Monday, May 10, 2010


Last night:

ABOVE: Let me in...... it looks like fun!

ABOVE: OOOOhhhh... you sure taste good...

ABOVE: Gimme a kiss eh? Ahhhhh.... so sweet.

Anyone who doesn't like 'cutesy' dog pictures... too bad! LOL

I love Mondays... kids are at school, man's at work... and I get to clean the house and mop the floors. How lucky can a girl get??? *smiles*....

Coco is 9 weeks old today... I'm sure she has grown heaps in the week she has been home with us! She has settled in so well... and Teddy is certainly more tolerant of her. We just have to teach him to not play quite so 'vigorously' with her.

I'm looking forward to getting the housework done then relaxing for a while today... I am feeling really tired. Not sleeping that well (hot flushes) .... but I suppose it could be worse... Coco could be waking during the night like a real newborn baby! Stuff that! I am so glad I don't have to go through THAT again! Babies are ADORABLE... but I am over sleepless nights.


My floors are clean again.

The vacuming is done too...

and the washing......

And I have confirmed that Coco has grown in the past week! The little piddle puddles on my carpet are BIGGER now... ! Nice one.

Off to make some lunch now... starving...

Quiet afternoon.. did indeed have a nap, from 1pm - 2.30pm, must have been tired! Woke up feeling all foggy in da brain (quite normal)... but came alive again when the kids got home.

I have a gorgeous Bacon 'N' Egg Pie in the oven for the family for dinner... Stew will love it. I used to make them all the time for him when we first met cos he loved them so much.... the way to a man's heart... through his stomach... AMONG other things! ha ha ha.

ABOVE: said Pie.

Line an oven dish with flakey puff pastry, then: chuck in a bowl 10 eggs and a tad of salt .. beat the shit outta it... add 750 grms of chopped up bacon, 1 and a half cups of grated tasty cheese and some chopped up parsley. Pour the whole lot into the lined dish... cover with a 'lid' of flakey puff pasty ... poke some holes in the top... decorate with a pastry heart or words (I often put 'PIE' on the top)... put in a hot oven (200 C) for about an hour and a quarter. done.

End of Day: family loved the pie.. I had tomatoe soup. With cheese. nite nite.


  1. She does look adorable and love the pics :)

    Sorry you're not sleeping well, those damn hot flushes.. not good :(

    Hope you have a great day, yeah, even with the housework LOL


  2. So cute too funny, and cleaning you have two ready made mops on four legs!!! have a nice day.

  3. Those are the cutest pictures of Griffin and Coco. You are going to have to keep those so you can prove to Griffin when he's all grown up that there were naked pics of him on the internet! LOL!!!!

    Hope you get some rest today...I empathize with you about the hot flashes - they just about rule my life! :o(



  4. I love your puppy. Pray tell the breed again? You know my memory, it's always absent.
    Happy mothers day luv!

  5. Sorry your not sleeping. Just relax during the day and take care of yourself. Coco is so cute

  6. Anonymous12:40 PM

    You are so funny! lol Puppy pictures are cute! They are so much fun! Teddy will be her guardian before too long!! You sure got your work done fast! come on over here and help me with mine. You'll be able to sleep for sure!! ...debbie

  7. Thanks for the comment i needed it lol
    just luv coco shes a real cutie

  8. I can't tell who enjoyed the frolicking more - Coco or Griffin!

  9. the piddle puddle is bigger! That is a hoot!
    Hope you're having a great afternoon.

  10. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I LOVE puppies (would have to as still breeding them) but could never put up with a dog peeing anywhere in my house. Nope, they are confined to the garage until they are house trained. Couldn't stand urine on the carpet.

    I seem to have avoided accidents as when I interact with them I take them straight outside so we spend time having cuddles on the deck that is sheltered and I can sit out there even when its raining) Lynise

  11. could she be any cuter?!

    love seeing all the "minus" on the side, awesome work!1

  12. Awww, the heart pasty is adorbs!

    Pls post the pie recipe if you can - thanks xxx

  13. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Hi Chris

    Could you please post the recipe for your egg and bacon pie :O) Pretty Please

    Michelle x

  14. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Thanks heaps for the bacon and egg pie recipe! (my arteries mighn't thank you though!) I looovve bacon and eggs, I would eat them every day if they were low calorie, low fat, high fibre! But when I do have it I use lots of egg whites and the boring skinny bacon and tomatoes to make it really healthy. But I will definitely be splashing out and making your pie to the letter! WOMBAT

  15. Oh you are an absolute legend - how on earth do you settle for tomato soup after making a pie like that? Well done on your will power.

    Coco is precious - I love puppies and would love to have another one but Jessie and Tara might complain if I chuck them out for some newer versions ... lol

  16. That pie looks amazing and it sounds so easy to make that I might actually have to try it out for myself.

    Coco is still adorable!

  17. I used to have a cat that would come in the shower with me, my two dawgs hate baths.

    The Pie looks really good!

  18. I haven't been around in a while and just wanted to say, "Hi"

  19. Puppy seems to be settling quite nicely. Pie looks yummy! Keep well.

  20. Great post. I was thinking about how much I would like a Diet Coke right about now & so I clicked over to your blog... And what do I see? You mouth watering pie! Very impressive with the heart and all...
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog too,

  21. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Oh my! How darling!

    I suddenly realized I am hungry after drooling over that pie.

  22. Aww, i just love those pictures!! :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

    Hugs from Texas!
    Laurie :)

  23. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Thank you for the recipe, I am going to cook it Thursday night for Dinner will let you how it goes.

    Thanks Michelle x

  24. I guess my one-year is like a dog. He loves baths and is wants every time he walks by the bathroom.

  25. Ok, I am officially in love with that pie. So much so, that I have made the pic a wallpaper on my work computer.

    Now I just need to convince the wife to make it.


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