Friday, August 21, 2009


I got a phone call from the sewing machine lady.. they FOUND THE PROBLEM! It wasn't me! It was the machine..... LIKE I KNEW THAT!
So, it's fixed. I can either wait till next tuesday for them to take it back to Howick for me to pick up, or I can go over and get it...I'M GOING OVER TOMORROW. She wants to show me a couple of things to avoid this ever happening again. COOL....I can sew again! Thrilled about that.

I'm going back to Sylvia Park today to buy an EARLY Father's Day Present for Stewy..... ( Mike you will know what it is! )... Mike wanted one too.... but I can't afford to buy two. Sorry.

Once it's home and set up I will show ya! Probably late tonight.

Right now... got to feed the kids, make lunches, bla bla bla... and go to the gym.

Whoops! I didn't go to the gym... I went out and bought that little something:

Here it is: Above... set up like that ... and below: like this:

It's a neat unit... and I'm sure both Stew and I will get lots of use out of it. We already have all the weights to put on it, so hopefully it will arrive in a few days. AND BONUS: it was a THIRD of the price of the unit I was looking at yesterday! I also bought myself some smaller dumb bells to use at home:

So now we are kinda set up at home... maybe I will stop going to the gym (saves money) and just workout at home! I now have the motivation to DO IT... so I will~! LOL
Didn't do anything much this afternoon... spent an hour or so on me knees.. more about that tomorrow.. and entertained my Aunt and her grandson for afternoon tea.
Dinner is already done.. leftovers.. so expect a quiet evening.
End of Day: another nice day here in Auckland, where it's very WARM for this time of year! I'm in a t-shirt for goodness sake! In Palmy I would be in several layers and still be cold. I love it here! *smiles* nite nite.


  1. WooHoooo! What a relief they found the problem. I can't wait to see the finished Indonesian panel.



    About stinkin' time. Hope they don't expect a Christmas card and a tip or anything like that.


  3. Yay you for persisting with the sewing machine... must feel *very* satisfying now the problem is solved!

    Ack, gym equipment !!!.... I sure hope you get more use out of yours than I have been getting out to my stoopid treadmill...!!! xxx

  4. Wow - nice set up. Do you haev any cardio gear to go with it or just the weights?

  5. I'm so glad they finally solved the problem with your sewing machine. It is so frustrating when you KNOW something is wrong but can't get it to do it when the repair guy is there.

    Love all the new equipment. My advice is don't ever hang a piece of clothing on it.

  6. Kudos to you for two successes in one day....sewing machine and gym equipment. Way to go!

  7. SaWEEET! I had a weight room in my house in the US. It's fun!

  8. Pleased they finally found the problem.

    I think the home gym is a good idea. Just something you can do when you have time during the day.

  9. Steve6:41 PM

    Actually for your information mother, the weather down here is rather pleasant. The sun is shinning, there isnt much wind, and im half naked standing out in the sun (I thought i might add that bit for all you lady fans out there lol!!!!) Im hoping the portion of your day spent on your knees doesnt invlolve dad, if it does you had best keep that to yourself!!!


  10. YEAH! Thank goodness the machine is fixed! Now you can get some serious sewing done without any of the hassle!

  11. the machine: is it a Janome?
    My mom had a Janome & had nothing but problems with it.

  12. good the FINALLY found the problem but if it happens again I hope you stuff that machine up somebody's whatever. I still think they should replace it completely. I don't like the idea of you having to pamper it along with some whatever's, all the loaners work great. The thing is that machine was the price of a cheap used car; and YOU SEW!!!

    so you keep up all this working out and gonna be a hottie or what? Then I will not speak to you any more ya tart.


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