Thursday, May 20, 2010


Coco is learning by example, she is such a clever wee girl!

ABOVE: see? She is learning to lick my toes, just like Teddy does. I am going to enjoy having both feet licked at the same time... lol. GOOD DOG.

ABOVE: SEE? Something she DIDN'T learn from Teddy! BAD DOG! That was the cord to our lovely lamp in the lounge! WAS. THE. CORD.

Stew and I have a hectic day today... shopping, packing, picking up the Roof Box, taking Griffin to his Occupational Therapy session, picking up Brylee, packing the car and leaving for Taupo... where we are staying the night before carrying on to Palmerston North on Friday.

By breaking the trip into two we will be less stressed, and so will the dogs and kids. I am looking forward to spending the night in Taupo, our unit has a thermal pool.... (BLISS) and we are hoping to meet up with Blondie1 too! (It's her Birthday today, pop over and wish her a happy day won't ya!)


WOMBAT: Yes ya dork , I eat oranges! Just don't like the colour!

ROOF BOX: seems they have found us ANOTHER brand new roof box... and we can pick it up at lunchtime! Yaaaa. Headache over.

End of Day... very early I know.. but we are running around like mad things and I doubt I will get back on here today. So... laters! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Hope you have a wonderful trip! Your hubby can fix the cord right? It's not that hard. We've had to do a few in our days. lol cute video! I've got the 2 girls today. They are playing ever so nicely!!...going to see a house for Kelly in about 2 hours. Drive safe and have a great time!!! ...debbie

  2. How scary about the sister's cat did that years ago and just about killed himself. Another random how you use differnce colors in your blog posts.
    Best to you from NY,

  3. I am so bummed I am not going to get to meet you on Saturday as I am working till 1pm. If you are around in the afternoon and feel like a coffee then call me on 027 334 6748

  4. My friend swears that her dog cured her husbands athletes foot. She says that dog saliva has great healing enzymes in it. Learn something new everyday.

  5. Have a great weekend.

    Sorry! I deleted your email without reading it. Can you re-send please.

  6. Hope you have a great trip down -well, a not too stressful one anyway :)

    See you Sat morning, I'll have Jorja with me btw if you want to bring B&G.

  7. Yay my mates comin my mates comin my mates comin LOL i sound like a little dog wagging me tail LOL
    C U SOON

  8. Safe trip to you and hope that you get the rest and relax that you so need. Thanks again for the lovelies.

  9. I'm glad Coco didn't get hurt chewing that cord. Have a safe and fun trip.

  10. I am backand thawed out WE had a wondeful night outside and were ROASTY TOASTY WARM we however looked like eskimos!!!!! see yall soon! (thanks for the birthday wishes.)

  11. That Coco is a little doll!

    So glad she wasn't hurt chewing the cord.

  12. Ohhh... that is so dangerous! I'm sure you had perfectly good chew toys that that didn't need to happen!

  13. Enjoy your weekend away :)

  14. Hey Chris, have been catching up on your latest. OMG!!! you should be so bloody proud of yourself...I had never seen a before photo of you. Wow...what a fantastic job you have done. You should take time to look where you have been and be proud of what you have achieved....well done ya hornbag!!

  15. My puppy has ate so much shit I should have made him his own blog of things he has destroyed!

  16. I SO could not handle the toe licking thing.. too ticklish...

    My cat 'pussy pressing' on my back, however, I all over it....


  17. Not to be mean, but did Coco just pass out ofter licking your toes? LoL!!

    Hope your trip is a blast and everything goes smoothly. (Of course by now you are already back - jeez, I really need to stay on top of things here.)


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