Friday, August 07, 2009


I think Teddy thought I was laying a 'trap' for him when I put the leather belt on the floor for him! After 'sock training' him over the past few days I'm sure he thought I would growl him if the took the belt! But after a bit of encouragement:

He loves chewing on the belt! NOW maybe he will stop hunting socks to kill!

Friday.... off to the gym first thing, then no plans.... just home and do some housework, maybe some sewing.... or read one of the new books. What a life.... drama some weeks, normality others....
- Gym... done.
- Housework... nah didn't feel like it!
I watched some mindless TV!

Then I went to the chemist to pick up the Hormone Replacement Pills that they didn't have yesterday, but assured me they would have this morning.
WRONG.... they didn't have them... but they MIGHT be in tomorrow! YEAH THANKS ARSEHOLES... you just wasted my time and petrol coming in .... LESSON LEARNT... ring first to make sure they do have em!

I'm cross as hell about that... I am hanging out for those pills. The hot flushes are getting really really bad again... I can't seem to do ANYTHING without bringing on another one. It's CONSTANT and it's driving me bloody nuts. I feel like crying. I'm so over them.

They better arrive tomorrow, or I'll be killing someone. I swear I'm that frustrated.

So.. I ate 4 cereal bars and a peanut butter sandwich... seems I eat when I'm pissed off! BUGGER IT... talk about self sabotage!

End of Day: not the best of days around here.. feeling crappier than ever now.... but you are used to that eh Dear Reader! nite nite.


  1. Us's either feast or famine.......L I F E??????

  2. LOL Yay, Teddy! Hopefully he will distinguish between the belt and the sock. :]

  3. hehe awww, Teddy is cute. The other day our new puppy had found 3 socks. I picked them up , put them in her mouth and walked her to the laundry basket hoping she'd drop them in there. After all it would be great if I had someone to help me pick up dirty socks!
    She did put them in there but then tried to dig them back out!

  4. Hunting for a bit of that normality myself!

  5. Awwwww...Teddy is a cutie!

    My dog Buster likes to steal socks and take them out to the back yard. he doesn't chew them. He just likes to take them. :)

  6. I am just hoping that Teddy can tell the difference between a leather belt and leather shoes!!!

  7. Teddy is a little darling! The belt should be better for his teeth, too!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm a drooler, too!

  8. I lurk on your site regularly and found it via my very close friend Tania. Can I say I adore the way you right - love the honesty and dear Teddy. Other than my little dog (Vince) Teddy is mega cute - a real chick magnet. Martine

  9. yep! that is when I eat crap loads too!

  10. Last night my dog ate half a cigar, well, just chewed it.
    My dogs love toys that squeak!

  11. A shout out for you to the HRT gods that this is the day.

  12. Sorry you are feeling so "off!" I have been very, very cranky all week so I am right there with you! I know that "this too shall pass!"

  13. Hey gorgeous get yourself onto some evening primrose oil. It wont help you this time but in the long run you will be doing yourself a massive favour,

  14. Gah! I had a hot flash while standing in the grocery check-out-line the other day. I almost left the cart and walked out of the store!


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