Saturday, May 08, 2010


Righty-Ho... for all you weird buggers out there who think my 'accent' is cool, here's me yakking again! I'm a bit 'croaky' as I am getting a cold me thinks...

And of course, showing off some more cards I made yesterday.

Today: well His Nibs (Stew, ABOVE) and the kids are home... not sure if we have any 'concrete' plans for the day.... but it would be nice to go out somewhere!

ABOVE: the dogs on Stew's lap last night... TOGETHER.... even if it didn't last long! Coco crawled up onto Teddy's back, which made Teddy scarper!

ABOVE: just cos I can, another video of the dogs.


ABOVE: Another PHD nearly finished! This wee bag has a name on it too.... so NO Amanda!

Stew is down at the MedLab having blood/urine tests to make sure his diabetes is under control (we are sure it is).... ikkkkk to needles! Happy it's not me. I've just been moving furniture in the Family Room...

I wanted some more card... so we popped down to the local mall and Stew (Bless his heart) bought me some more for Mother's Day! He reasoned there was no point in him buying me a card... lol!

I felt like something sweet, so Stew went and bought some caramel cake.. it was devine! Don't think I will be eating dinner now (Nachos)... as I am full!

Amanda is due here at dinnertime, she's staying overnight. So 'someone' can bring me 'breakfast' in bed! ... won't be hard... a drink of diet coke and me pills! lol

End of Day: Amanda arrived safely, dinner was fed to the family... I took Amanda down to see me latest cards and she had a go at making one.... now time to chill out and relax for the rest of the evening. nite nite.


  1. Love your cards and the video of the dogs.

  2. So, so fun! You showing us your cards...and the pups. I love watching Coco play with Teddy. And that picture of the two of them in Stew's lap is priceless!

    And, I still love your accent! LOL!!!



  3. Your accent is definitely not Aussie-sounding. I don't know how people could ever confuse an Aus. accent with a NZ one. It is closer (sounds to me) to English, but still different enough that if I hadn't heard you before I'd have to ask you where you were from. You'd hear that a lot here. I don't think I've ever met people from New Zealand out this way, although I did go there for a few hours in an airport stopover when I was a kid. :)

    Your cards are SO cheerful.

    Oh... and give it time and those pups will be best friends!!

  4. they are so cute .... of course I meant the cards you sent but the puppies are too. LOL

    Thank-you will post Mum's on my Blog later today.

    I have a pretty busy morning filled with getting ready for Mum's birthday part 2. Thank-goodness not many people but I am it until Jay comes home from being with her cousins.

    you sound pretty good on the video I wonder which blonde bimbo you can replace on TV

  5. hey i enjoyed just listening to u talking on the video reminded me of our awesome weekend we had nearly 3 yrs ago

  6. well the puppy cuddling looked cute I can never view the video WONDEr why that is! never mind so I didnt get to see the CARDS!! waaaaaaa

  7. Yep still love your voice! So fun to listen to! (unlike my boring MISSOURI voice- can you say hick? LMAO)

  8. ohh sooo cool a voice to the face!!! love aso cool to..are you putting them in gifts shops to sell on consignment?? You'de do well!!
    have a great day!

  9. It is obvious to me that poor little Teddy is totally traumatised by that annoying, cute bundle of fluff and should be sent to Tassie for a little break immediately!!!!!

  10. The cards are beautiful (as always), and the pups are really cute!

    Coco just wants to play, but Teddy seems to think she's just a bother. ;o) I bet they'll be best of friends before you know it.

  11. The cards are cool and the pups are adorable and weird bugger that I am, I loved hearing your "narration".

  12. I just love the look on Teddy's face. It says it all - "just leave me alone".

  13. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Yep, you are definitely a kiwi!(shame you's got beaten in the footy last night!) Don't know how people can confuse the aussie and kiwi accent, they are completely different, not like yanks and canadians!(Justin Beiber is canadian, thought he was yank but he doesn't even know what a german is!) The cards are great, did you teach the kids cardmaking so they can make you a mothers day card? Defeats the purpose I suppose because you buy all the card making materials! WOMBAT

  14. Your accent is as lovely as the rest of you!

    I love new video of Teddy and Coco! Too cute!

    I hope you have a perfect Mother's Day, Lord knows you certainly deserve it!!


  15. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Enjoyed the videos of the pups! They are so cute and fun to watch them play. Your cards are just great! You can send me one for my birthday June 12th!! I will frame it. Happy Mum's Day to you! I leaave for mom's this morning around 11 and will meet my sister there and we will spend the night and leave for home early Sunday....debbie (keep the videos coming)

  16. Loved the videos. Reckon Coco has a heart shaped marking on his left side - so cute x

  17. cute cards and adorable puppy! Teddy doesn't look too thrilled though, lol.

  18. I bet you could make an entire blog full of Coco videos and it would be a HUGE hit! That little one is certainly winning me over to that dog side.


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