Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I said the creative juices were flowing eh?  lol... I was thrilled to bits to get 18 large cards done by last night!

ABOVE:  see?  18 done, just have to do the insides and put me 'moniker' on the back, add an envelope and they will be finished!  Yaaa.

ABOVE:  the rest waiting to be 'titivated'.... I so love doing that part!

Will be taking a break and going out to lunch at Sylvia Park today too.... hopefully will catch up with Lynda and maybe Beastie Girl?  Must text her and see....

Might just wait until she's likely to be outta bed though!  lol

BLONDIE:  nope, I don't use glitter.

I forgot to mention, me Mother and Ron (her partner) arrive tonight.  They are only staying one night as they have a wedding to attend on Friday down the line.... most likely see them again on their way back home.


Lunch with the girls was lovely!  I was going to have sushi, and even bought some... but then I saw Lynda was having Tai so I changed my mind and had that too... it was really nice too.  Steve and the kids can have the Sushi!  lol

Yikes!  Talking of food, I better not forget to put dinner in the oven before heading out the door to pick up the Mother and Ron.  I'm thinking they will be very tired and want and early night.   *smiles* at the thought.

Well, the olds are here.  We just had a lovely dinner of roast chicken and veges, and now I'm hiding in my walk-in-wardrobe doing me update!   Decided there was more room in here.... I feel so 'naughty'... lol! 

Better get back out there before they miss me!

End of Day:  a perfectly pleasant evening... showing the olds some photos of all the grandbabies/kids lately.   Watched a wee bit of tv then off to bed they went (9.30).... they were tired after travelling for hours.
nite nite.


  1. They look fantastic :)

  2. How was weigh in, think you go Tuesday's but could be wrong. Good on you for getting so many cards done, do B and G help?.

  3. Gosh they don't take long to get made or finished that's great work, do you use glitter?

  4. They look great! A fine effort for day:)

  5. Oh honey - you think I'd be out of bed by 7:40? You're hilarious! :D I'm a single, child-free, self-employed night owl! You do the math! :D

    Can't wait to catch up and have some girly talk! :D


  6. Wow, they look fanmazing!!! What is the 'Titivating' part?
    Are we going to see pics of Mum?

  7. O Chris - they are absolutely dazzling! Looks like you sure got your "mojo" working perfectly! You certainly do deserve a treat! They are so lovely and I love the way you put your "essence" in them! Anybody would be tickled to have one. : )

  8. Wow, you are awesome at card making! I loved the previous ones you sent and you are very talented.

  9. Totally love the Christmas cards - you are so clever with the goodies you create :)

  10. Wow Chris, you are so good at craft, speaking as someone who isn't crafty at all you always have me wishing I could make things like you.
    Also, I rarely comment, but just wanted to say keep up the great blog, it is something I look forward to reading. Cheers

  11. you are so naughty!!! love the cards its made me even think about doing some for xmas too

  12. We are never too old to be hiding in the wardrobe from our parents!

  13. You could make a quilt out of those cards.

  14. Lovely cards. Glad to hear all is going well with your visitors.


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