Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have patchwork class today.
I don't know what I will do.
Maybe I won't go.
Maybe I'll go SHOPPING instead?
Or maybe I will go and do some planning....

Any guesses what I will do?

LATER..... nah nah na na.

BOBBI: I never talk about my weight because it drives me nuts! I am constantly losing then regaining the same 3 kilos! This year I started out at 'XY' kilos, and I"m STILL 'XY' kilos! So, right now I'm concentrating on getting my fitness back, which will hopefully in turn help with the motivation to pull me finger out once and for all and get back on the weight loss wagon properly.

SLYDE: just stay home and relax? Are you kidding? I'd have to do SOMETHING, even if it was the bloody dusting!

Right... I went to class.. I did some preparation work on my Indonesian panel ... which will eventually be a wall-hanging.
I got mad as hell with one of the ladies there... she has ADVICE on everything .. and seems to think she knows friggin everything! If looks could KILL, she'd be QUITE DEAD by now I tell ya! (I don't mind people giving me advice if they are asked for it, and know jack-shit about it!)
What else? Oh yes, I did go shopping! I bought the ABOVE bag to use at gym... I needed something that would hold me towels/togs/goggles/toiletries etc. Shame it's not a pretty blue... *sigh*.
(YES Stew, it's a 'Label' bag, and NO STEW, it didn't cost the earth!)
End of Day: kids had swimming this afternoon, then home .. dinner... bit of mindless TV.... (loving Outrageous Fortune!)... now... nite nite time.


  1. how about just hanging home and RELAXING? :)

  2. Morning Chris. I'm waiting for the aerial man to come so having a later start to the day. Why don't you go to sewing class and cut out your next project? Even if its just a cushion cover or a rug for Teddy! I must get into mine. Tomorrow... I know someone who has moved down here from PN and we planned to get together once a week.. on Wednesday... so TOMORROW!!! Apology coming ... union went to top dog .. I am sure making a name for myself.. but the b's shouldn't have started it!

    Have a fun day and enjoy being YOU because you are a fantastic person!

  3. Do something fun! I'm living vicariously here. *wink*

  4. What ever you decide have a happy day :-)

  5. OMG that monkey is so damn cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Knowing your Chris you will pack a million and one things into your day and still feel like you've achieved nothing. Whereas I'll mope around doing fuck all and then wonder where the day went. LOL

  6. Well whatever you do I hope you have e good day

  7. How about getting an extra workout session in? :-)

  8. Well, ok...you didn't go TO the gym....but you got something gym related...HEY I should win a prize for guessing gym in general ...LOL! Blue is a good colour...but yes a PRETTY SAPHIRE blue would have been the bomb!

  9. Wicked. where do you get your ideas from Chris. Is that a panel or have you designed that wallhanging. I love it.

  10. Anonymous8:00 PM

    That wall hanging is awesome!!

  11. Ooh ah - I'm liking the look of that wall hanging!! Z xx

  12. Umm, to fill in time, maybe you could hand-sew a quilt from scratch without your machine? Ouch, I could feel you whack me from NZ!

  13. That panel looks very exotic. Nice work. Getting that bag for the gym means you are serious about your commitment to go! Good for you, Chris!

  14. Sewing machines are for wimps! In the olden days, they didn't have sewing machines and used a needle and thread!
    I like the Indonesian Panel.

  15. OH! My stinkin' stars....I have missed you...love the pic of the little monkey.....That wall hanging is amzing....you are soooooo TALENTED!!!! The way you sew...you probably could have made you a really cute bag in the blue you like.....and I can't stand people like that person in your class......seriously they bug so bad! I just ♥ you and have missed reading your posts....I will get my head out of my butt real soon I hope.........nine days baby......prison release...LOL

  16. Anonymous11:12 AM

    love your Indonesian panel

    Does stew read your blog?

  17. Well, I got lost - what happened to your sewing machine??????????

    That Indonesian panel is absolutely breath-taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous3:06 PM

    When are ya gna giv us sum ideas of how ya wld like dis table.... wed like sum dimentions plz

  19. Anonymous3:57 AM

    I love the wall hanging!
    Lynn in Phoenix


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