Friday, May 28, 2010


ABOVE: This was Coco Tuesday night....

ABOVE: And this was Coco the next morning! She sure learnt really fast how to get up on the couch to be with Teddy! NOT that Teddy was impressed I might add... he is rather crabby about not being able to get away from the annoying little Tart!

FACEBOOK... my account has been deleted. I had to do it. A certain person could have found me via other people's accounts... so I am no longer on Facebook.

TODAY: off to the chemist to get something to clear up my rash.

Weigh in: later. Had pizza for dinner last night. Maybe MUCH LATER! lol ...I have not lost the plot though, just living life.

I've been out... bought some glass shelves for our ensuite.... the vanity cupboards are so bloody small I can't fit much in ... so I decided last night to get some shelves... dreamt about bloody shelving too! What fun.

Went to Mitre 10 MEGA in Takanini for the shelving, then down to Manukau to get a few bits and bobs for card making... then ran outta money and had to come home! *smiles* Time almost to make some lunch... though after what I ate last night I could starve for a week and still not lose weight!


Ummmm... had a Nana Nap after lunch... went out like a light.... until the freaking kids came home and banged on the door. Grrrrr.... I am so grumpy now it will be a miracle if they don't end up locked in their rooms for the afternoon! I feel worse now than when I fell asleep!

Why can't they just come home and be undemanding? I swear, the moment they get inside the door it's "Mum can I have this", "Mum, can we do that", "Mum, I stepped in the dogs poo".... WTF? Like, can't they do anything themselves??? DIDN'T YOU SEE THAT PUPPY POO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM? Ahhhh... nope, just walk through it why don't you? FUCK IT ALL. I'm just totally pissed off. Edit: the poop was not on the carpet luckily.. I would have been 100 times MORE pissed off if it was!


  1. Those dogs are both pretty damn cute..... and good luck with weigh in and yes we do have to live life - have an awesome day and weekend :-)

  2. Oh, how smart she is, and I can tell from your video that she is growing! Poor Teddy...he's never going to have a moment's peace again! :o)

    Good luck with the weigh in Chris. And yes, even though you want to watch what you're eating and how much, you still have to live your life. You have to have rewards now and then along the way.



  3. Can't believe how fast Coco is growing. Watch out Teddy. They'll soo be so evenly matched. Lol for the referee.

  4. That coco almost makes me want to get a puppy. About the pizza, not the smartest thing before a weigh-in, but I have totally been there. Good luck with the weigh-in and the rash.

  5. Coco is soooo cute!! They sure learn fast that's for sure!!

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Coco is growing fast!! and! She is so cute. Loved the 2 videos, they were fun to watch...just too short....debbie

  7. COCO - You're so clever!!

    I hate being waken up too. Did you make them clean up the dog poo?

  8. THERE is mothing worse than animal poop in carpet !!! perhaps the dogs and kids would do well too stay out from under your feet tonight! We had homemade pizza on my birthday dinner night I DONT feel the least bit guilty when I eat homemade pizza! OR ANY OTHER PIZZA......

  9. Your dog is just like my toddler. He can climb up a sofa yet, but he can climb up on boxes and kids chairs. And open doors. Oh no!

  10. Try an "after school book". I used to use it on my kids. They both had a note for what they had to do when they got home, including what was for afternoon tea, how long to spend on homework & I added stuff like 15 mins tidying their rooms or putting the washing away - amazingly it actually worked!!

    I am always grumpy if I have a nana nap :-)

  11. I'm pleased you had a nice holiday, it didn't sound very restful though lol, but it sounded like it was very special catching up with your dear friends. I forget to drop in, as my Bloglines still won't update your blogs for some strange reason. Your blog has a red exclamation mark on it, and when I open bloglines the last post on there is some time in Dec last year, very odd. So to visit your blog I actually have to remember to type in the address now.....

    Hope you are keeping well.

  12. Back to earth from that lovely holiday, hey? :)

  13. I love watching your pups! It's hard not to smile at them, isn't it?

    Be easy on yourself with your weigh in. It's good to have something to keep you in check, but not to rule your life!

    Love your cards!

  14. Wow - Coco is growing fast, isn't she? She is so cute chasing poor Teddy around!

  15. Your dogs are so cute....I really enjoyed the videos.

  16. Coco is such a smart little cookie! Thanks for sharing the videos, they were lots of fun to watch. :)


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