Sunday, May 30, 2010


ABOVE: yesterday afternoon... caught out having a nap with me dogs....
ABOVE: Stew took the roof box off Roxy and found a space for it in the garage... which was no mean feat as our garage is full of stuff! Luckily there is room outside for his car cos there is no way it would fit in the garage. ABOVE: my card making area... with the dogs crate right beside my chair so they can be with me without getting into mischief ... (well that applies to Coco mostly, Teddy is a good boy)

Today I would like to go and get new vege plants for a winter garden... Stew put fresh compost on the garden yesterday, so it's ready for plants.

Last year the winter veges didn't do well at all... so I am hoping they do better this year. Apart from doing that.... we don't have any plans for the day. It's a bit cold but not raining right now, which is nice.

Date Night: was nice... we had a leisurely dinner then went to a movie.... ate chocolate ... came home and slept ! lol..... that's it! Boring old farts both of us! But it was lovely to go out as a 'twosome' for a change. Much appreciated Amanda and Andrew.... you two got to babysit.

We are now all going out and about as it is a lovely day afterall .... think we are heading to the inner city bays for a walk.

We all went out ... I wanted to go look at 'something' in a store... and I PROMISED Stew I would only look:

Ummmm... it's a wonder he believes a thing I say... cos that poor man left the store a whole lot poorer! What did I buy? Wait till tomorrow to see!

Oh.... here's a sneak peek: Na na nah nah!

After that we all had lunch then went down to the waterfront where the kids played in the playground for an hour, then we all had ice creams at Mission Bay (except that poor man with no money - Stew)... and came home to relax for a while before dinner.

End of Day: well for me ... it was a wonderful day! What can I say? I went shopping! That makes me happy. *smiles* nite nite.

Oh and nope, I still didn't get the darn vege plants!


  1. I can see the sun peeping through.

    hope so as long day on road as we call on my sister in Tauranga on way to Rotorua.

    Hope it clears up your way. *smile* love your snoozy pic.

  2. That blanket looks so bloody warm! I want one. How was your date last night?


  3. love the nap time i am feeling one coming. can you o a facebook with teddy as the owner??? severl blog buddies have done that for fun i think but it woudl keep certian people from finding you i think, just a thought. miss you :) love ya.

  4. How was the date night? I can feel a garage sale coming on!!!!!! yay I love garage saleing.... FROST this morning FREEZING but BIG FAT SUNSHINE!!!! yay

  5. Love the "nanna nap" pic with the dogs...and that blanket, it sure looks snuggly.

  6. I want a blanket like that! It looks so snuggly.

    Glad date night went well...we're hoping to fit one in at some point soon!

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Such a cute snap shot of your napping with the pups! Very cute! I like your furry throw! How cozy is THAT!! nice! Hope you get all your plants in the ground. Is winter warm there? ...debbie

  8. Awww what a cute napping picture! Rusty used to sleep right next to me. Then it was under the bed, which is becoming a bit more of a tight squeeze now.

  9. I love how you can cuddle up with Teddy and Coco. If I tried to do that with my pups I'd need an entire king sized bed!

    (I can't wait to see what you got!!)

  10. You and ya dogs!!

    Yay for shopping!! Did you buy a leather chair??

  11. Looks like a new lounge suite to me :)

    I like the cute little gelato shop in Mission Bay.

    Griffin has great photo taking skills too.

  12. Sounds like a full and happy day. I love date nights with just me and my honey. I would love to cuddle with my iggy, but we don't let him up on the furniture.... at least he's not on the furniture when we are home.

  13. I'm sure Stew knows better than to believe the "just looking" thing by now. haha Can't wait to see what you got.


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