Monday, May 17, 2010


The following are two short videos I took of a guy feeding the stingrays at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater world...

I've got a bit to do today... patchwork class, grocery shopping, housework.... bla bla bla... all the usual Monday stuff. As it's been a blasted wet weekend, there is also a shit-load of washing to try and get dry.


So, I've got some shopping done....some housework... no groceries yet.. might do that tonight so Stew can help me unload it all.... did not go to patchwork class either... just too many other things to get done today.

Took the scissors to Coco again... trimmed up her 'nether regions'... my god did she ever get cross with me! She even tried to bite me... and growled too... but I won! Lots of gentle, soothing talking settled her down... but I don't think she likes me right now! ha ha ha.

Shopping is done! So is my exercise for the day... what a job! Had to do a HUGE shop this time, ran out of so much stuff.... at least it's done now and not hanging over my freakin head.

Not cooking tonight either.. bought a cooked chook... such a cheat!

End of Day: dinner was yum.... I put the chicken with rice and a sweet and sour sauce, it was delicious. Bloody tired now... I put all the groceries away on me own too. *sigh*... time to chill out for a while. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    From the sound of things on the video, everyone was really enjoying themselves...Today is Sunday for me. I've planted some ground cover and Day Lillies and a few big tall Flox that will be bright pink when they bloom. My sister gave them to me! Tomorrow I am going to try out the drive way for the first time. I heading to the grocery and then drive right up there to the kitchen door and exciting is THAT!!! lol...debbie

  2. Oh i would so like to be at the coffee club on Saturday but I am working........bugger it all!!!

  3. Have fun at ya patchwork class!!

  4. I'm never swimming in the sea again!

  5. Sorry have been MIA.

    First of all congrats on the weight loss so far 11.2 kgs is a great result.

    Love Coco, what a cutie pie,I'm sure Teddy and her will be great friends.

  6. I am so laughing at you trimming Coco's "nether" regions! Ya know, a girl has got to have some dignitiy! LOL!!!! She'll get over herself soon and will forgive and forget...until you want to give her a trim again! :o)



  7. Anonymous6:03 PM

    That was hilarious, the giggling in the second video! Sounds like one of those funny ringtones! I am not fussed on stingrays since Steve Irwin died and I nearly stepped on a baby one at the beach one night! WOMBAT

  8. Poor Coco!!!
    Great videos :)

  9. Don't you just love that never ending list of tasks ... NOT! Hope you managed to get some time for yourself!

    LOL @ Coco, been there, done that and still have the scars from the teeth marks!

  10. Carrying grocery bags has to be the MOST arm exercise one CAN WITHSTAND it is painful and you ALWAYS overload yourself!!!!!!! Oh 2 puppies to keep trimmed now WHAT FUN!

  11. I hate to say it, but stingrays scare the hell out of me.

    And I have to say I am with Coco on this one. Anyone aside from me with scissors down there I would have to snap at too.


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