Tuesday, May 04, 2010


ABOVE: a few short videos of the puppy again.. as requested!

Yesterday was long... and tiring! Keeping the two dogs apart and happy was quite stressful! Today... I'm going to take a bit more time for myself... which will mean they have to 'go to bed' a few times!

OH Excitement! I am getting my PINK CUTTLEBUG today too... I hope it's as fantastic as it seems to be!

Stew rang me yesterday and asked me if I could make a 'Well Done' card for a bloke he works with... so I did:

As I didn't have a 'Well Done' stamp, I rang the sewing machine shop to check if I could sew material to card (I can)... then I stitched the words on and put on two crystals too! Very happy with that! Stew thought the card was AWESOME! Awwwww.
Today I am going to be out most of the morning, so I have decided to leave Coco at home with Teddy... I've put her crate in the laundry beside Teddy's bed... here's hoping she doesn't ruin his hearing with her howling! LOL... or maybe she won't howl?

Morning Tea with Stew - Done!
Home to a rapturous welcome from BOTH Dogs.... Done!

ABOVE: my pink cuttlebug and a few embossing folders and dies.... being checked out by our new little Tartlet!

ABOVE: Score of the day.... an alphabet die set ... reduced by $60! Awesome, I didn't think I'd be able to afford an Alphabet Die Set yet.... YIPEEEEEEE!

Now... I do believe it's time to have a play with me new toy... ONWARD...

The 'toy' I'm playing with is the Cuttlebug! Puppy is asleep in her travel case at my feet in the garage! She like to be around me... well anyone actually! lol

I am going to be brave tonight and read some blogs.. I've been too scared to open Google Reader.. I bet there are hundreds of unread updates there! OOOOooooo... so much to read, so little time! Forgive me if I miss you... but I have been busy!

End of Day: I had a sneak peek at my Google Reader List.. gasped... and got outta there real quick! Over 500 updated blogs!!! Nope, ain't gunna happen... marked them all as read... will just start from tomorrow catching up on who's doing what! nite nite.


  1. Oh my gosh she's so cute!

  2. I hope she doesn't howl all night!
    Seems like you have a new baby in the house. Enjoy your time out this morning and I hope the 'babies' behave.
    Love the card

  3. well at least they wont be able to chew, chase or poop? Puppies ya gotta love em!

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Looks like Coco is making herself at home pretty good - hogging the couch already! Better get her out of the chewing habit or nothing will be safe!

  5. Coco is sooooooo cute! Love that little waggly tail. Teddy sure does look unimpressed, huh? LOL!!! I'm sure in time they'll be best buds. Right now she's just like the annoying little sister that gets on his nerves.

    Great job on the card. You are really on a roll with those.

    Here's hoping you don't lose your sanity with Coco during the puppy stage! :o)



  6. Looks like things are thawing between Teddy and Coco. She is sooooo cute!

    Hey, your new toy looks neat! I can't wait to see your creations now you have this little beauty!

    Stew's card looks good too. You might have a little side line to add to your sister in law's shop...

  7. Anonymous3:11 PM

    What toy are you playing with - the cuttlebug or the cutiepie pup?

  8. Man you don't choose cheap hobbies do you.....lol, photo of my ring finally on my blog :-)

  9. The look on darling Teddy's face is priceless - more to the point - pissed off. Martine

  10. Hiya Chris,

    Firstly Coco is just gorgeous. She has the cutest little face. I am sure Teddy will come around soon.

    Congrats on the new cuttlebug machine. Can't wait to see all the fabulous things you make with it. I found a great website that has all different cards people have made using the cuttlebug machine. Check out the mothers day card (it is a pot of flowers).

    Hope the website helps. :)


    Carol :)

  11. I love my Cuttlebug. You can use Nestabilities with it too, they are dies which cut out shapes, like scalloped circles and ovals etc. Lots of fun. Enjoy your card making.

  12. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Coco is just adorable. Teddy looks pretty calm around her. Do you ever let them play together? Most dogs tolerate puppies quite well. Was glad to see you were putting them together in the laundry room. I think they would be great company for each other. Your card was great!! Maybe you should start a mini card business. Your cards are really unique and so colorful!! I know I would buy some!
    Have a great day!! love the pup! ...debbie

  13. At least Teddy didn't attack Coco in those videos! I love the videos and could watch that many every day!

  14. he is SO cute! i want one!

  15. Gosh Coco is just precious!

    Chris, I don't know where you find the time and energy to do all that you do. You are non-stop!!

  16. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Hey Chris, you can iron your fabric onto Visofix too and then iron it onto the card. Easy and no stitching showing. KJ

  17. Whoa, I can't believe I haven't commented in so long! Looks like I have me some catching up to do! I didn't think it was possible but Coco is getting cuter by the day!


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