Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is the THIRD time I have lost this diamond....AND FOUND IT AGAIN ! So... today we are off into town to Partridge Jewellers to get it fixed again... *sigh*. I spent over an hour yesterday searching in the garage for that diamond... but I found it... sheer bloody minded determination wins out! (and luck!)

We will also be popping into the Husqvarna Shop in New Lynn to pick up THE MACHINE.. hopefully it's decided to never go to HELL again! *smiles*

After that? Well probably come home and do some housework, hopefully Stew can mow the lawns cos they be getting pretty long! And yeah.. just chill at home.

Our day has gone very well so far! Got Dude a haircut, picked up my sewing machine and had a 5 minute 'lesson' on how to avoid any more problems.... saw and bought this fat quarter:

AND this old stool, which I will recover as I can't live with it ORANGE!

Then we went over to Newmarket and took my ring in for repairs, which will be FREE cos it's a recurring problem.

And now we are home again, and Stew is about to assemble the Weight Bench, and I'm going to do some sewing.... ONWARD.
End of Day: I made a bigger Chip (above)... and he's so cute. The machine jammed up twice! I took photos. I will wait and see if it happens again. Grrrrrr. No plans for the evening.. we never do! Stew will watch the rugby later on... and I will do ???! nite nite.


  1. I have a ring similar to that, and yes, sadly, I've lost a diamond out of it.
    The last time I lost a diamond from that ring was....gosh, almost 6 years ago.

    what's helped: having all the prongs re-tipped.


  2. I don't think I'd let up until I found it, either! Hope they can fix it so that DOES NOT happen again!

  3. I've always managed to find jewelery I've lost but it makes you sick while looking.
    I never knew there was a Husquavana shop in New Lynn-is it new? Used to be my old stomping ground.
    Hope the machine is top notch when you get it.

  4. Just got to comment re your entry last night. It's warm here in Palmy!! T-shirt weather!

  5. That is certainly luck that you've found the diamond for the third time. My husband Chris has lost his wedding band twice now (remembering we've only been married 5.5 years) and thankfully has found it each time.

    I hope the sewing machine behaves from here on ...

  6. I'd say the diamond gods were with you on that one...glad you found it

  7. Sounds like to me that you need me to hold that diamond for you??

  8. You are VERY, VERY lucky! I can't believe you found the diamond. Phew!


  9. OMG... thank god you found that rock... I mean, diamond! It's huge!!! Hope the jeweller does a good job and fixes the clasp properly!

    How gorgeous is that fabric! I love it!!!!

    And great news that they found the problem with the machine!

  10. Good news all round. Found diamond, fixed machine and new weights bench thingy.

    You seem set for a pretty fabulous weekend!

  11. You are too bloody clever for your own good - that Chip is very cute!! I can't believe you found that diamond too. You must be so pissed off with that machine of yours - I know I would be.

  12. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Awwww Chip is so cute, can I keep him :) MC

  13. I like the stool! Ultra modern 1960's vision of the future! And the pic that says "everyone is entitled to my opinion"
    Once my wife dropped her engagement ring at the beach and lost it and was freakin big time! I found it. Whew!
    Go easy on the technician trying to fix your sewing machine. Murphys law says it will work perfectly at the repair shop. Happens to me all the time at the radio station.

  14. Yikes! I am soooo glad that you found your diamond! I would say taht there is something wrong with that ring if this keeps happening! Either that or you are REALLY tough on your jewelry.

    Chip is adorable. So sad that the machine jammed AGAIN. Did the woman have any tips for keeping it from jamming?

  15. Oh thank goodness you found your diamond!
    Glad everything seems going good atm

  16. omg i woudl so freak if the diamond cameout like that.... glad you found it... i so love that fabric... its great!!!!!!

  17. Good luck with the machine! Hope you don't lose the diamond again, and I love Chip!

  18. Hey I love that panel...where did you get it? Hugs Khris

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