Sunday, May 02, 2010


TODAY is the day.... we go and pick up COCO.

So, as it is quite a distance away where we are picking her up from... we have to leave at around 8am this morning! The breeders are also leaving early as they are meeting us half-way.... which I think is just so nice of them! They live way up North in the Bay of Islands...

We are packing a picnic lunch... no point going all that way and not having a lovely picnic at a beach now is there?

YES, Teddy is coming with us. He loves going out in the car! I just hope he takes to Coco well... life as he knows it is about to change! LOL

I have set up the crate in the Family Room, so Coco (and Teddy) can have 'time out' from each other if it is necessary.

so... ONWARD.....
Catch ya later!

We are back!....

Meeting the Breeders at Waipu...

Having a picnic at Matheson Beach near Leigh....

Teddy in the crate to keep him safe from the other dogs at the beach.... he goes nuts when he sees other dogs and barks like crazy! So, better safe than sorry! He is NOT impressed!

Loves and kisses for her new Mum and Dad....

Checking out her new backyard...

Am I cute or what?

She likes her new Big Brother...

Teddy checking out the plumbing on this new annoying thing ...

Teddy isn't that impressed with the puppy really... and not long after this photo was taken he got really nasty and growled at Coco and snapped at her... poor Coco was terrified and cried and ran away.

As we have never had two dogs before... and Teddy is no doubt territorial and jealous... any suggestions on integrating them without bloodshed would be appreciated!

End of Day: and it's been long and eventful! Coco has VERY sharp teeth... I found that out when she tried chewing my toes! Nice one Coco. nite nite.


  1. Helen, UK7:36 AM

    ooh, i am so excited to see coco and teddy together :)

  2. How Exciting!! BTW Congrats on lossing over 10kgs!! You have your mojo back

  3. I think I'm almost as excited as you all are...can't wait to see the new "baby" and hear how Teddy takes to her!



  4. Have a safe journey and cuddle Coco lots!!! We have astunning day here AFTER a HUGE FROST hope the weather is nice for the picnic.

  5. how exciting!! have a great day...cant wait to see some pics!

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Have fun I hope you are still this excited after a couple of days, 2 puppies together boy you are one brave women lol.....

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    How exciting! I can't wait to see baby Coco! What fun and company she will be for Teddy! He might be a little jealous at first. But usually they accept babies and tolerate them well! good luck...debbie

  8. Looking forward to your return later today....can't wait to see Coco. Have a fun day :)

  9. Clicked back, hoping for updates soon!!!

  10. Amanda3:46 PM

    Wow Coco looks beautiful, poor teddy, you better give extra kisses and cuddles, he is gona be so jealous. So keen to come up next weekend!

  11. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Don't let Teddy get more jealous by paying too much attention to Coco. He's been a spoilt "only child" so far so he thinks this new baby will get more attention than him so you will have to give him lots of cuddles and reassurance that he is still top dog, but not so much that he becomes the dominant one!

  12. CUTE!! She is so tiny!

  13. awwwwwwwwwwww she is so cute...Teddy will adapt with lots of extra attention.

  14. Just so cute! LOL she looks like one of those wind up toy dogs. I'm sure time will help get Teddy & Coco used to each other and they will be fine together.

  15. well as u know all brothers and sisters have there occaisional snarly sesions against each other hehehe.

    My thoughts on the subject would be try hard not to to rough on Teddy cause it might just make him jealous of Miss Coco

    she is as cute as a button almost makes me want one...until I hear the neighbours dog yapping and that turns me right off again heheh

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    You have to pay Teddy lots of attention, give him lots of love and cuddles - and you have to reinforce he is 'top dog'. Put down his food first, give him treats first, don't let CoCo take all his toys or his favourite spot. Make sure the children pay him as much attention as CoCo and play with him lots.

    He will be a little anxious so you just have to reassure him basically.
    (and don't be surprised if he gives you pleading looks please mum when is she going back?)

  17. Coco is sooooooooooooooooooooo very cute :)

  18. Very very cute! Give it a few days....they will be best friends after they have worked out the pecking order!

  19. She is adorable when Teddy realises she is there TO STAY FOR GOOD he will clam down and at least she wont be able to get to his posy of looking out the window! MMMMMMMMMM sharp teeth and puppy chewing not cutey!

  20. I have to agree. CoCo is a cutie! I have a great idea to get the two of them to play nice - get them a cat to play with!

    BTW, we have plenty if you are interested.

  21. Congratulations! What a little bundle of love! Our cat is not all that impressed with our puppy has only be a few weeks so I am hopeful. Welcome Coco!

  22. Oh your little dogs are so cute!!!

  23. Oh my gosh she is so cute! I'm sure they will become good friends, it just takes a little bit of time.

  24. Having four dogs in our house, I totally agree with what everyone is saying. Be sure to let Teddy knows that he is still top dog. It will take some time for him to adjust, and get used to her being around. It might take as long as a couple of weeks. Have lots of patience with them both.

    HOWEVER- don't let him get away with being too much of a bully to her either. (Not that I can imagine Teddy being a bully...) It's fine for him to put her in her place if she is constantly annoying him, biting, etc., but if she is just doing her own thing, be sure he lets her.

  25. They both look cute, but no advice for you. I've never had a dog.


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