Monday, November 07, 2011


Yesterday at the mall we walked past a display selling hair curlers... and we stopped so Brylee could get some curls put in her hair:

ABOVE:  Brylee getting curls.  She loved them.  I love them too....

ABOVE:  if the budget allows, I think Santa will be bringing ME and BRYLEE a Jose Eber curling Iron ....  we will just have to wait and see how the Elves are doing!

Oh another thing!  I have one wall in Steve's bedroom that needs either re-painting or wallpapering, so I went online to look at some wallpaper and came across this site:   they sell wall murals.  Some are downright amazing:

ABOVE:  how amazing are they then?  I so want one... or two! 

TODAY: only ONE thing on my list:  Christmas Cards.   I hope to get heaps done today....

The creative juices are struggling today!  I have not done Christmas Cards before... and I am finding it difficult to get ideas for the 'titivating' part... taking a wee break for now as it's after 1pm and I've not eaten anything today.... feeling a bit 'ikkk'...

Still feeling really ikkk... I grabbed a peanut butter sandwich for lunch... it's been repeating on me all afternoon.  I just took a Losec to try and settle me tummy.  What with still having the cough/cold from hell and now an upset tum... I'm feeling quite miserable. 

I even had a 'nana nap' this afternoon.  It didn't help.

Just started preparing dinner... pasta and sausages.. something easy. 

END OF DAY: I get it now... I needed food! I am feeling a lot better after dinner.  Which was nice btw.  Relaxing in the lounge... not going to be up late tonight. 
nite nite.


  1. Jess wants one of those wand ones. I've spent a lot of time curling my girl's hair lately. A lot more than I did when they were little lol.

    I love the mural with the cove, so pretty!

  2. I love those mural wallpapers, i so want one..... or like you maybe 2 lol.

  3. I've been mesmerised by those murals! They are fantastic. Not sure I know where I can put one but it's nice to know they are out there.

  4. O Wow - I love the murals~ !!!!!! My favorite is the one with the water background. My daughter-in-law actually has one on her living room wall and I love it too. (She is a "paint-aholic" and I just fear that she will not leave it alone for a while. LOL

    Those curls were really niffty~ Hope Santa is good to both you gals!!!!! My curling iron is on its last leg-sometimes has a little heat and sometimes not~ LOL

    The baby was so cute with Stew-taking a real Look around, wasn't she. LOL

  5. Did you know you can curl your hair with your straightener? That's how mine was done for the pics Dobby and I had done. They look softer and more natural if you want to have a go at that. Just use it like a curling iron...

  6. Brylee has a gorgeous head of hair. (I'm jealous!)

    The murals are pretty amazing. The options are endless.

    Happy card making!

    xo jj

  7. Leigh4:57 PM

    Have a look at this curling iron. Has extra thing on it so you can't burn yourself! And is only $79

    I had to look this up as I was soooo shocked at the $299 price tag of the Jose Eber curling Iron.

  8. Those murals are awesome!! Bet they are expensive though! 9_9
    I can't imagine you with curly hair.

  9. Those curls were amazing I love them, I also love the WALL MURAL how Urban and the space one is cool.

  10. Anonymous9:52 AM

    The curl maker looks like fun. Esp. to a young girl! You might have to get up a little earlier on curl days! I seen the wall murals and they are amazing. A friend has one of an open field with a barn and horses - it looks SOOO real!! That would be great for a boys room as well as fun...till he doesn't like it anymore!! lol...debbie

  11. I do love the wall murals. I wanted to do that once, but I couldn't find the right one in the size I need.


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