Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Every night, when Stew sits down ... both dogs sit with him.  Never me.  I get the impression Stew quite likes that.  I feel really left out... NOT.
What he doesn't see is me and the dogs during the day.  Wherever I am, they are too.  If not sitting on me, certainly WITH me.

ABOVE:  See Darling?  They do love me too... lol.
DEBBIE: you asked me yesterday what sort of dogs they were?  They are half Bichon and half Shih Tzu....  Coco's hair is more like a Shih Tzu and Teddy's is more like a Bichon.   Teddy is a 'fixed' boy and Coco is the girl.  

Last night I had a go at getting the join right on bindings.... I watched several videos and read some tutorials... I was surprised at how many different ways people do it!  Anyway, I chose one that looked like it made sense (to me anyway) and gave it a go:

ABOVE:  I just used some calico for practise on some 'testing' fabric ... it worked! 
TODAY:  I'm going out to buy some binding or fabric to make some.  Then I shall come home and sew it on.
THAT. IS. ALL.   (for now)

Buying enough ready made binding to do all 9 Placemats was going to cost a lot of money, so I went hunting for plain black homespun cotton.  do you think I could find it ANYWHERE?  I went to two Spotlight stores with no luck. 

So now I have to either wait until I can get some... or use another fabric to bind them with.
ABOVE:  I have enough of the 'grape' fabric to do the job, BUT.... I am not sure it would look 'right'?  And that fabric is gorgeous, almost too pretty to chop up for binding.   What do you think?

ABOVE:  while I was over Mr Wellington way at Spotlight, I popped into Sylvia Park to get some more Tee-shirts... and the new SUPER CENTRE across the road is sooooo close to being ready to open.  I can't wait.  It means whenever we go to  Sylvia Park I can pop into Spotlight too!   Yaaaa.
( oh and I love the colour job they have given it! )

RENEE:  thanks for that chick.   As I don't have your email address it would be hard for me to 'flick you an email' .... lol!

End of Day:  I am dragging myself out of this funk I've been in.  I know EXACTLY what the problem is... and I know how to rectify it.
It's the same old story:  I eat shit, I gain weight, I hate myself, so I eat more shit to feel better, then I gain even more weight,  then I hate myself......  so.... I went back to Weight Watchers tonight.   I faced the scales, I accepted a gain... and I will pull me big girl panties up and face the fact that I am my own WORSE ENEMY.
nite nite.


  1. I'm a beginner sewer and it's great that there are HEAPS of tutorials online nowadays. I just need a bit more TIME now to get on with it!! Was all set to make Christmas pressies... am slowly finding the year is disappearing!

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  2. Neutered Boy and Breeding girl must be their superhero names!

  3. Ha the dogs what do you say "It's a dogs life alright!!!" I wish I could sew sometimes even it was just EASY EASY stuff I can hem and sew a split seam back up BUT that's IT!!

  4. I have been down in the dumps and seeing Teddy and Coco have just made my day. Martine x

  5. My pug Bella sticks like glue to me. She waits by the front window until I come home from work. That picture of the two dogs at your feet is very familiar to me!! The placemats look lovely.

  6. Your furbabies are so pretty and so well cared for. I wish all could be that way.

    I understand your Dilemma with your binding- it will be quiet interesting to see how you settle it? I sure do wish you luck! : )

  7. I adore your pups! You're doing great with the placemats. I hope to have time to get back into sewing when I retire in 2030!!!!

    By the way, do those people know they are driving on the wrong side of the street? (jk-I know it's right!)

  8. Oh Chris, I have the perfect little gadget for you...I love it. It is a binding maker. Not one of those ones you use with your iron, it is a full machine that you just feed your fabric through one end, it has it's own iron thingee inside and it comes out the other end as perfect binding. I swear by it, no more burnt fingers. I got mine in Oz but I they are avaiable in NZ, search for a Simplicity bias tape maker.

  9. P.S If you still need some fabric, flick me an email, I am heading to my local spotlight tomorrow and can pick you up some and pop it in the post :)

  10. I wondered what they were building there lol !!!
    Wait for the black chris that is far too nice for binding .

  11. I love that the pups think that whether it is your lap or Stew's that the lap is just there for them.

  12. I love your sewing stuff. You could sew a sling to carry the pups around in!

  13. I agree that you should wait for the black - you could use the wine fabric for something else. I also think I recognise the testing fabric - I have some I have used in patchwork snakes for my nieces and nephews. I also agreed with Cranky's advice yesterday, and am glad you have made a decision for yourself, whether it was going back or accepting yourself as is it would have been a good decision to make. Well done Chris! Penny xo

  14. My kids are like your dogs. They see me all the time and when me hubs is off, they hang around him hoping to play some game with him. I feel left out - Not.

  15. I know how you feel Chris, I am in a funk too, not only with weight, but other stuff too. It's hard sometimes to pull out of it, isn't it? Hang in there and I'll try to do the same.

  16. I think the grapes would be pretty. Or the green even?


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