Monday, August 31, 2009


I was directed to another giveaway! This time I (or you) can win a cute handmade purse! Go here.. for your chance to win one of Lena's purses!
ABOVE: the purses that are being given away!

I'm off to my new Patchwork Class in Papakura today... it's held in a room off the 'Fabricland' Shop... so if ya need anything it's right there on hand! Awesome. I hope the new ladies are nice... I'm joining mid-term... so might feel a bit akward! Or not! Who knows! I have such a mouth on me I am bound to make an impression if nothing else! *smiles*

I'm feeling good about my 'friggin diet resolve'.... even though I try not to think of it as a DIET... just a positive lifestyle change for the better! And YES I know I have been there, done that a million times already.. and failed over and over again in the last 2-3 years to get my act together! But I keep trying....cos I am a GODDESS UNDER DE FAT!


The new Patchwork Class is.... NEAT! The ladies are lovely and the tutor is awesome... she flits from person to person making sure you are OK and if you need help she's there! And I was accepted into the group just fine... and felt at ease there. I loved it! AND some of the ladies were my age.. which made it nice too.

Since I got home I've had my lunch (an omelette with ham and cheese) which was yum... and now I have to organise dinner for the kids and babysitters, cos Stew and I are going out to a 'work dinner' tonight. Hope there is something 'healthy' on the menu!
I just picked up this grubby little shit from school! They were doing paper mache'..... He has glue EVERYWHERE! Including all down his trousers, and up his bare arms, and like....... how did he get it on his back???

Lee-Anne just said "Poor Griffin"!... yeah well I did kinda growl him! He does have a worried look on his face eh? ha ha ha!

End of Day: we had a fan-tas-tic dinner! Awesome presentation. ... and the food was just delicious. The Beach House in Buckland's Beach.. highly recommend it... just make sure you have a LOT of money in ya wallet... cos it was freaking expensive! Almost got wiped out on a round-about on the way home too... could have been interesting blog-fodder that! Luckily the other car managed to stop in time. Time for bed... nite nite.


  1. Where do you get those funny captions? Yeah your a goddess. OK let's keep each other going here.

  2. Good morning Goddess!

    Glad to hear your feeling positive--don't focus on the past failures--focus on the fact that you're still trying. Well done, you!!

    BTW thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog. I'm still blushing.

    Have a great day

  3. Am glad you had fun at the class... and have a great dinner tonight :-)

  4. good to hear your class is fun. makes all the difference.

    lunch sounds yummy. i got boring leftover ravioli! not sure what's for dinner, depends what Fluffy gets out the freezer for me

    Enjoy your dinner, relax and go with it! lucky you! xxx

  5. Great to see you so positive :) and hope you have a great night out for dinner....

    very envious of your craftiness (is that a word? LOL) absolutely beautiful stuff.... sigh

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Glad to hear you sounding better. Don't drink the milk that came outta ya nose hey, that's kinda gross!!! bahahahahaha

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Hi Chris,
    Sounds like you are very motivated with your eating, but I don't agree with your idea that this way of eating is sustainable.

    I hate to be negative, but you have put a lot of restrictions on yourself.

    Good luck though.


    Maggie (Magpie)

  8. Poor Griffin. Boys will be boys you know.

    Enjoy your night out with Stu won't you.

  9. Griffin! Oh, several other students had to have smeared him with paper mache. No way he could get it on his back like that.

    Is he doing ok in school? ((hugs))

  10. Griffin! Oh, several other students had to have smeared him with paper mache. No way he could get it on his back like that.

    Is he doing ok in school? ((hugs))

  11. When my kids were little and did something like that I'd send them to their room. You make your's stand still so you can take a photo and display his shame for the whole world to see! I did have a laugh at the poor wee bugger!

    The new patchwork class sounds great. I wish I could do a class but they all seem to be early in the week when I work. *sigh*

  12. man glue on his back too.... thats a new one for me... you go goddess!

  13. I bet he got the glue on his back from his buddies. I can just the boys smacking each other with their gooey hands.

  14. LOL did you find out how he got the glue down his back?

    Though, that's probably something I could manage! LOL


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