Wednesday, May 05, 2010


ABOVE: Coco, the day we brought her home... AND:

ABOVE: AFTER I took to her face with the scissors! Her darling wee eyes can now be seen... I just love that adorable wee face... who wouldn't? She is such a wee darling... I love her so much already! Even though she has piddled on me carpet half a dozen times already! ha ha ha!

Today I have to post 4 Cards to a lovely lady up in Whitianga... as she's a fellow blogger I was thrilled to make her a few cards for some Special Occasion's that are coming up in her Family. I am loving the card making... and incorporating fabric into them too. You really are only limited by your imagination....

ABOVE AND BELOW: A Baby Boy Card and a Birthday Card..... I hope Anne likes them!

ONWARD.... *sigh* edit: let's make that 7 piddles, and 1 poo on me floor! WONDERFUL.

I just bathed the puppy, blow dried her (she hated that), then while she was still a little damp I rubbed Teddy's bedding all over her! Hopefully she will seem more 'ours' now to Teddy?

Had to go out and pick up Teddy's steroid pills... took both dogs with me... what fun! Am finally getting to read some blogs.... catching up on what's been happening...

End of Day: I've been busy making some more cards. And looking after the puppy/kids/housework.... ANONYMOUS.... I will finish the Cupcake Table Runner.... unless you want to come and do it yourself? I will do it...... I WILL! nite nite.


  1. Helen, UK6:18 AM

    love the 75th card...amazing!all your cards are good, but particularly like that one :)

  2. AWWWW she's so cute!! The cards turned out great too!

  3. God WHO wouldnt love that face she is SUPER ADORABLE who cares about wee and poo THAT phase will end soon.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    shes a real cutie thats for sure....luv the cards


  5. She is a dolly--but that wee and poo is gonna get old fast! potty training can be a real challenge!

    Your imagination Chris has NO limits. If I would have had a brain I should have asked you to make some mothers day cards--duh--no brains here.

    I love my bag to all of Chrises readers who think they would like a bag? Do not hesitate buy one NOW. you will not believe the WORK and the beauty. MY bag is a show stopper and amazingly it suits my personality perfectly.

    Oh since you asked I have a green one.

  6. Your cards are really cool-I think there is no limit to your imagination. Little Coco is sooo cute and that poo and piddle stage will pass fast.

  7. Puppy piddle is ok - it's like puppy breath...too cute!

  8. The joys of puppies LOL She is sooooo adorable though.
    Chris, you are one talented woman. There seems to be no end to your abilities. :)
    Have a great day :)

  9. Coco looks so cute.
    Yeah my old dog hated the blow dryer as well.
    btw - thanks for blogging, I relly enjoy reading your blog =)

  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Coco is so cute! I liked seeing her little black button eyes! Is Teddy tolerating her better? Love your cards! Maybe coco needs doggie diapers! lol They do have them ya know!...debbie

  11. Your puppy is so cute.I wish I can hold coco in my arms and 'squeeze' her.

  12. Hi Chris!
    What a heart-breaker you new little gal IS! I really like what you did to her face. How is Teddy adjusting?

    I also adore your new cards! I Love the BLUE one! It is so great to get to see , YOUR SPIRIT SOAR!

    I remember the "puppy stage" from my last batch and how I had to make sure I did not forget to put the pedals on the serger and the sewing machine up HIGH so no little teeth would find them. Of course then they found the computer cords! LOL

  13. Anonymous9:00 PM

    WE WANT THE CUPCAKE RUNNER FINISHED! Thought you were making for your mum's birthday this month?

  14. Lovely cards, you've got talent. Hope Ms Coco trains quickly. Good luck with all your projects.

  15. A few piddles are the price you pay for such a precious puppy! She will get the idea soon and stop messing up your carpets!

  16. Amanda8:29 AM

    Oh awesome so the runner will be done by the time I get there... and have you gone to aunties yet to get back one of the bags... Im coming up! Im coming, and Ill bring a big bag :D

  17. Don't forget that plain white vinegar will fix any mistake spots that Coco makes. If you sponge the spot with vinegar it takes the amonia smell out....normal detergents do not and the animals will go there again because they can still smell it. Vinegar stops that.

  18. Such a cutie!! Rusty STILL pees on the floor when I'm gone at work. It's only 7 hours you'd think he could hold it!

  19. Speaking from someone who has limited artistic ability - those cards are AWESOME! I will say this pee smells 100 times worse that any dog - and they do it pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

    Sorry, I was having an anti-cat moment there.


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