Sunday, August 02, 2009


Steve told us to have a sleep in, he was going to take care of Brylee and Griffin!!!

BUT everyone slept in till 8.50! So, I'm still in bed on me computer... and the rest of 'them' are up and getting breakfast. NICE.

What else?

We are 'sock training' Teddy. We put a sock on the floor and when he takes it we slap him with it..! It seems to be working! Now when he sees a sock he runs for the door! It is MEAN I know, but you have NO IDEA how many socks he has eaten!

The day looks beautiful from my bedroom window, Stew thinks we should go somewhere ....just not sure where!

And tonight: I DON'T want to play Poker ... I HATE LOSING. And the big kids mock me. The shits.

Once I dragged me butt outta bed I decided to take advantage of the boys and make them babysit so Stew and I could go out for Brunch, just the two of us. So we did....
We went to Maraetai Beach for Brunch.. ABOVE: our dining companions! They were so cute. The view was lovely too, Stew and I are fast becoming very attatched to this place.

ABOVE: Feeding our little friends.
After eating we went home and will probably take the whole family out for afternoon tea. Thinking of Mission Bay, another lovely beachside spot here in Auckland.

ABOVE: Full House, and I love it! Brydie (Steve's girlfriend) is here too....

We went to St Helliers Bay... Mission Bay was just too crowded...

ABOVE: Looking back towards the city...

ABOVE: Looking towards where we went. Much nicer I must say.

I've got another lovely meal in the oven... Lamb Chops and veges. All in the roasting dish... yum yum.

End of Day: well, another success in the roasting dish! AND I won at Poker tonight! SCORE! nite nite.


  1. We should sock train my dog! He always takes them and hides them from us

  2. Oops...sounds like I was REALLY wrong about the poker being fun!

  3. That would figure the day someone else takes everyone, they sleep in. LOL!!

    Have a relaxing Sunday!! :]

  4. I used to play cards on the ship out at sea. It is really scary to gamble lots of money.
    I went to Nevada USA (Where Las Vegas is) and got a weird feeling as soon as I crossed the line into the state. I decided not to gamble and didn't.

    I like the sock training idea.

  5. Brunch for two AND a full house!! What more could a girl ask for :-)

  6. gorgeous beach photos dinner sounds great.

  7. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Yay, you won! Mind you, you were beating me this're getting heaps better! Thanks for dinner too, it was yummy!

  8. I love the scenery you have...and I too love having my house full! You make me smile!


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