Monday, May 31, 2010


WHAT did I buy??? Here's an even bigger hint:

Our 'main' lounge suite is getting tatty... it's covered in upholstery material and it has not survived our family too well in the past 6 years... not like our green leather suite... so I have been wanting to replace it with another leather suite for ages. WELL... I went looking yesterday.... JUST LOOKING you understand... and ummm.... what could I do? Stew and Andrew looks so COMFY ... I just had to have it!

ABOVE: Amanda took this photo... of me choosing the colour.. I am going with light taupe... SADLY it is going to take at least 14 weeks for the suite to be made and delivered. But I can wait. Good things are worth waiting for eh?

ABOVE: a pic of the suite again.... Stew was reluctant to get off it I'm sure.... *smiles* Did I mention the two recliner chairs are wonderful, but even better is the fact that both 'ends' of the couch are recliners too!

Today: well .... I might just go BUY some vege plants. And. That. Is. All. I think Stew would have a fit if I bought anything else. lol

TEDDY has joined FaceBook..... aka Chris! NOT that I am on FB much you understand... but sometimes Teddy will be.

You know how.. you get an idea in your head... and it simply won't go away? Well I have been unhappy having my sewing desk in the family room... but there was simply NOWHERE it could go? Well I dreamt about it last night ... and amazingly in my slumber mode I came up with a solution!

ABOVE: the spare bedroom BEFORE ... with two single beds for visitors...
AFTER: I put one mattress ON TOP of the other, on one bed base! So there's still kinda two beds in there for when we need them! AND now I have a sewing room too! I'M HAPPY WITH THAT. I got all hot and bothered doing that too.... but it's all exercise eh?

Well after going nuts all morning doing housework and moving furniture.. I was knackered... so I have done nothing since! Well... I did watch some telly!

Kids came home squabbling so got dispatched to their rooms for a while... I am not in the mood for kids arguing. I am not a referee!

Time to pull finger out and get the washing in, prepare dinner...


  1. Congrats on the new furniture! We love ours, and all of the recliners. For a change we don't have to argue on who sits where!

  2. Ohhhhhhh lovely lounge suite AND I truly hope light taupe is easily cleaned with kids and dogs and family living!!!! HUGE AS FROST here today ground like snow!!! ekkkkkk

  3. Ooohhh I like! Where did you get them from?

  4. I love the smell of new furniture, good choice, you will really love them.

  5. It's going to be much warmer in your new sewing room. Now just to find a plce for those beds lol

  6. Oh I love the new lounge suite. It's gorgeous! I'm incredibly jealous.

    I like what you did with the sewing room too. I'd like to be able to find somewhere to put my desk..but we only have the 3 bedrooms.

  7. Your new suite looks really comfy. I like the recliner bit. I've seen these in Harvey Norman before but they cost a fortune.

  8. Firstly why Facebook under the name Teddy? If people find you under your name it's not hard to figure out who Teddy is :) Hey and yes, we do get Millionaire Hotseat here (I saw you said we don't). It is on at 6pm every night on Prime... just not sure how far behind we are.

  9. Yay, shopping!!!

    I hardly did any in Melbourne over the weekend - total bummer !!!!

  10. The lounge seats look VERY comfy! I really liked that black/pink pillow in one of the shots too.
    We bought a red suede lounge suite a couple of years ago, and they are filthy :o/

  11. excellent. love the furnature and i did that with my kids rooms... took marthas mattress and put it on top of corys and we are turning her old room into a laundry room... someday. :)

  12. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I like your new furniture! It looks very cozy! 14 weeks will be here befor the know it AND it might be early!! The new sewing room looks great!! What a great idea your dream came up with. It must have been bugging you big time for you to be dreaming about it!! That's happened to me a few times too! ...debbie

  13. I can't wait to see how you arrange this furniture in your living area. You know somehow this will lead to a new sewing project. :)

  14. You and the dogs look like you had a fabulous nap!

    That furniture will certainly be worth the wait. The time will fly by and then you will be showing us what it looks like in your house!

  15. You are always up to something. Congrats on the new furniture. Enjoy relaxing and breaking it in.


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