Friday, May 07, 2010


ABOVE: Last night... Teddy finally started coming around to liking Coco.....

ABOVE: And then he went nuts and played with her for ages! That 'growling' noise is just him playing.... he always makes that noise when playing with us.... Puppy loved it! They played for ages, racing around the house like mad things! It was so gorgeous to see!

Today: I'm going to sew something.... make a card or two... do some housework... and of course... it's weigh in day.

I am not expecting a loss this week.... my portions have been a bit too big I think... it is so easy to give yourself just a bit more... and before you know it you are having too much again! *sigh*

Constantly having to moderate one's self.... but it is worth it to be healthy eh?

ONWARD... I put a hot water bottle (covered) in with Coco last night... and the result? A happy puppy who slept all night and didn't wake up until 6.45am... and Teddy stayed in the laundry with her all night too. AWESOME. I have woken up with a cracker of a headache though... think I could be getting a cold...or am just overtired?

SPRINGIRIS: Yes, you are a dork! LOL at you ...

DEE: Nope, Amanda is NOT having the Table Runner! It has a name on it already, and it ain't her's. I must hide it....

I just weighed in... I STAYED THE SAME! FREAKING Awesome, very, very happy about that. NO GAIN.... yaaaaaaa.

Been busy, did some gardening (shock, horror!), some sewing, housework, made 3 more cards... looked after Coco (it's like having a naughty 18 month old in the house) and now.. waiting for Stew to get home with dinner (fish 'n' chips).... it's me day 'off' the diet.

End of Day: why is it that 'evil' food is not as nice as you think it's going to be? I didn't enjoy the fish 'n' chips... bugger! I did enjoy making a couple more cards tonight, and tidying up the card-making area.... it sure gets messy quick! Bone tired now... off to bed. nite nite.


  1. I loved looking at the pictures of the little dogs playing and hearing your cute voice. I know what you mean about the eating. I lose and then gain. I just want to loss 2 pounds a week!!

  2. How cute to watch them play. They will be great buddies, but I think Teddy may be the boss. I'm losing weight this week due to a stomach bug, but I'm sure it will come back fast enough when I feel better.

  3. How cute they are! I'll bet you could watch them for hours.

    Be kind to yourself about the portions and maybe no loss this week. At least you are aware that it is happening. Good for you!

  4. Oh Chris, that is so cute, Teddy and Coco playing. I'm sure they are going to be inseparable in no time...but Teddy will let Coco know that he is Alpha dog!

    And I like hearing your accent, too!



  5. Maybe playing with Teddy tired her out. Great to see them getting on.
    Good luck with the eating issue, I know just how you feel. I lost 10kg earlier this year, but have also lost the motivation to keep going, staying the same, not able to resist the 'bad' foods.
    Still, I am not gaining. That's got to be good

  6. That is GREAT news! (Not about your headache of course, about the pups!) It didn't take Teddy long at all to come around to Coco. From the video you posted you could tell she was enjoying the play. Her tail was wagging, and she kept coming back for more. She was submissive and let Teddy be in charge, but then was raring to play more. That is fantastic! Before you know it they will be inseperable! I have always felt that 2 dogs are easier than one, they are so good at keeping each other company.

    Have a great weekend Chris, and I hope you shake your headache quick!

  7. What is it about cute fluffy puppies or kitties playing that melts the heart? You have to be a cold person to not appreciate a pet. They are wonderful and now that they know each other you can expect a lot of fun!


  8. give her a few weeks and she will be ruling the roost the little queenie! LOVE your voice and accent!!! That was cool talk to us Chris!

  9. How come you're calling Coco "Puppy"? I had a dog named Puppy once.

  10. Ok call me a dork but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your accent!!

  11. HA! Well I still LOVE it! (and those pups are cuties!)

  12. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Oh he is being a good wee boy. Coco liked it too - when they go down, paws forward it's a sign they want to play and she is submitting when she goes on her back exposing her tummy. It must be such a relief and they will only grow to love each other more.

  13. your puppys are soooo cute. glad coco is sleeping through the night and that she is being accepted by her "dog" family. About your weight... don't give up! No gain is a gain!!!

  14. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Whoever gets the cupcake runner should hang it on the wall cos it's too good to put on a table where it won't be seen properly with a vase, etc, on it. It's a work of art! Wombat (AKA anonymous from Queensland!)

  15. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Whoever gets the cupcake runner should hang it on the wall cos its a work of art! You would'nt be able to see it properly on a table with a vase or something on it. Hopefully Coco will show Teddy who's really the boss when she gets bigger!
    WOMBAT (aka Anonymous from Queensland!!!)

  16. Anonymous1:38 PM


    I just saw this website and thought you would be very interested...

    Scroll down on the left menu and click on Soft Toys...

    I cant for the life of me, remember where you got your duck pattern, but if this is the same place - you are already one step ahead of me... if not, enjoy!

    Sheree...(from Aust)

  17. Anonymous3:14 PM

    too cute for words!! love the clips!

  18. Well done on the maintain with your weight this week! You are going well!

  19. So pleased that the divine Teddy is progressing. Looks like in a short while they will be great friends. Well done on the maintaining

  20. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Sorry about the two comments almost the same! My computer played up when I tried to send the first one and I thought it didn't get through. Apparently it did! WOMBAT

  21. sooo cute those two are and a productive day you've had..... have a great weekend.

  22. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Really cute videos! Teddy and Coco probably wore each other out. I'm sure he's so glad to have company. You certainly are a busy gal!!...debbie

  23. So cute, makes me want to get Rusty a playmate!

  24. Looks like you had a puppy wrestling match going on there! Gotta tell you it is a trip to hear your voice on the videos.

    And I can testify that 'evil' food never EVER is as nice as you think it is going to be. Just don't keep trying to make it so like I have been doing. Ugh.


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