Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I didn't record a weight last Friday.... but if I had I would have said.... BLOODY HELL, what did you do?

Because I stayed the same... which I did not expect.

I have been having carbs again.. DELIBERATELY... why?

Going 'very low carbs' for the last 9 weeks has been great, I lost weight.. but then I plateaued.... so I thought... right, that's not working now so I have to change something. So... I kicked my metabolism into gear again by having carbs for a whole week. And I mean.... lots of carbs! *smiles*.

Not only did I get the metabolism going again, but I stayed the same weight! FREAKING AWESOME.

Whenever I have hit a plateau I have done the same thing... CHANGE something... it always works!

So, yesterday I called a stop to the carb overload again... and am back to low carbs.... here's hoping it brings on a decent loss this Friday!

Now as for today... I have some sewing to do, housework (yeah like always), and I'll just potter around the house me thinks.

ABOVE: the pile of clean washing last night. Does anyone else HATE folding and putting away washing as much as me? I came over all 'good wifey' last night and folded the lot and put it away too! Gawd I am weird.

I have only one load to hang out today, yaaaaa....

ONWARD... I won't be hanging out that washing.. it's been raining all night. Still is. Nasty. Might go to a chemist and find SOMETHING to help with the hot flushes.. I am over getting them every 1/2 and hour all night long! I am not getting any decent sleep nowdays at all. It's making me CRABBY. There have been lots of suggestions over the months about what I can take... so now I am going to get me some stuff!

I thought about asking the Dr for some sleeping pills, but as he knows I'm kinda 'depressed', I doubt he will give me any! Whatever.

Busy morning... Coco has had her last immunisation and had a microchip inserted... that was awful... she yelped heaps! Poor girl.

Then I set up a blog for my friend Chris D... so she can blog when she goes to England in a couple of months. I will give you all a link once she knows she actually HAS a blog! lol

Nearly lunchtime here, time to feed the belly!

WOMBAT: OK... get over here and teach them then. Bring the pink and blue baskets too. ..... tapping fingers on desk... waiting.....

Dinner is cooking (humble mince stew, ground beef stew to you in USA, etc)... Brylee is in bed with a headache, will no doubt vomit soon. Wonderful. Spent ages this afternoon sorting out privacy setting on Facebook... so I feel better about still having an account there.

End of Day: a horrendous afternoon spent on the computer ... non stop ... Facebook is a pain in the butt! How did I get stuck on it for hours today??? nite nite.


  1. Well good on you for staying the same AND as for the washing you know that doesn't disturb me I WILL get photos to you tonight WHEN I am actually home and not rushing ok.....

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Yeah my pile of washing is waaaay bigger than yours - no kidding. I have that job to do tonight.

    Kate (kittie444)

  3. Hate washing, folding as well, it's never ending!

  4. Raining here since we got home, but it is clearing a little and I will attack the pile of washing. After all the kids left home, I had to buy a new washing machine, and it is a big one, so can get heaps in one load. Should have had it when I had the kids!
    Have you thought of seeing a 'womans problems' specialist?
    Good job with the weight, I put on 2.5kg whilst on the cruise, no such thing as a free lunch lol
    Have a good day

  5. Oooohh, I was looking in to the microchipping thing yesterday when we took Bella for her first shot..... the needle looks huge! No wonder Coco didn't like it!

  6. You know, an easy way to avoid that pile of washing is do one load every day. I do all ours in a single load each day, then fold it as I get it off the line, it sits, folded, in the basket and I put it away next morning when I need the basket. On the weekend it's sheets and towels as well.

    Do you have a covered area, like the garage or something, where you can hang it out? Luckily I have a back patio or I would be in trouble! People think I am nuts because I wash every day, but I tell you, it sure keeps it down! And, hubby only has 3 sets of work clothes, so I kind of have to :-)


  7. I also have a washing mountain......sometimes I reckon I have more clothes in my mountain that in my drawers or wardrobe!!!!

  8. I hate washing!! I hate hanging it out, I hate folding it and I REALLY hate it when I think it is all done & piles of the stuff materialises from the kids rooms that they didn't put out when I asked them for their dirty washing!!!

  9. Good for you not gaining. I've been stalled for MONTHS so I am going to try eating a bit more for a while to rark up my metabolism. I have started weight training too, which is meant to speed things up. Here's hoping!

  10. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Time to train the kids to fold and put away their own clothes! A pink basket for Brylee and a blue one for Griffin and have a competition - who folds their clothes the neatest gets a prize! WOMBAT

  11. Haha I like WOMBAT's idea! Well done for staying thee same is week =)

  12. I hate folding too. My dumping spot is one of our couches [the one NOT stained with wear, and that's WHY it's not stained lol] And i call it my 'washing sculpture'. It always feels nice when it's done though, aye?
    I like Anonymous's idea of having colour coded baskets for the kids. I might steal that idea :o)
    Your hose is usualy spotless from photos i've seen, so you can afford to be slothy sometimes :o)

  13. ...Oh yea i forgot to address the weight.
    I don't know how you live without carbs even for one week!
    Have you seen a dietition? There could be lots of reasons for a platau. Or try Calorieking.com.au just for a week. Thats a bit of an eye opener too!
    You're doing great regarless :o)

  14. That is one HUGE pile of laundry that needs sorting out! Wow!

  15. Congrats on maintaining. Hope your theory works and you're down for the next weigh in. I have to fold my laundry right away, can't stand doing it though, but hate to see it all crumpled up and hanging around even more. Hope Brylee is feeling better. Have a good day.

  16. Anonymous10:56 PM

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