Thursday, May 27, 2010


ABOVE: I bought some Lego from Blondie in Taupo... her son was selling stuff to Fund raise to go to Australia to Represent New Zealand in Karate.... he is going in a couple on months.

ABOVE: On our way down to Palmerston North we passed through Taihape... and had lunch.... I spotted a rather nice gift/china shop so went for a look-see... WELL! There in a corner was a small selection of this TOTALLY GORGEOUS Hand painted China from Poland..... OMG.... I have been looking for this china for years! Mrs C in America has some like it and I have always 'drooled' over hers! Now I have some too. I. LOVE. IT.

ABOVE: I saw this Cutlery set on sale, marked down from $219.99 to $99.95... so I got two! I have always wanted a 'proper' matching set of cutlery! STOKED with that purchase I am.

ABOVE: Then on our way home we stopped at Gordonton for a piddle... as ya do.... and I popped into the AMAZING Grandmother's Garden Patchwork Shop there.... and bought these fat quarters and larger piece of the galaxy material.
So as you can see, I did get some lovely stuff... but I didn't go 'NUTS' and spend thousands!
Today I am going to take it easy! I totally overdid it yesterday, slept like a log last night.... so tired!
I do have to go into 'town' to do some stuff.... but not much.
I didn't clean my car yesterday either... maybe Stew can help me do that on the weekend? It's such a big job! And I'm a's cold now and I don't want to get wet cleaning the car!
DIET: I was not that good on holiday, but the damage wasn't much and I'm hoping it will be off by Friday weigh in! Sandra fed me ice cream! I swear... she held me down and force fed me.... NOT. lol....
Been out and about, finished all my jobs.... home again and time for lunch. Oh and I did some more shopping too! LOL
KATE: In your dreams mate.... and over my dead body! ha ha ha!
Out of necessity I have had a quiet afternoon... sadly I have a dreadful rash on my inner thighs.... on the panty line.... it hurts like hell! I am sure it's been caused by getting too hot travelling and yesterday... not to mention all the hot flushes I am having..... I hate getting a rash! I am using an anti-rash cream... hopefully it clears up soon.
So, Stew is going to bring dinner home tonight.... I can hardly walk! I swear, it's so sore. Anyone know how to avoid this again???? Anti rash powder or what?
End of Day: I have had to delete my Facebook account... not that I used it much.... but my information could have been acessed by an 'undesirable person'... so it had to go. sorry about that. nite nite.


  1. I am glad that Griffin and Brylee like the lego and boy it will keep them entertained, THE CHINA is absolutely gorgeous VERY you, and yes having matching cutlery instead of mish mosh stuff is POSH even!!! YOU did well NOW rest up and read nana nap or just plain snooze!!!! Have the dogs recovered from the journey I bet ya'll had great sleeps in your own beds too (there is something to be said about your own beds! when you have been away)

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I'm coming to your house to steal that blue bowl.

    Kate (

  3. You did do well, didn't you? I love the blue china. very pretty. And isn't it nice to have good cutlery to put out when guests arrive? I have a bone-handled antique set I put out for special, but throw together stuff for us 3.

  4. What a haul, and all good. Those Legos will keep the kids entertained for hours. The cutlery and the china are gorgeous.

  5. Absolutely love your new China! It is so lovely! Also the fat quarters!

    I was getting caught up reading about the motor bike day! What an adventure! I sure hope they will all be alright soon? ;)

    I really laughed at you and the weather??? Just curious if you have got around to working with those fabric ornaments yet - or have you had time. :)

  6. I love all of the goodies you bought! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    I'm thinking I could sure use a little break like this myself!

  7. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I'm coming with Kate to nick the jug! I bought about 3 sets of matching cutlery (6 person settings) a few years ago. Handy for lots of visitors and you have back-ups in case some go missing amongst the visitors, veggie peelings (done that before) rubbish etc. WOMBAT

  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the lovely comment hon!
    Looks like you are plodding along nicely..looked like a fantastic holiday!
    Cheers mate and stay well!

  9. Chris, you even have the SAME EXACT PATTERN I have on some of my tiny bowls! Of course you know I think it looks lovely. :)

  10. Love the china! Would go perfect in our kitchen!!!

    What about talc for the rash?? I know it can help in stopping a rash starting in the heat.

  11. Whoa, the last time I bought a silverware set brand new was...NEVER! It's no wonder I have a mish-mash of probably 20 different styles of forks and spoons.

    And don't get me started on my brief 2 month stint as a cutlery salesman. Those were some dark times!

  12. Great purchases - and hey did you know that you can be very restricting as to who sees what on FB - it's just a question of customising your privacy settings. And thanks for the lovely compliment Z XX

  13. Get some b-pathene (spelling) cream, that should give you some relief.

    Love the purchases!

    especially the cutlery!!

    keep warm and dry!!!

  14. Hi Chris,

    I too have some of the polish pottery, mugs, jugs and a teapot. Really love it and it is very tough!! x

  15. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  16. Love the china and the fabric. Wear cotton undies, talcum powder to absorb moisture, and loose lightweight shorts or pants. Feel better soon.

  17. Sounds like you scoured the country, scooping up the good deals!
    I like the Lego!

  18. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Chris! I nearly flipped when I saw your beautiful bowls. While I was visiting my mom we went into my favorite knick-nack store and they had tons of those bowls. In several matching patters and carry them all the time. If you need more, let me know and I can pick them up for you and ship them. They are beautiful and expensive. What a great deal on the silverware!! Can't beat that!! You must be a great shopper. Gee, even the kids lucked out! They'll love playing with the legos - what kid doen't huh?! You did good!!...debbie

  19. For the rash, I find zinc oxide cream really good. It is basically the same thing they use for nappy rash. It helps t prevent chafing but also soothes it if you do get it. We have 2 tubs on the go most of the time at our place.

  20. If you can find a product called Curash, it's a powder and excellent for "chaffing", which is what you have. Being from Queensland, I used to get it a lot. Bloody hurts, and is very uncomfortable. Hope you find something :-(

  21. Just go panti-less ;o)

  22. no facebook? :(
    love your bowls....and they are blue! what a surprise.

  23. Great job with all the loot you got! I love the china from Poland, it's gorgeous! I can't believe the deal you got on the cutlery, wow!

    Sad to see you leave FB, but I understand that you don't want certain people finding you or seeing information.


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