Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We had a wonderful holiday away... can't say it was restful... but it was nice as a break from the norm.

ABOVE: Stew and the kids in the Thermal Pool in Taupo on Thursday night.

ABOVE: Chris D, Me and Sandra at morning tea. I love these girls. ... they are like sisters to me.

ABOVE: the calves sucking me cute. Sandra and Neil have a small lifestyle block and raise calves and sheep, and also have 'full time' jobs off the 'farm' too. Busy people.

ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin feeding the sick calf.... it has Polio of all things... can't stand.... but maybe it will get better? Neil is hoping so, he does not want to shoot it. Poor wee calf.

ABOVE: Chirs D and her Mum (on the left) with her three sisters and brother, at her Birthday Lunch on Sunday.

ABOVE: The Birthday Girl.... doesn't she look LOVELY!

ABOVE: Sandra and I yesterday morning just before we left for home.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Freezing cold Lake Taupo yesterday, we had stopped for the dogs to have a run and piddle. It was so cold I was a sook and got back in the car. brrrrrrrr!

ABOVE: Home at last... and what a relief! ROXY fitted in the garage with the new roof box on! Yaaaaaa! I love that box. It is so useful.

ABOVE: Three little videos .... The man and baby boy in the first two are Neil and his Grandson Brock.... Brock has a 4 month old baby sister too. They are exactly one year apart in age... busy Mum and Dad!

Today: kids are back to school, Stew to work... and I have masses of stuff to do!

Now of course I did a wee bit of shopping while away... but as there is a lot on today's post already.. I shall show you what I bought TOMORROW.

Until then... I have this urge to re-arrange the kitchen cupboards, and of course my poor car is now a tip inside, so I shall be cleaning her too.

Maybe LATER on tonight I will get time to check out the blogs I read?
ABOVE: I have spent 3 long hours re-arranging my kitchen cupboards and drawers to fit in something I bought in Palmerston North! It also meant moving some stuff down into the garage.... gawd I am exhausted!
I've done the washing too... now I need to vacum, tidy the shelving unit in the lounge... oh.. lots of things still to do!
I have done 75% of the things on my list today... and I am now bone tired! Must just sit for a while I think... been on the go all day. Kids should be home soon too.... then it will be time to get dinner. *sigh*
End of Day: and I am thrilled to bits with how much I accomplished today! I have only one thing left to do on my 'To Do Today' list, and believe me it was a bloody long list! I don't know why, but when I get home from being away I always go overboard and do a massive clean/tidy up/re-arrange! I'm nuts. But happy. Still got stuff to do tomorrow, but it's not urgent or bothering me too much. nite nite.
(THANK YOU if you commented in the last few days.... I know I am a bad blogger at the moment and haven't been reading/commenting much on your blogs... I hope to catch up a bit tonight and tomorrow.)


  1. Whoo, Roxy barely fits... relief!

    I didn't know that cows could get polio. Poor little thing! Any idea where she got it?

    The vacation does look exciting, no, not restful at all but fun! :)

  2. I love the videos of Teddy and Coco. Coco is fast for such a wee one. Glad your trip was so good and that Roxy fits in the garage with the roof box.

  3. Wow lucky the ROXY BOX fitted in cause man UNPACKING is the PITS UNPACKING in the RAIN IS JUST double PITS!!!!!

    I bet you are knee deep in washing tidying sorting cleaning!!! AT least you have a nice heat pump IF ya though TAUPO was cold yesterday ya should be here today!!!!!1

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Enjoyed your vacation photo's! Looks like a lot of fun. The videos were cute too. Pup is lucky he didn't get a scratched nose! He is very brave!! I can't believe you could come home from vacation and redo the kitchen!! You are a great woman!!!!! and have TONS OF ENEGRY!! ...debbie

  5. Looks like fun. That little giggly girl is just tooo cute!

  6. Amanda4:47 PM

    No your not one of them.
    Looks like you had a good trip :-)

  7. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Wish I had your energy after a holiday. It takes me days even weeks to finish unpacking and rearranging stuff! Then I feel like another holiday to get over it! Don't forget to show us your shopping goodies! WOMBAT

  8. Now that would have made for a really funny video if Coco would have come up on the cat from behind. I can imagine the screeches!

  9. Welcome home. Looks like you had a fun trip. Glad to hear all went well. Travelling with dogs is difficult, good to hear the behaved. I like to organize before I leave, when I get back I have a hard time getting back to work. Here's to more fun. Take care and keep warm.

  10. Coco and Teddy are just adorable! My gosh, they actually make me want a wee little dog!


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