Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have no idea what our plans are today....

As we have family visiting, it could just be an 'around home' day....

The weather is totally crappy, so going to a beach or similar is not on the cards. SAD.... for a sunday. edit: it has now cleared up and is a lovley sunny day! Stupid weather.

Talking of cards... I started two last night.. and you are NEVER going to guess what they look like! LOL. Once I have stuck the various bits together I will show you!

Brylee was not well last night, she went to bed without dinner... it is so annoying that the minute she gets a cold she gets ill and goes off her food. She has been eating so well lately, and I am sure she had put some much needed weight on. Now... she is bound to lose it again.

I'm hoping she wakes up much better. edit: she has woken up feeling much better... and even ate a good breakfast... yaaaaa.


*****Anonymous: re: your comment yesterday.... Brylee WAS punished for hurting the puppy. Griffin had NOT been naughty. Our children were given a new Playstation Game because we had told them we would some time ago.... and what we buy our children is our business! Giving a kid a 'HIDING' in this country is ILLEGAL, and you can and will be prosecuted if you hit a child. We know this from PERSONAL experience. Thank you for your comment, but perhaps you should THINK before you hit the 'send' button?

ABOVE: Amanda's reaction to our plans for this afternoon....

We have decided to go to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater world after lunch... it's somewhere Amanda has wanted to go to for ages.... we have been before and it's quite nice there.

Back from 3 hours at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World... it was a very nice visit.... the highlight was seeing the HUGE Stingrays for me! They are just amazing. Amanda and Co are staying for dinner... which will be Fish 'n' Chips as I can't be bothered cooking!

ABOVE: Amanda trying to hold her hand in the FREEZING water for 30 seconds... she did it too! At my first try I could only stand it for 18 seconds... but 2nd try I lasted 35 seconds... it was sooooo freezing! I don't know how fish/penguins survive in such cold water... brrrrrrr... .it HURT!

ABOVE: self explanatory really! lol

Looking forward to dinner... I'm hungry! *sigh*... and shall no doubt have a few chips. Life is for living.. RIGHT?

End of Day: and more than a few chips later... satisfied. Visitors have just left... time to get our two ready for bed and chill out for the evening. nite nite.


  1. You already said Brylee was punished... *sigh*

    I hope she feels better soon!!

  2. It's a gorgeous sunny morning here in Southern Hawkes Bay, not crappy at all, not even cold! makes a nice change. I haven't decided yet how to spend the day, but I'm going to enjoy it. Enjoy your day!

  3. Well said Chris, tis easy for some to hide behind anon postings.

    I take my hat off to you! You do a great job!!!!

    Loving your cards too btw, you clever lady you.


  4. Hope you had fun Chris

  5. Pissing down here, so what can one do, but shop!

    Have a great day, and Amanda's reaction is priceless!!!!

  6. Underwater world looks so cool! I want to go!! It would have me dancing around like Amanda too!

  7. Anonymous6:04 PM


    I was in Kelly Tarlton's carpark doing a car buying transaction with my Dad today and STEW parked next to us and I thought it was him and had a quick squizz around but didn't see you!! I was too shy to say it but damn!! I wish I had said hi now!

    Glad you had a good day!

    Kate (

  8. Wow 30 seconds in that freezing water brrrrrrrr no thanks I cant handle the frosts let alone cold water... Easy to see how sharks can and do eat PEOPLE!!! thats one big jaw!

  9. Anonymous8:55 PM

    They're great photos of you all in the sharks mouth! I love aquariums. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was little, but the closest I've got is having a fish tank! Next time you're in Australia, visit Underwater World at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast! WOMBAT

  10. Amanda9:24 PM

    Oh my abso gosh! How embarrassing.... I didnt realise you were taping. SHAME.

  11. Hi Chris once again long time no comment but still read everyday. lol. Just wanted to say love the photo of you stew. I think thats a nice smile you have going on there and you are looking great. way to go . keep up the good work

  12. Chris, did you visit the underwater world in s'pore? And the s'pore science centre? It's out of this world. I'm sure amanda would love it.

  13. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww LOVE the pic of you and Stew in the look so happy.

  14. LOVE that photo of u n hubby xxx

  15. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Did chuckle at the kids excitement!! Easy to see they wanted to go! Nice place to take the kids on Sunday. We don't have anything like that around here. We'd have to drive 3 hours or more....debbie

  16. Hey Chris! Looks like you all had a great day together! Love days like that.

    And you know, it's just too bad that other people try to tell you how you SHOULD handle your own business! I think you were very gracious but firm nonetheless and hopefully, she/he got the message! Good for you!!!! :o)



  17. I absolutely love the photo of you and Stew! :) Very sweet!!!

  18. What a jerk. I hate it when people leave comments like that on my blog. I guess that's one of the reasons my blog is less personal now.

  19. After seeing those sharks mouths, I can no longer make any 'Big mouth' comments - not that I ever have you at least.

    And the little one still bowled a strike on the Wii after being told - good times!


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