Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today I take my little gift cards to the shop... hopefully they will like them!
I mentioned the other day that I was working on something you wouldn't believe... well this is what it was:

ORANGE Cards! .... now while I detest orange... I thought I would try doing some with orange and blue, and it works really well! Quie like them... they are pretty and vibrant! I haven't finished these two yet... but I will sometime today hopefully.

The roof box didn't arrive yesterday either, so hopefully it will today. We need it tomorrow! Our plans now are to travel down to Taupo on thursday night, stay in a motel and carry on to Palmerston North on Friday morning. Luckily we have found a Motel that allows dogs to stay too! So that's great.

ABOVE: A Sweet Blog Award from Coffee Slut... awww thanks chick! I am supposed to nominate 10 blogs I love and pass it on to them.... so in no particular order:

FREEDOM, Bobbies Babbles, Fat & Sassy and Mr Wonderful, Mom Taxi Julie, My Grimm Reality, Random Ramblings, The Fifty Factor, Bluebirdswing, Homeschool and Etc, Happy Days.

It is very hard to pick only 10, as I read MANY MANY more lovely blogs... so I just picked them randomly! LOVE you all of course! lol


AMANDA: I know, that's why I haven't glued them yet... ya dork.

So, the sun is shining.. but it's a cold morning! I have just caved in and turned on the Heat Pump... after being boiling all night with hot flushes.. I'm now cold! Typical. It's cold here at my computer desk, I'm in a draft I reckon... my hands go like blocks of ice.... can't type with freezing hands eh? *sniff*

Roof box: after being told every day for the past 4 days that our roof box WOULD BE HERE TODAY... I have found another place here in Auckland that has the EXACT box we want... Wooo hooo! R & R Sport have until 10 am tomorrow to deliver our box or I will be getting it from their competition! So relieved we will get our box in time.

Cards... taken to shop... she loved them... bought on spot! Very happy about that. If you are ever in Manukau Mall and want to buy a cute as little gift card... just go to:

An Eye 4 Art.... they have my cards! WOOOO HOOOO! (Foodtown end)

Kids are due home any minute... better get off the computer and look like I've been doing something all day! lol

I got a phone call at 4pm.. the roof box has arrived and I can pick it up! So yep, the kids and I jumped in the car and drove in rush hour traffic into the heart of the city to pick up the box. We got there to find out it was BROKEN! WTF??? So, we came home with this:

The KEY to the box. Nothing else. They are going to have it fixed by lunchtime tomorrow in time for us to use when we leave in the afternoon. Grrrrrrr. Pretty key though. *sniff*

End of Day: a long, frustrating day ... but it's nearly over. nite nite.


  1. Awesome that you found a motel that will accept dogs.. I know they can be hard to come by!

    I hope the roof box comes in time for you! :)
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. I love orange and blue. The cards look great.

  3. I love your cards. I got my package and I love all that you sent me. I loved getting a parcel from downunder it was so exciting. Did you make the birdy he is going to be my favorite item of all. Do you need some more stamps? I still have some left. Take care and enjoy your trip.

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Holy Cow! your cutting it pretty close with the arrival of the car topper!! hope you have a great trip!!...debbie

  5. I think your orange and blue cards are lovely! They would go over great with University of Florida Gators' fans (that's their school colors)! I'm sure the card shop is going to love everything you've made!

    Hope your car box gets there in time - but have a great trip nonetheless!



  6. Amanda8:08 AM

    The Card on the rite, dont glue it yet.... those 3 pieces down the sides on the rite, they dont look rite on it.

  7. The Mason motel WOULD have accepted DOGS happily I do hope the roof box arrives you may need to bring a trailer?

  8. Thank you for the award Chris! I feel honored, especially knowing how many blogs you read!

    I love the cards with the orange and blue. Those are also the Denver Bronco football team colors, my Hubby's favorite!

  9. Cool that you have found a motel that will have dogs and glad you have found another roof box...

  10. Hey Chris, just another quick thank-you for your continued comments on my blog... much appreciated!

  11. Thanks a million for passing the A Sweet Blog Award on to me! I really appreciate it and will displayit on my blog very soon.

    Love the orange with the blue on the cards. The two look really good together.

    And I am with you on the Roof Box. If it's not there tomorrow kick them to the curb and hook up with the competition. That's no way to treat a customer who's dying to buy something! Fingers crossed.


  12. Anonymous9:43 PM

    A silly question - I know you don't like orange, but do you eat them? WOMBAT.

  13. Heya girl, quick question... are we still meeting up on Saturday morning for a coffee etc? Usual time/place?

  14. Hey have a wonderful trip though dress up warm. It's freezing down this end of the country. I won't be able to catch up with you this time. going to a retreat for the day on Saturday and Sunday rest. I am so tired these days and grumpy!!! Haha. Take care and enjoy Palmy.

  15. well my stinkin' you are......obviously I didn't earn it for being the smartest...hahahaha and here I was feeling bad over on the other one thinkin' life was REALLY stinking BAD for you not just stinky...when you hadn't posted anything....and I also thought I earned it because of all the diet coke I got for Mother's Day...hahahahaha.....twit seems to fit me about now doesn't it? THANK GOODNESS I AM S.W.E.E.T.!!!! Thank you my friend...can't wait to tell people that I am a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! I ♥ your cards they are so fun.....I love that someone is buying them and putting them in a store....that is awesome....I will come back and do some catching up when I get my crap together....hahahaa....hugs!

  16. Beautiful cards - the blue and orange is a terrific color combo.

  17. Thanks for the "award" finally got my pass it on post done :)

  18. "Pretty key though"
    This is sooooo you. I was laughing my butt off at that one.

    Congrats on getting your cards sold, I can't imagine how good that must feel.

    At least you still have options when it comes to the roof box though - either way, you'll have one.

  19. And thank you so much for the award. Since I have been so far behind (I know even after you posted on my blog about it), I now know what my next post will be!


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