Friday, May 14, 2010



Today Griffin's RTLB Teacher is visiting to discuss what the new IEP is for Griffin at school.... as his 'special' 2.5 hours a day in a special needs class is no longer happening. In fact it hasn't been happening for weeks.

And she is coming to our home...... as she has heard all about our new puppy and is dying to see her! How cute is that?

What do ya think of the roof box? I just ordered one for our Highlander.... we will need it next week when we go down to Palmerston North.... No more car interior jam packed with luggage! There will be room for both dogs and all the paraphernalia we will have to take with us for them. I have been wanting one for ages... so quite rapt!

I feel like going out and about today.... so might just go to Sylvia Park for a browse around... after the RTLB teacher has been and gone.


I just HAD to post this wee video of Coco today! She has learnt how to use the Dog Door!!! So quick too... no doubt from watching Teddy come and go through it.... I am so happy! This means she can go outside herself once she realises that's where the toilet is! AWESOME...

And YES NOLA: I know it's yet another video of Coco... I am NOT biased ... we still love Teddy... and you are NOT having him! LOL

Lunchtime: got a call from school... Brylee had fallen down some concrete steps and grazed her knees and bumped her shin quite badly... so I went to school to check out the damage for myself. Poor girl... all she was worried about was missing out on swimming this afternoon... so I said she could still go and we would bathe her legs in anti-septic as soon as she gets home. That cheered her up a bit.

Being the freaking lovely mother I am... I will drive over and pick them up from school today so she doesn't have to walk home with a sore leg. *sigh*..... the things ya do.

Went shopping too.. bought a bit more card, another cuttle bug die and some pretty paper. Could. not. resisit. lol

End of Day: So glad it's a friday, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow! Brylee was headachy and tired tonight and fell asleep in a chair.. poor kid. Think her wee accident upset her lots today... I took photos of her legs but they came out all blurry... oh well.... maybe tomorrow? Sure looks like she's going to have some good bruises. Time to call it a day, nite nite.


  1. Very nice looking roof box!

    And Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!


  2. Oooooooo, that luggage rack looks very swift.

  3. Wow - you are coming down here? Any chance of catching up with you again, last time was when you were sick in Hospital and ya couldn't laugh much!!!

    Would love to meet you properly.


  4. The roof box looks very cool. Enjoy your weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed your KFC, sometimes if you have something you have been craving for, it doesn't come up to expectations

  5. omg, that is the cutest video ever!

  6. Is it me? The video didn't start.

    Hope you have a good day.

  7. What a smart and cute puppy coco is. Do you know anyone with one of those roof thingies? I've heard that they wind noise can be very annoying. Only heard it from one friend, so it could have just been their car. Have a great tip!

  8. First, Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Second, Coco is quite a smart little cookie! How cute that was her figuring out how to come in through the doggie door!

    Third, that roof box looks so sleek and cool...not like those old "turtle shell" kind they used to make!

    Fourth, have a great weekend! :o)



  9. Cleaver Coco!!!

    Love the mini cards

  10. You will need a Thule to carry back all your LEGO sets (a million thanks) maybe you could name the Thule "Roxy Rocket"

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Enjoyed the video of Coco learning how to come through the doggie door! She did learn pretty quick!! she must be brilliant!! Sorry to hear about poor little Brylee. She must be a tough little kiddo to still want to go to swim class! lol Must take after her mama. Hope the home visit went ok....debbie

  12. Happy BDay to your Mother!
    I love those Thule things. Very streamlined.

  13. That's a pretty cool looking doggy door! I need to get a fence so my dog can let himself out. Luckily he has figured out that's where he needs to go!

  14. Yep the things us mums do! Hope Brylee is ok.

    Sorry we are going to miss you this trip, and thanks for your wishes, surely nothing can go wrong for us????

  15. Coco sure did learn to use that doggie door quickly! She is a smart cookie, for sure. I also liked that Teddy looked at her like a proud teacher when she got in!

    Sorry to hear that Brylee had a bit of a fall. That is never fun.

  16. Happy Birthday to your mum, and what a cute video on the puppy. Good luck with the appt. with the teacher.

  17. Ouch! Poor Brylee! Hope she's healing fast!

    I have an award for you on my blog!

  18. Happy birthday to your mom! I love that roof box. It looks so sleek.

  19. Uh oh, once you give the kids (pups) the keys to the house - it is party time!

    I am thinking you should make Teddy & Coco a regular feature. the Teddy & Coco Show has a nice ring to it!


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