Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The saga continues with my new machine.
I have put up with it jamming up and playing up for long enough.... hopefully today I will hear back from the shop I bought it from and...TAKE THE BLOODY THING BACK. I want a new one, not the lemon they sold me. OVER IT.

I also have my 3rd assessment at the gym today... ha! They wanted me to keep a 'Food Diary' for a week... OOPS! I wonder if I should 'make one up'... with lots of veges and fruit.. and no fish and chips? ha ha ha.
With so much on my mind lately I am finding it hard to concentrate on myself at all. I'm like SECONDARY to everything and everyone else.

I don't live in a bubble.... but I wish I did.

*********************PEPSI UPDATED************************
- Even if you don't feel like going to the gym.. when you do you end up feeling BLOODY FANTASTIC!
- If you want to have a swim instead of doing the treadmill... do so by all means... just DON'T WEAR MASCARA! It so buggers up ya look! (Sexy and gorgeous is what I aim for) ha ha ha!
- My HIGHLANDER can burn off everyone at the lights ... (shush, don't tell Stew)
I'm feeling GREAT... now I just have to fix the face and go do the grocery shopping.
I didn't hear back from the Sewing Machine shop, so I rang them.. and was told they would ring me back 'soon' as they were rather busy. THEY BETTER...
Hmmm... I waited for 'the call' which didn't happen, so I rang them AGAIN. The upshot is that my machine will be sent away to be checked out by the big honcho AGAIN .. and they MIGHT be able to give me a loaner machine in the meantime.
CRABBY? Much. I was told last time that if I had any more problems they would replace the machine, but now they are saying NO.
Stew is going to read over the warranty tonight to see what redress we have.
End of Day: and I didn't have dinner tonight! I had two sandwiches at 2pm this afternoon, and I am still not hungry. This is great! I just hope I don't feel like snacking later on. It's a constant battle. One I will win eventually! nite nite.


  1. i have always found the food diary thing to be a waste of time, honestly.

    portion control, excersize, and no late night snacking are the key.

  2. If you find out where they sell those bubbles, let me know. I could use one lately too. ;)

  3. ARG!! Stupid machine! I'd be so stinkin' mad. I hope they take it back, and with apologies, not the way you were treated before!!

  4. The food diary is for a self assessment and it is very eye opening if you write down EVERY single thing and don't change your habits for it. It's not for them it's for you.
    You'll hate me for saying this but give up soda ALL of it, diet and all.
    You will be amazed at how your body can respond without the constant inflow of toxic waste. Diet coke will kill you.
    Yeah I know I can hear you cussin clear across the continents.
    But what kind of friend would I be to just kiss your --- and agree with everything? Not so good.

    I think maybe the hunk who doesn't think food diaries help doesn't have a problem geez look at him!

  5. I can't believe the amount of trouble you have had with that machine.... hope you get it sorted out once and for all.

  6. I think you should demand a new machine, under the Consumer Guarantees Act I believe they are obligated to by this stage.

    If they argue, telkl them that unde the CGA they have to and if they don't y ou will take them to the commerce commision, Fair Go and the Disputes tribuna :-)

    I hope y ou have a good day and try to take some time out just for yourself and forget about all the other dramas going on, even if it is only for half an hour.

  7. To use a quote right off of your page.. "Your body keeps an accurate Journal, regardless of what you WRITE DOWN!"
    and yep-I eat roo-it's damn healthy meat! super lean, practically organic since they can't be farmed-and they are quite abundant. And the price is very reasonable too! :-) Good luck with that machine!

  8. Good luck with the sewing machine, I do think you got a lemon there. Its really disappointing when that happens. I hope the sewing machine shop does the right thing by you. Have a good day, Krissy (Singapore)

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I find I go off track with afood diary.. it is all the incidentals that cause the weight to go up for me.

    Try it for a week - be really honest and see where it goes from there.

    You need to take time for you - cause if mum aint happy - no one is

  10. Trying, trying, trying not to say all the trite things about taking care of yourself first cause you know em all already. As always, I am hoping you work through things to the good for you. And thanks a lot, now you have me craving fish and chips.

  11. Tsk, tsk. I told you to get a new machine from the start! Darn thing. What a waste of time for you to have to go through all of that. That would be frustrating.

  12. hope you get your machine fixed soon...

    good on you for going to the gym today.

  13. I'd be pretty pissed about the sewing machine, do you have a Govt body you can take your complaint to if they don't replace it?

  14. Got to love the mascara comment.....luckily mine was waterproof today LOL
    Bugggger about the sewing machine......I would be more than shitty I tell ya !!!!

  15. i would so insist on a different machine....

  16. You sound like you are doing great at the gym - even though getting there can be a drag. Well, getting motivated to get there, anyway!

    Good luck with the sewing machine! It must be a pain to have a machine which doesn't work properly with all of the sewing you have been doing lately!


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