Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm sleeping in...

Well I better be! Or I'm gunna be a very unhappy Tart.

Wooo HOOO!!!... I got a sleep in, AND I didn't get woken up by any hot flushes overnight either! FREAKING AWESOME.

Today... well it's another miserable winter's day here, wet and dull... so another day puddling around home.
Well.. we will go do a grocery shop this morning I reckon.. then chill out at home.

Grocery shopping done... all put away, now it's housework time. Oh joy. NOT. At least Stew gets to do the microwaves.

WE went out.. we all had an ice cream.. then we went and bought some new swimming goggles for me... and the above CHIEFS shirts for the boys. The Chiefs (for you who don't know) is the name of the Provincial Rugby Team from the Waikato, where we originally come from. We support the Chiefs, they are in the Super 14 Rugby Competition here in New Zealand. The ALL BLACK RUGBY TEAM is made up from men from the Provincial teams. Stew is Rugby MAD! Me, not so much, though I do support our All Blacks!

Home now.. and I've just put lamb chops and veges in the oven... with heaps of mint sauce.... yummmmm.

End of Day: while the weather was crap, in all it has been a nice day. nite nite.


  1. Well now, we surely don't want you to be an unhappy tart, now do we?

  2. Ahhh I got a sleep in too... I have no kids here..and we had a late one... after 1am before turning out the light...
    woke at 8am... and then snuggled back down til 11am!! oops.... still in jarmys now... raining and yuk...

  3. Love the picture - lol!

    I'm going to spend the day ironing - yuk!

  4. Good luck with the sewing machine lady tomorrow. Good move printing out the stuff from the internet. Always best to be informed and prepared. Great news that you had no hot flushes. I'm so happy to be on HRT and feeling normal again. They're debilitating and just dreadful. Not to mention all the other things that go with menopause....

  5. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Hey Chris, Stew is looking great, so trim and fit looking.

    Are you on a low carb eating plan.


  6. Hope Stew did a good job on the microwave. Nice to hear you have him trained!

  7. Have a good sleep in and the ice cream sounds yummy!

  8. Just caught up after my 2 1/2 weeks away and my, you've been busy!!

    I just love the convergence quilts. Can you tell us how you do them or is it a secret?

    Hope things are settling down on the home front and the HRT does the trick.

    Good luck with the sewing machine tomorrow. Maybe if you threaten them with the wrath of your international readers you can terrify them into submission. Or they can just do what's right and replace the damn thing!

  9. Just wondering how you can post on your blog while you are sleeping in.
    Great pic!

  10. Glad you had a good day - why is it that all days can't start with a sleep in?

  11. I slept in today too, it was awesome!


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