Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today one of my dearest friends turns 60... that is the MAIN reason for our visit to Palmerston North this weekend. I hope she has an awesome day.

Sandra, Stew, the kids and I are joining her and her family for a birthday lunch today.

ABOVE: the girls and I at morning tea yesterday...we had a lovely catch up. I felt so happy to be there again... with me girlfriend's.

ABOVE: the original THREE Tarts... Chris D (The Birthday Girl), Chris H (me) and Sandra (our Esteemed Ex-Weight Watcher Leader). I miss these two girls soooo much.

So, we are out and about today for the morning, probably check out the shops (as I DO).. then off to the lunch.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and not missing me visiting their blog too much! I will be back to 'normal' blogging on Wednesday when we got home. Hopefully with LOTS of photos.

ABOVE: Mike and his girlfriend Joyce came to lunch with everyone too... he has finally had his hair cut! NOW he looks like a boy again... lol!
Chris D's Birthday Lunch was lovely... it was held in a lovely old Pub... the meals were all lovely.
I will try and get some more photos on here tomorrow. Right now we are having a bit of 'quiet' time before Sandra has to go to work and we go out again to watch Steve play Indoor netball.
We have been and watched the boys play netball... and are now back at Sandra's....
Sandra's husband and two of her nephews went out for a long motorbike ride this morning.... from Palmerston North over to Napier, then Taupo and back to Palmy... but unfortunately they had a crash 3/4 of the way home and are now on the way to Hospital. One of the nephews has come off his bike and injured his legs/knees... no idea how bad it is yet. Fingers crossed he's not too bad. What an awful thing to happen.
End of Day: it's been eventful.... hoping for a quiet evening! nite nite.


  1. Happy 60th Birthday to your friend AND hope you all have a nice day!!!! I love Palmerston North for shopping LOVE IT!

  2. Hope you are having a lovely time away:)

  3. OMG! Is that a picture of you *smiling*??? ;)

  4. oh how lovely for u to catch up with the P/N gals how neat...6 months and I'll be up there catching up with the WLS gals looking forward to it.

  5. Hope the patient is not too seriously injured! Updates please!

    The haircut looks great. Much more like a bloke than a sheila!

    Looking forward to the photos. xx

  6. Hope Sandra's nephew is ok and not too badly hurt.

    Loved the pics, you look so happy.

  7. Jeez, I seem to always catch bithdays WAY late - but still happy belated birthday to Chris!

    You may have to explain what indoor netball is. I am very curious.


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