Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This will be short... and boring.

I am going to get me hair done this morning, just re-coloured. NO cut... they charged me $45 last time to just trim the ends, which took all of 5 minutes! So .... just a colour today. I hope it doesn't take 3 hours like usual. My butt hates me sitting for that long.

After that...I'm hoping the Roof Box for Roxy has arrived, cos I will go and pick it up if it has.

No photos/videos. You must be getting sick of them.


DEBBIE: This is ROXY! My Toyota Highlander. Isn't she beautiful? *smiles* This was her in the caryard the day we bought her, since then she's got a new number plate: DC ROX. (stands for: Diet Coke Rocks of course!)
ABOVE: 7 Years ago.... I'm having a 'I feel fat day'... so it's good to look back and see where I have been... and where I am now. Now is not that bad!
Off to get me hair done now....
Hair is done.... nice surprise at the cost too! If you only get it coloured it's about $65 cheaper than 'normal'... I like that!
Went shopping after that.... got some black leggings for winter...came home and had me tomatoe soup for lunch. Yum.
Not much else a-happening right now... kids are due home shortly, then it will be time to sort out dinner.
Dinner tonight nearly killed me! I kid you not!!! I put the first mouthful in me gob and inhaled a pea! It got stuck in my throat.. I couldn't breath! I started to panic... thinking.. NO WAY can Griffin or Brylee do the Heimlich manoeuvre... I started rushing towards the phone to ring 111 and I vomitted... coughed and the blasted pea came up! WHAT A RELIEF... I was so scared! I never want to go through that again...
Stew got home not long after... Usually we eat dinner when he gets home, but Griffin was STARVING, so we had our's a bit earlier.... but never again. I am only going to eat my dinner with my man right beside me. I love peas too.. but that has right put me off!
End of Day: over me fright now... got a sore throat though! A quiet evening has been had.... time to go to bed... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM

    NO, we aren't sick of the dog videos! I rather enjoy them myslef! I'm getting the back of my hair trimmed Wed. The rest is still growing out from being cut so short. Good luck with the hair colour. What is or who is Roxy?...debbie

  2. Hi Chris, Been on holiday for a week and just now catching up with you. First, would never get tired of the videos. Second, love the roof box. My sister has one and gets alot of use out of it. Just remember it's on when you pull into the garage! Third, thank you, thank you, thank you for the bacon and egg pie. Last, congratulations on the card venture! You make lovely cards and no doubt everyone else will think so too!

  3. Amanda8:18 AM

    PHOTO! PHOTO! PHOTO! PHOTO! Take one of the big blue lady in the hall way.. I like that one :-D

  4. Wow, you have come a long way in your weight loss journey. You should be very proud of yourself.

  5. Now I know what to look for next time I'm at Sylvia Park. I guess your safe as we rarely go there *smile*

  6. "Now" is pretty darn gorgeous, I say! And yes, photos, videos please. We love them!

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Hey Chris

    I have never seen a "before" photo - I would not have recognised it was you.

    My hair is getting the grey out of it tomorrow - not that we would admit to grey



  8. The Teddy and Coco videos are never boring. What bores me is sitting and getting my hair colored. You'd thnk I'd just let it go grey, but I can't seem to go there just yet.

  9. Wow you've lost almost 25 pounds, you are doing great!!

  10. Your photos always have somethign of interest even if I cant view the videos I dont mind.

  11. Oh no, that would be so scary!!! Choking is something that terrifies me - I am so anal with the kids and their eating. No chocking on my watch thank you!!

  12. wow what a fright for you chooking on a pea beat your throat is sore..hugs

  13. Sorry to hear about your scare with the pea tonight Chris - so pleased you are okay.

  14. Glad to hear you're OK. I agree that you should wait for Stew next time. :)
    Last year my mother started choking on something just like you and if I wasn't there to do the Heimlich she said she would have probably died (since she is a doctor I guess she knows what she's talking about). It was quite scary-only after she was OK I started thinking what had just happened and what could have happened. Now I always listen and watch when she's eating or even coughing. Hope this never happens again-to anyone!

  15. That was quite a bad experience with that darn pea! I am glad that you got everything "worked" out. Life wouldn't be the same without your blog!

  16. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Good Lord!!! I'm sure glad you didn't choke to death. That is scary!

  17. 45 bucks for a haircut?

    you women are nutty about your hair....

  18. IT turned out to be a pretty exciting day afterall! Sorry about the pea incident! Holy crap. That's scary.

    Nice $ on the hair color. I'm always surprised at how the cost of my appointments seem to change from one visit to another, but I don't have the nerve to ask WTH?

    What an inspiration you are-- You've come a long since that day in the kayak! Keep up the good work!!!

    High Fives,

  19. Thank God you are ok Chris! That is so scary when it happens.

    Wow, what a picture! You have come SO far! It's hard to imagine you were ever that heavy! You look fantastic now, and getting better every day!

  20. The more I look at that Roof Box the more I am liking it.

    As for choking on a pea...how big of peas do you eat down there?!?


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