Saturday, May 22, 2010


Morning! I am so looking forward to this morning....

after being in Auckland for 20 months I am finally going to saturday morning tea with my girlfriends again. It will be like old times... the one thing I really, really miss about Palmerston North... well that and my boys!

What else? Well I hope we will get to see the boys of course... and check out the shops... and take a drive around and see what has changed here...

Not only did I forget my phone, I forgot my camera download cable too... so today Sandra is going to take some photos for me to put on the blog... until then... you have to wait! Shame.

Morning tea.. was lovely... we took photos and hopefully I can get them on the blog tonight? Also met up with our boys... had lunch at the mall.. I was evil (BUGGER)... and had chinese. *sigh*... I really must stop being naughty or I am going to have a gain when I sooooo dont' want to. Grrrrrrr.

Heading back to where we are staying now, have to check on the dogs... who kept Stew and I awake half the night by whining! I am so tired I could scream!

At least it has stopped raining... it's the pits standing in the freezing cold rain waiting for bloody dogs to have a piddle! Coco played outside for 20 mintues this morning.. then came inside and went toilets in Sandra's bedroom! Eekkkkk... they just spent hundred of dollars getting their carpets cleaned. I feel so bad.


End of Day: it's been a wonderful day catching up with friends and family. Hippygal: we brought the dogs with us as Coco is too young to be left at kennels yet, she in not fully vaccinated and it would have been to dangerous to leave her at kennels. So, a quiet evening planned with Sandra and her hubby, then bed. nite nite.


  1. I love some "girlfriend" time...its the best, so enjoy the tea, the company and good times.
    Cute cards you sold to the shop, Orange and Blue are University of Florida colors..."GO GATORS" very popular around these parts. Enjoy your trip, your boys and your is good - forget the rest!

  2. oh my god I don't believe it Chris H. You're always so organised. Must have been the excitement of getting back to Palmy. Have fun in the plaza. Wish I was there.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Glad your having a good time! Nothing like gabbing for hours with your girl friends. Will be waiting for some snappy photos! ...debbie

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Yep, you must have left home in a hurry to forget your phone and camera cable! Have a great weekend! WOMBAT

  5. IMAGINE having to answer all the wayward texts!!!!! that will be waiting (runs off to spam ya phone!!!) haha TAUPO today one out of the box SUNNY AS! have a neat day

  6. How come the dogs didn't go in a kennel???? seems a hell of a lot easier to me, enjoy your time down there and safe trip home :-)

  7. A gal pal tea sounds like a great escape! Glad you had fun.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Nothing wrong with chinese food on a diet. Have you ever seen fat chinese people? And look at all the rice they eat! Don't know why pandas are fat when they eat green leafy bamboo all day. Must be high calorie.

  9. Oh ok duh should have thought of that lol

  10. Was so great to catch up with you Chris. It was worth the time to take the day off!!!

  11. I always say to Marc, it ain't a vacation if the kids and dogs are with us!!

  12. Bad, Coco! You shouldn't ruin your Mum's vacation like that!

    Chris - it sounds like you are having a fabulous time (other than standing out in the cold and rain waiting on the doggies). Enjoy!

  13. Looking forward to pics of you get together. Sounds fun.

  14. Must be wonderful to go back to your hometown after being away so long. I visit my father (in the house that I grew up in) so I always seem to be around my hometown.

    Coco must have wanted to give Sandra something to remember her by.


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