Friday, November 11, 2011


Card making top of the list today.

Some housework.... can't get away from it sadly.

Baby:  Emily is getting dropped off tonight for the weekend... so better get the porta cot ready again!

Also going to get on the net and try and find somewhere Stew and I can go for a weekend away in early December... just the two of us!  Even if we just stay in bed half the time, we really want a break! 
Someone suggested it recently and I have been thinking of it ever since.  It sure would  be nice.

ABOVE:  was thinking of trying this, but my question is:  How does the pasta cook INSIDE the sausage?  Or does it stay hard and uncooked?  Hmmmmm.... might still try it.  Maybe tonight.  
Anyone done it?

OH!  it's 11/11/11.... anyone doing anything SPECIAL today? 

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT... mad rush ... 8.05am and I suddenly remember both dogs have to be in Pukekohe for grooming at 9.00am!  Got them there just in time.. phew! 
As I can't pick them up again until 1.30 I came home to carry on with the cards etc.


ABOVE:  last two hours work.... getting there!
Almost time to pick up the dawgs.... I love seeing them freshly groomed!  

ABOVE:  two short-haired, tired dogs.  Apparently Coco was a real mess... I'm not surprised!  She REFUSES to keep still so I can get knots out as they form... it drives me batty.

They go back just before Christmas for their summer groom.... I'm taking them more often now... no more HUGE knotty messes this way.

Right.  I have stopped making cards for now.  I am totally knackered.  I never used to understand how you could get tired while sitting down... now I do!  It's hard work concentrating on card making.... those teeny tiny dots do me eyes in! 

Expecting me menfolk home in the next couple of hours, then Amanda, Andrew and Emily too.  I think we shall have takeaways for dinner tonight... I don't feel like cooking.  It is getting hot here now... and the sun just beams into the kitchen this time of the day.  I have to close the curtains just too keep the rooms from becoming like ovens.

I quite like winter now.  lol

TRACY:  yes they are!  It is exhausting at the groomers... so many other dogs to yap at... being groomed, bathed, blow dried.... such a life!  They will be more energetic after a 6 hour nap!  lol

Upon closer inspection of the dogs... I am SURE a different groomer did them today.  There are long and short bits in places, and I can see lines where the clippers have been... and Coco's face is not so good.  Must ask next time for my 'favourite' groomer to do them.  She does an AMAZING JOB.
And you want a good job when you are paying $65 per dog!

End of Day:  yes, I know it's still early... but once I sit down I intend to totally relax and just chill out.  A, A & E due to arrive any time now too. 
nite nite.


  1. That's a cool idea! If you do it, you'll have to blog about how it turned out.

  2. Those look quite groovy - I'm sure Paige would like that - I might try it next week - let us know how you get on. I imagine the pasta would cook inside...

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Ha how funky those sausages look be nice with a thick pasta tomato sauce thing, VERY cold here this morning BUT sunshine aplenty...

  4. For somewhere to go check out book-a-bach or holidayhouses. Before Christmas the rates should be off-peak as bookings pickup from Boxing day onwards. Hope you find somewhere nice... perhaps Waiheke Island?

  5. Yep - Flethcer's birthday today!! A long walk first, then finishing icing his cake then ... relax for awhile :)

  6. That looks cool chris not sure but it should cook ok... Today is my daughters best friend of 15 years glad its sunny :)....A weekend away sounds like a good idea for you both happy planning

  7. Go to or or You can usually get really good deals. We use them quite a bit.

  8. Don't the doggies look soo divine! Lovely!

  9. I'm not feeling too good today. Quickly checked your blog and here is the lovely Teddy and Coco. Very cute !!!! Martine

  10. I Love the way that you are such a wonderful "Furbaby Mom"!

    I have never heard of pasta like that. If you tackle it , let us know how it turns out?

    I agree that you and Stew need and deserve some private time!

  11. We have UV filter on our windows on the sunny side - it stops the heat as well as UV rays. Best thing we did - before that the sunny side was just crazy hot and the blinds warped and the carpet got rotten.

  12. Oh the UV filter is a film over the windows - you can't see it. Didn't make that clear on my comment.

  13. Those poor dogs look exhausted.

  14. They are BEAUTIFUL!! The groomers did such an excellent job, no wonder you luv 'em so much!! Take lots of pics! I never tire of seeing your whole crew and your pups. God bless! :)

  15. My mom is always trying to save money and not take her dogs to the groomers and then they become a big mess and she regrets it. Glad I have a short hair dog ;) Although yours are lovely :)

  16. Do you think Coco misses her babies. I was thinking of the puppies today. I know Chico is in a great home, I hope the others are happy. Martine xx

  17. Hey Chris, was reading an old Readers Digest magazine today, and I found this:

    "Hot flushes seem an inevitable part of menopause, but you may be lucky enough to manage them drug-free. In recent years, paced respiration - or slow, controlled diaphragmatic breathing- has become a popular way for women to keep their cool.

    "Keep the rib cage still and try taking slow, deep breaths from the abdomen which will move the diaphragm up and down. without moving your rib cage, inhale for five seconds and then exhale over five seconds. As soon as you feel a flush developing, start the paced breathing until it passes. Two small trials have shown this technique can reduce hot flush frequency by 50-60% on average".

  18. I'm going to try that pasta thing, but I'm going to make the pasta shorter, so there's more hot dog and less pasta....

  19. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    I scrolled through your posts and... that little Emily is ADORABLE!!! LOVED the picture of her with beef stew gravy all over her face! How fun!

    Love your cards!

  20. We made the "Flying Spaghetti Monsters" tonight. Okay, the sausage pierced with noodles. They were fun and yummy! Thanks for the great idea!


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