is....

ABOVE:  all set up for ironing.... NOT that I am stating CATEGORICALLY that I am doing any today.... just ready to is all.

SEWING:  ain't gunna happen.  Walking around the house has shown me that I have far too much housework to do... bugger it all.
BUT, I know I will feel better if I actually do it!  So... 
I just tidied up Steve's room, changed the bedding etc.  Got really cross with the curtains... no tie backs.... so I improvised for now:

ABOVE: nice and tidy.... won't stay like that long... *sigh*

ABOVE:  my 'improvised' tie backs.... stretchy elastic shoe laces!  Works for me.
I 'googled' tie backs... OMG what a minefield of ideas... I got off that site real fast cos I could have spent HOURS looking at all the different tie backs....

I'm making lists today:  of things to do.  NOT just for me.  Maybe if 'people' see the list they will do it?  Just sayin...
AND bugger!  My photo 'card' is jammed in the camera.  This is not good.  I can see $$$ signs ahead to get it out.

ABOVE:  this lot done, just got the bathrooms to go... and mopping floors KILLS me back.  Seriously... may employ me a housekeeper (I can dream can't I?).  

SIX HOURS reading/commenting on blogs AND doing housework!  I'm D.O.N.E.
Time to relax for a wee while before I have to turn around and cook dinner.  Far out,  being a kept woman is not all it's cracked up to be.

RELAX!  Ha, as if.  I just did one of the 'guys' jobs so I could hang larger items under the decking... took me a little while but I did it.  Weather is starting to pack it in... expect rain soon... just as well MOST of the washing got done over the weekend.  (thanks Darling)

End of Day:  a good day, if you like housework.  Lovely dinner, lamb chops cooked in thick mint sauce.  
Time NOW to actually relax.  
nite nite


  1. I'm doing the same thing...making the rounds. I just put my boy on a plane headed back to college 2300 miles away and need to keep myself distracted!

    I hope you have a great week Chris.

  2. You and me both with washing typical boys, Chris just emptied his clothes all in the washing basket clean and dirty lol...... nice to have the kids home though after two weeks away..... Having said that hardly seen them Steph is still asleep and Chris is with his mate, suppose I should be happy he has a friend and a friend that has been around for longer than a week lol.

  3. Your ironing pile is as big as mine! I haven't touched it yet either.

    Hope you have some time to sew.

    xo jj

  4. I really enjoyed the before and after pictures of your sister-in-laws house.I love the way she fixed the place to grow her veggies!

    For the moment I am trying to see IF I can grow the biggest dust bunny while I attempt to cut out more gifts. Those bunnies will always be there -but Christmas will not wait. :) LOL

  5. Your house is lovely. :) You're welcome to come do my housework anytime. Heh.

    I almost giggle-snorted at the first funny. My daughter's dog's bedding exploded just like that. I've nooooo idea what made it do that.

  6. owww, a housekeeper,,, have had them over the years (when working full time) and would have to say it was the best money I EVER spent. To leave a big mess on Friday morning then come home to a house that was lovely and clean for the weekend was just bliss. In saying that, I had my share of 'hits and misses', when the ex and I had a cleaner in Auckland I soon discovered that she was either half blind or just totally slap dash in her approach to cleaning. Would come home and barely notice a difference, needless to say I gave her a three weeks to see if she improved then told her it wasn't working out as I NEEDED things done THROUGHLY. Later stumbled another family who had used her and had exactly the same experience.

    "its a hard road finding the perfect cleaner"

  7. My back is killing me from cleaning all day yesterday and this morning. It's hard freaking work! My house didn't seem all that dirty but the more I cleaned the more I saw needed to be cleaned if that makes sense!

    Thanks for always commenting on my blog!

  8. haha- i love those pictures from the web, the cat and dogs saying funny things. I could look at them all day :)

  9. Gosh yes housework mondays just gotta to love them! NOT its hot muggy and icky here RAINS a coming!

  10. Well done on the housework!

  11. You do way too much housework. I do as little housework as I can get away with. Just the minimum - laundry, floors, bathroom, dishes. And that's a lot because it's daily. For windows and hard to get corners, forget about it.

  12. I like the two top pictures a lot.
    The rest is just too damn girly.

  13. If you sit around for the rest of the week you have earned it

  14. Love the tieback idea


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