Saturday, May 15, 2010


Brylee's behaviour of late has been pretty naughty... she has been pushing all my buttons... knowing full well there was nothing I could do to stop her... all the usual 'punishments' just don't work with her.

- she loves going to her room

- she does not mind sitting in a corner

- she does not mind not being allowed to play Playstation and Wii

In fact she was quite blatant about it, and would give me an 'I don't give a shit' look .... which really made me mad!

Our latest problem is that she simply would NOT leave the dogs alone... every time I turned around she was holding one of them... and while this does not seem so bad... she would not let them go, even when they were struggling to get down ... and if she was 'caught' holding them she would simply throw them down on the floor! Coco yelped yesterday when she threw her on the floor! I was so mad.

So... I have been racking my brains (yes, I have some!)... for a suitable deterrent 'punishment' so she would listen to me... and I do believe I have found one! Brylee absolutely LOVES watching iCarly on tv... she is fanatical about that programme! So, if she picks up a dog without permission, she does not get to watch her programme for that day.... and I do believe it's a MAJOR WIN for me..... cos she has not even touched the dogs since I told her! WIN.

Parenting... is all about being one step ahead of the little buggers!

ABOVE and BELOW: the two pups in bed... this is exactly what I had hoped would happen... two dogs happily snuggled in together. Awwww, so cute.

And yes, they have three pure wool blankets and a hot water bottle in their bed.... spoilt little dogs.
I have been sitting in bed blogging for hours, my butt is killing me! Time to get up ....
Weighed in yesterday... lost .700 grams. Feel quite cross... I think I have plateaued.... may have to try something else to get it coming down again.
We have had a busy day.. went to the mall for lunch, Stew had to give a speech to a group of people at 1pm... then when he came back we went shopping.... I got the Cuttlebug storage case I wanted, a few more Playstation Games for the kids and then came home to be greeted by two adorable wee dogs... who acted like we had been gone a week.
The weather has been quite wild today ... we had a huge rain/thunder and lightening storm midday, and now the sun is shining again. Nuts.
End of Day: Amanda, Andrew and the boys arrived for dinner and are staying the night. Stew is enjoying having another bloke to watch the rugby with. Men! nite nite.


  1. leanne7:36 AM

    Girls, dont you love them, my 14 year old loves to push my buttons, but she will not win lol. My Brylee who is 10 is just starting to now try and i am so over it, why oh why can't they just be nice and stop the attitude and answering back, it is very tyring!!

  2. You have my sympathy and my empathy. When my son was about 5 he hit our dog. I don't remember why, but i smacked his butt so hard and told him that you never hit an animal, and that the animals only way of defending him/herself is to bite. I had never hit him prior to that and have never hit him again. It taught us both how awful it is to be the hitter or on the receiving end. I apolized to him and then later I caught him apologizing to our dog.

  3. You are so right about discipline - what you have to do is find their "currency" as Dr Phil calls it. Find out the one thing that would be a punishment by taking it away or whatever. You're on to it :)

  4. Haha Brylee aint gonna like the no iCarly punishment, she is gonna have to learn really quick!!

    Dont feel cross, a loss is still a loss mum, better then a gain. Maybe you need to go for walks, take duda with you, he loves going for walks. And dont tell me you cant be bothered, or that youll think about it, get your arse out that door and walk woman, dont make me come up there!!!

    Love Steve

  5. Samuels punishment one day WAS LOOSING his MOST PRIZED toys to the rubbish TRUCK yip it came down the street and I made him walk his bag of toys to the truck the rubbish guy looked in it looked at me looked at this crying kid I shook my head he shook his and IN IT WENT Samuel never ever did again what he had done! HE listened everytime after that without fail!! (it was his all black posters and a transformer toy!!!) I explained why they had gone in and what would happen if HE DIDNT LISTEN again! I made him choose 3 things to pick his MOST FAVOURITE he thought it was a game BOY did it sink in quick! ( I think I win MEAN MOTHER award for that one!)

  6. GO with that Bad Mum thing. The puppies will appreciate that. And someday mayyybe Brylee will thank you for teaching her compassion. :)

  7. When I have kids, I'm terrified that I'll have girls. They seem so much tougher.. dramatic, stubborn, etc. I'm sure boys are tough as well, but I'm scared! hahah

    Glad you found the thing that works this week! :)
    Happy weekend!

  8. My 11yr old girl is quite a handful too. Everytime I take something away as punishment, she finds a new interest!

  9. AAAAH! The joys of being a Mother - no matter where on this beautiful earth we live at!

    And when people tell you that it can always get worse - it really can. !

    But it sounds like you are really on the right track! Congratulations .

    You might should be writing all of these lessons down so you could write a book from a mother's perspective and hopefully make enough money to retire on!

    Job well done !

  10. Anonymous12:23 AM

    What the...? The kids play up and you buy them playstation games? That doesn't sound right! And any kid that hurts an animal deserves a hiding.

  11. Stay strong, Chris. Brylee will continue to test you - it is what girls do, after all - but you can make it!

    It is good to see the dogs all buddy buddy!

  12. Anonymous is entering parent of the year competition - I think not!!!!

  13. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Good Grief, Anonymous - glad your not my parent....There are much better ways to deal with children without hitting...debbie

  14. My 13yo loves to annoy the dog. Every time she sits on the floor, out of our sight, you hear him yelp. She constantly denies doing anything, and one day I worry he is going to bite her. I am at a loss. Same deal, punishments have ceased working long ago. As with other readers, she finds new interests when things are taken off her. Haven't quite found that one thing yet that works...

    And aren't Teddy and Coco soooo cute! You lucky girl!

  15. Brylee sounds like our two middle children. Sometimes they hold onto the toddler when he clearly does not want them too.

  16. Look at those cute pups. My personal hated punishment would be to clean the dog poo in the yard or any accidents elsewhere.


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