Thursday, May 06, 2010


No photos.
No videos.
No idea what to put on here today!

I'm tired.
Puppy wakes up REALLY early.
I don't like that.

I WILL finish the bloody Cupcake Table Runner today. I will do NOTHING else until it's done. I hope that shuts ANONYMOUS up!

Then I might have a nap.... so there.


Teddy is getting better with the puppy, this morning when I got them out of the laundy they both played with me on my bed.... Teddy wouldn't even get on the bed if the puppy was on it yesterday! So he is thawing!

See? I am sewing....

ABOVE: Peace reigns.... well, until SHE wakes up and makes Teddy move!

ABOVE: yesterday's bath... NOT impressed with me. Too bad.
Right, back to the sewing...

IT. IS. DONE.... and now I can relax! I was going to give it to me Mum for her birthday, but she saw it when she was over last and was like "Oh, that's nice"... but said in such a way that I just KNEW she didn't think it was really LOVELY, so I am giving it to someone else who I am sure will LOVE it. It has taken a lot of hours to do.. but worth it!

Time to do some housework.. and get warm! It is actually COLD in the house today, I have turned on the heater!

I warmed up, then went and visited my little old lady next door... took the puppy to show her.. ended up staying for 2 hours! She loved Coco... as I knew she would.

I am cross!... (just joking), where are all the accolades for FINALLY getting the Table Runner finished then? ANONYMOUS????? pffffffft.

... off to make something else now.... probably a card... I'm working on a Birthday Card for my Mum....

End of Day: so glad Anonymous is happy I finished the Table Runner! And who is ANONYMOUS??? do tell. Had some developments with the dogs tonight... will show you tomorrow. Time to settle down for the evening... watch a wee bit of telly, spend some time with 'The Man'.... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I guess having a baby, human or puppy is a tireing event! Hope you can catch up on some sleep! It'll get better!! It really will...debbie

  2. I was going to say similar to Debbie...u babies are hard work, I guess the bloggers with young families that wake them at early hours can relate to what u r saying.

    Glad Teddy is getting use to Coco they will soon be great mates.

  3. awwwwwwww that bath shot is so darn cute, they would make COOL card covers that one and the new eye haircut one!! THIS arvo have a nana nap with the puppies...

  4. Love, Love the cards. Can't wait to get today's post.

    TWJ's is perfect as is the little boys. Taylor's Dad is a bit of a fisherman.... goes out as often as he can so the little fish was a nice touch. As the baby grows there will be lots of Father and Son fishing trips. It will be fun watching their faces as the cards are opened. I have to wait a while for TWJ as his birthday is not until December 1st.

  5. Glad Teddy is thawing. I was telling Vince the wonderdog about Teddy and Coco yesterday, he wasn't in a good mood with his mother - I said "things could be worse Vince - I could get you a sister !" Martine

  6. Love the runner. You are one accomplished lady. Puppies and babies oh how difficult, but oh so cute.

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Aww, Teddy just wants ALL of your attention. How could he not look into CoCo's eyes & not melt (he's just trickin'). She's gorgeous Chris! Yeah Yeah, you are too Teddy :0)

  8. Hi Chris,
    Congratsulations on completing your runner. That had to be soooo much work. Amazing how a small project can be so time-consuming!

    Isn't it funny watching two furbabies work out their relationship. I bet after Teddy gets used to her that it will be so nice because a younger one will cause the older one to get more exercise.

    Thanks for telling about your weather - We are getting warmer every day and flowers are growing and the colors are beautiful! :)

  9. Well done on finishing the cupcake project :))

    Good to hear that Teddy and Coco are getting along a little better.

  10. Glad to see you have finally got that table runner finished, now isn't there a quilt to be finished as well ??

    ....just joking, it looks great.

  11. cute cute the stop throwing a hissy fit and just send it to Khris

  12. A table runner is something I cannot understand even tho' a friend tried to explain its purpose. (attractiveness?) Your runner is very attractive. Be sure to give it away soon or it might make you want to eat!

  13. Do I get a prize for commenting TWICE!! the cupcake runner looks fabulous and WHOMEVER receives it WILL love it im sure!! AND if they don't slap them upside the head!!

  14. Anonymous9:07 PM

    It is I, Anonymous. Yay, you finished the runner! It looks great! I couldn't come and finish it myself as I haven't got a passport (I am in Queensland)and I can't sew as brilliantly as you! Your mums mad if she wasn't fussed on the runner. I would have loved to get it for my birthday! (May 15) You could make some birthday cards with the cupcake pattern on them. It's great to see Teddy and Coco starting to get on so well together!

  15. Am loving your work!

  16. Amanda12:37 AM

    Just so's ya know... I loved the cupcake runner aswell! And also made comment on how cool the would be as placemats... so be prepared, if you havent hidden them, they may very well get hidden in MY bag when for my trip home x

    Signed YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN ...UNO NUMRO!!.... #1 FAN (just so's you know) x


    PS make sure that bag is ready and waiting for me to pinch :P x

    See you Saturday

  17. Looks like that table runner is taken now girls, Amanda wants it.

    Good beg Amanda

  18. loved the finished runner cute as

    glad the dogs r becoming friends

  19. This will sound kinda wierd but I swear I took a picture of my daughter Julia when she was a baby in the sink for one of her first baths that looked almost the same as Coco.

    That's not to say Julia is hairy or anything...nevermind.


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