Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today I take Griffin to Jumping Jacks, which is an Occupational Therapy session.... there will be 4 OT's assessing him (and about 5 other kids) over an hour and a half session, which is one of 5 sessions he will have. At the end of the 5 sessions the OT's will hopefully be able to tell us what we need to do to help Griffin .... like how to sit STILL and concentrate better.

Apart from that, I don't have much on today at all. I will probably make a start on the Gift Cards for the shop.

Above: yet another cute wee video of Coco, taken last night.


- The cards I am making for the shop are just tiny ones... so I won't be registering for the 'Rich List' any time soon!

- I will not be wearing slippers... I am having a hot flush every 20-30 minutes all day and night now... so I am constantly stripping off! Hot and SEXY... I am NOT! lol

I have been working on a few of the gift cards... in between looking after Coco... she is like a naughty two year old, getting into EVERYTHING. *sigh*... the joys.

ABOVE: as if I didn't have enough housework to do! Grrrrr... that mess used to be leaves and twigs.

...... Griffin had a fantastic time at his Jumping Jacks session... while he was there I had lunch with Stew.... and got back in time to pick up the Dude and then Brylee from school.... arrived home and EEEEKKKKK! I had left the garage door open.. our house was totally 'OPEN' for anyone to just walk in for over 3 hours! Far out... what a blunder! Luckily, no one took up the open invitation!

Breathing a huge sigh of relief about that.

ABOVE: today's card effort... 17 Gift Cards. They are only little.... but that's fine, it is fun making them.... and I am sure I will need to make more! (well, fingers crossed)

End of Day: Stew and I were totally EVIL tonight and had a Tower Burger from KFC... OMG it was delicious too! They are the best burgers IN THE WORLD! That is all there is to say. Except I am now full as a bull! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    you are going to have to invest in some slippers!

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Love Coco's little videos! I hope Griffins OT sessions go well. I like his name. It's cute. One we don't hear much here in WV. How many cards do you have to provide the gift shoppe? Guess you'll be making them all the time now! and making money too!!! yea!! ...debbie

  3. Interestingly I watched a documentary on prime about food and they say for EVERY new food introduced transmitters int he brain go haywire and connect new directions AND IMPROVE you general overall wellbeing! woth a try maybe....

  4. Amanda8:03 AM

    Ahaha! That is just so cute! :-D Bouncy little tart...

  5. Isn't she just adorable!!

    Have fun making your cards, and I hope Griffins appointment goes well

  6. Just wanted to congratulate you on the weight loss - you're doing really well! Nice going, kid!

    PS: Coco is adorable.

  7. Congratulations on you supplying your cards to the gift shop - they will FLY off the shelves!

    Coco is just adorable. I agree with the slipper comment...hahaha.

    Hope Griffins OT session goes well.

  8. Oh, give Coco your toes!

  9. At least the mess didn't used to be shoes or clothing :-)

  10. lol, razor like puppy teeth on toes do not feel all that great so I agree with you - DON'T give Coco your toes!
    As for Griffin and the OT - good luck - hope all goes well.

  11. Slippers would do no good, she would just chew those and then you would have another mess and no slippers.

  12. So cute!! Makes me want another puppy....NOT!

  13. Hi gal,
    Your cards are so special and little miss Cocoa is precious!

    Maybe she is your "exercise administrator" ???? LOL All that moving up and down to keep up with her and her "baby messes" lol

    Has she found the toilet tissue yet?????? LOL

  14. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Hi Chris

    The egg and bacon pie was a great hit :O) Thank you
    I love the gift cards with the green ferns they are beautiful.

    Michelle x

  15. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Coco would have guarded the fort! They would have left without toes

  16. I am counting how many videos you do of just Coco and how many of just POOR LITTLE NEGLECTED TEDDY who is about to board a plane for TASMANIA!!! I love your cards by the way..... :)...and alright...I love Coco too.

  17. Those little cards look great!! Very clever you are.

  18. Coco is such a love! Thanks for the video - I could watch one everyday. IT would have been interesting to see how she managed to make that big mess - it seems to have worn her out so she had to have a bit of a nap.

    Oh - a weird question - what is the male equivalent to "tart?"

  19. Your cards are so awesome! You are talented beyond words!

    I love the videos of Coco! What a little stinkers, and cute as the dickens!

  20. Coco is soooo cute!! Hope the assessment shows what needs to be done and that what needs to be done is easily do-able. :)

  21. You must have some yummy toes to nip at hahahaha

    Cool about the cards!

  22. Don't you wish there was an animal that cleaned up messes instead of making them? And I am loving those little cards - almost, if not more than the big ones!

    Just the mere mention of KFC just made me gain 2 pounds!


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