Sunday, May 09, 2010


It's Mother's Day again, and no doubt I won't get a sleep in.... and as I don't eat breakfast... I won't be having THAT in bed either.

Hopefully most (or all?) of my kids will REMEMBER and ring me.. that would be nice. But I won't hold my breath.

I have no plans for the day... as Amanda is here we will probably go out and about to the shops, make a card or two together....

ABOVE: Amanda having a go at finishing off one of my cards...
Coco woke up at 6.45, so I'm up... *sigh*... Stew is still asleep, so is Amanda. Suppose I better feed Brylee and Griffin and open the curtains, bla bla bla...

Anyone who knows me... knows I HATE ORANGE... of all the colours .. I really, really hate orange! So what did my darling eldest daughter get me for MOTHER'S DAY:

An orange flower!!! I am going to give her shit for ages over that! LOL. I do love her for thinking of me and coming to visit of course!!!

LOL... we went out... and the silly Tart bought me TWO more flowers.. in BLUE... I told her not to be so silly... *sigh*... but she did anyway... and she got me some more card and stuff! What a sweetie... awwwwwww.

ABOVE: Two cards I just made... totally LOVE them! NZ = New Zealand, in case you don't get it.

For the first time in many, many years... ALL MY CHILDREN have remembered me on Mother's Day!!! I can't tell you how wonderful that has been. THANK YOU TO ALL MY 6 KIDS.... I love you all... well most of the time! *smiles*

End of Day: and it's been a lovely day... the best Mother's Day in years... cos ALL my kids contacted me. Looking forward to tomorrow as per usual.... cos it's a Monday.... and I will get some peace and quiet again! nite nite.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Chris!!


  3. Happy Mothers' Day, Chris. I hope you get something you like or get to do something just for you!

    Oh, and I feel so BAD because I didn't realize that you hated orange so much and the inside of your Dottie Bag is orange! Wahhhhhh!!! I will make you a different one, really I will.



  4. That orange flower made me chuckle... even *I* know you hate orange!!!


  5. Oops about the orange ... but remember, at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts - and she did remember you on Mother's Day - heck, she even came to visit you :))

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Chris!

    I just caught up on a couple of your blogs and I love seeing Teddy warming up to Coco. They are both such little sweeties!

  7. hehe you may hate orange, but its still a pretty flower! I'm anxious to see how my day will turn out. Hope yours turned out great despite the orange flower

  8. Well surely any present is better than none? right?I did sleep in till 9am (boys up until 12 30pm so that wasn't too bad either!) but cooked for 5X 14 year old boys AS my mothers day brekkie try 15 sausages 10 eggs 2 tins spag 2 tins baked beans 15 pieces toast 2 3litre orange juices AND I did the dishes!!!! (I also made sure there was enough cooked breakfast for me too!)

  9. Happy Mother's Day Chris. How wonderful that your daughter came to visit that is so nice. And flowers no matter what color it is the thought that counts. Have a good week.

  10. Happy Mother's Day , Chris-
    You certainly have a lovely daughter and you two appear to be the same age. You do not look old enough to have a daughter that grown up! Maybe you "adopted her" when you were age 10 so you could have someone to play with??? :)

    HOw wonderful to have Teddy coming around. LOL I bet she will help keep Teddy physically fit!

  11. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Happy Mum's Day to YOU!!! Today I went to a Symposium on my vocal condition and met a man that has it that came all the way from New Zealand. Cool, eh?

    And... last week I bought me an ORANGE car. I will have to post a picture of it on my blog, LOL! Our other vehicle is blue though so if you ever come to the Rocky Mountains I will take you shopping in that one... even though I despise shopping. I would so go with you! Of course, you'd have to talk the whole time so I could soak in your COOL accent.

    And the dogs are DARLING!

  12. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Great to see your mothers day turned out wonderful with all your kids getting in contact with you! Those NZ cards are beautiful! They would sell like hotcakes in a tourist shop! And I wondered why you haven't made any orange coloured cards! WOMBAT

  13. You have 6 kids!!! I have 2 and only my girl wished me Happy Mom's Day. Happy Mom's Day to you Chris. Happy for you.

  14. Awww Chris, sounds like you had a really nice Mother's Day-- even with orange flowers :-) Glad you had fun.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  15. Wow, even Russell! That is good news! You deserve it!

    Mum loved her duck, too, so thanks heaps.

    when you have some spare time (and there is definitely no rush yet) I will get you to make 3 more - a pink, a pink and green, and a blue. And that will be my Christmas shopping done!

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's day, my dear.


  16. Happy Mothers Day Chris!!! Looks like you have had a lovely day :)

  17. Glad u had a great Mothers day:)xx

  18. Happy Mother's Day happy to hear you had a call/visit form ALL your kids.

    Love the cards...

  19. I was betting on your kids to all come through in the end. haha. I'm glad it was such a nice day.

  20. glad you had a nice day in the end, even despite the orange flower debarkle! ;)

  21. Your daughter look so much like you! I love the roange flower it's so happy!!! Really you hate orange? It's one of the very in colors out here right now, very pretty with the blue. She LOVES you that is the main thing!

  22. I'm glad you had a Happy Mothers day.

  23. Even though you hate orange, I hoped you had a good Mother's Day. I love orange because orange and black are my school's colors. Also the colors of Halloween, the best holiday in the world.

  24. You are anti-orange? What am I going to do with you?

    Happy belated Mothers Day!


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