Tuesday, September 01, 2009


ABOVE: my dinner last night! It was duck breast and veges with a sweet jam type sauce... served in a HUGE bowl? I was kinda gobsmacked at it really... It was so weird.. I felt like a pig at a trough, the bowl was that big! I just didn't 'get' why it was served in a bowl...

I've got patchwork again today... with my 'old' group. I am hoping another vacancy comes up in the 'new' group on another day so I can go there instead of this one. Much as I like the ladies in my tuesday group, I don't get much out of it... and it's a pain in the butt having to lug my really heavy sewing machine up and down stairs. *sigh*

After last night's dinner I want to be extra careful with my food today... I did have potoatoe last night. derrrrrrr. (I might add I was darn tempted to have dessert too.... but didn't) ... full marks there.

Stew has gone to Hamilton again today... to meet Steve and be with him for the next 'appearance'.... me tummy is churning... better stop thinking about it! HEAD IN SAND...head in sand.... head in sand.... KEEP BUSY.

BLAST IT ALL! I am so indecisive lately! I had fully intended to bide my time until I could join another group, then leave Tuesday's patchwork group... but when I got there today I realised that I really like these ladies, and I would miss them! So I will stay. I'm a pain in me own butt I tell ya!

Stew got back from Hamilton at lunchtime, and he has taken the whole day off work so we are just spending some quiet time together. NO HANKY PANKY ... I'm too .......crabby!

As Expected.. PEPSI has been updated... and I have put a question on there that I would like your opinion on... ta.

End of Day: A mixed bag of a day... but not too bad. nite nite.


  1. Good luck with Steve..... and great resisting the desert :-)

  2. That is so strange they served that in such a giant bowl!

    I just found your blog - we have 7 children (2 girls & 5 boys) and I lost 150 pounds 12 years ago! So we have a lot of similiarities.

    Good job resisting that dessert!

  3. Fantastic job resisting the dessert....and as for keeping distracted.......everyone needs to do a blog update now!!! and then you will have heaps to read, laugh and cry along with.

  4. Well done on no dessert!

    Hope all goes well today.

  5. The bowl is a little large for the serving inside... hmm.

  6. I agree that it is so strange how some places serve their meals on such big plates! Really strange if you ask me... and well done on resisiting the dessert!
    Hope all goes ok with Steve today - will keep you guys in my thoughts.

  7. That bowl is crazy big!

    p.s. I would have had dessert. That's why I gained back all the weight I lost. ;-)

  8. Katrina12:45 PM

    Hi Chris,
    Good on you for resisting the desert. Hoping all goes well today.


  9. sometimes its just nice to be together, nothing more, nothing less. enjoy! a very rare occurrence at my place.

    and good on ya sticking with your current girls. friends you need, so keep as many as possible.


  10. Last nights dinner looked yummy :-). Well done on resisting the dessert.

    I hope all went well with Steve, I hope he realises how lucky he is to have your support.

  11. That is a huge bowl!! Looks like they were trying to make it look fancy, although more veggies might have helped that ;o) I've never eaten duck.

    GL to Steve, hope everything goes in his favor.

    Sometimes hanky panky makes you less grouchy!

  12. Ous son is a chef and to him it's liek an art in the presentation of the food. The big plates are to display the food. LOL usually the bigger the plate, the smaller the food and the more expensive it is!

  13. The key is to put it on a small plate so it looks like a big portion.

  14. ive eaten in resurants like that too, where they give you this huge plate and your meal looks tiny.

    shouldnt they be doing that the other way around?

  15. Hope the court case went well. Looks like a busy weekend for you too. Good for you resisting temptation. It doesn't matter how many times you start over as long as you try. Wishing you all the best.

  16. I have set and read your posts so I don't comment on all of them like I normally do....I have missed reading you daily....but I have had the great privilege of staring at my son.....so brand new back home again....wow I missed him! Anyway love all your new pieces of fabric...the fat quarter and the cancer fabric.....bless all your hearts worried about Steve....you are in my prayers....glad you found your diamond and holy cow girl what don't you do....pottery too!!!!!! you are amazing! And I love you!!!! Take care of your back and watch out for pin pricks.....

  17. Yeah, that bowl is retarded. That would be a turn off to me! Weird? So good job about turning down dessert! But now you've made me hungry! haha

  18. Great that you were able to resist dessert! My current weakness is chips and salsa.
    I hope all went well with your son!

  19. I love the Beach house, it is our local we live about 6 doors down from it and they are HUGE plates...
    Good on you for skipping desert, I always find it hard there :-)

  20. When ever my work takes me out to fancy places they always have huge bowl plates like that - it does make it look impressive though doesn't it!!

    Good on you for saying no to desert - that would have been tough.


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