Thursday, August 20, 2009


It would appear that 'Anonymous' is gunna get a table made for me front door area!

So 'Anonymous'.... tell your Fiance' Tim that I am thrilled to bits that he's going to make me a table! Oh and Lacy...look after that guy cos he's amazing... I take my hat off to any guy who can stand you, let alone want to marry you! (said with EVER SO MUCH LOVE)! *smiles*

Dimensions: 40 inches long, 14 inches wide, height ? As for where it is to go... and what I kinda like....
It would go on the left-hand side of the door where the umbrellas are... and ideally would be rectangular in shape, with a solid metal top so it didn't rot in the rain! And it might be nice if it had something at the end to hold the umbrellas?
As to my tastes! Well nothing too fussy, these two are nice... (above and below)...But you can do whatever you want! A bottom shelf would be nice too... for 'stuff'... ya know!

Now that's done.... today:
- kids to school
- Wait for repairman to come and fix the gas cooktop
- Teddy to Groomers
- bloody housework.
ABOVE: I got another Blog Award! Thank you Trish, much appreciated.

OH Yaaaaa.. me stove works again... and it only took him 20 minutes to fix it... needed a new regulator... shit wonder how much that will cost???? Nevermind, me stove works!

I took Teddy to the groomers... he pissed on their floor the minute he got there.. me thinks he does not like being there! And now...
He's not talking to me ... they shaved him like a sheep! Poor boy.
While Teddy was being butchered, I met Stew for lunch at Sylvia Park... where these guys parked next to my GORGEOUS ROXY:
They may think they are HOT...but they are NOT. ... Pffffft. Where can I get me a real "Diet Coke" sign??? I will show them HOT. LOL!
While at Sylvia Park we looked at a little something we might buy... maybe tomorrow.... hee hee he.
And Lacy, don't get ya tits in a knot! Can I help it if Tim is only the 2nd guy you have ever bought home that I LIKE??? ... IN LIKE 10 years! Pfffft....
End of Day: it's been a lovely day I reckon. A nice evening too... watched the finale of Survivor... so glad JT won. He's so cute. nite nite.


  1. Whatwhatwhat?? Married!?? WOW!!

    ((Lacy)) congrats!

  2. I can't wait to see what the table is going to look like. Your front entrance area is already lovely.

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    stop frigen telling me 2 look afta hym ffs, iv know hym long enouf for hym to hav goten to no me and put up with me o...frigen...kay lady!
    ow and lots of love Lacy & Tim xoxoxo

  4. Now I need a man that can do things like that, does he have a brother? mX

  5. OOo Teddy is pissed!

  6. I found some really cute Diet Coke t-shirts at the Coke store in EPCOT- however - not my size:(

  7. Love the look on Teddy's face! If looks could kill you'd be a very dead lady! lol! priceless!

  8. LOL far out, that dog is really not happy is he?

  9. I love the expression on Teddy's face :-)

  10. Teddy looks mad as hell, but still adorable!

  11. ohhhh Teddy is NOT happy!!!

  12. Oh yeah Teddy looks pissed - don't think he will be cuddling with you any time soon!

  13. If looks could kill!! Teddy is hillarious. I don't reckon I would be happy either if I came home with a hair cut like that - LOL!!

    I love both of those tables. What a clever man.

  14. That look Teddy is giving you . . . priceless!

  15. that is a nice daughter you have there chris. after all we all know it was probably her idea....
    good on you going to the gym again.

  16. My gosh, the picture of your little dog is so freaking funny.


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