Saturday, August 08, 2009


I slept in.
I did not go to weigh in.
I did get my pills finally.
I'm still crabby.

Stew is hanging out the washing, cos it's a lovely day out there, if cold.
After than I think we will go out, probably to some mall or other and have lunch.

Then this afternoon I hope to do some sewing.

THAT'S IT FOR NOW. I almost didn't blog at all today, cos I am just so crabby! But I felt bad cos I know there are some out there who do like to read what the hell I'm up to! lol

See this book? DON'T start reading it at 10pm.... cos it's darn hard to put down... and you will end up dreaming about what is going to happen next. *sigh*.... and god help the author is she kills off the heroine at the end. I don't think I will like that. NOT AT ALL.

We ended up going over to Takapuna/Devonport... firstly we stopped at Takapuna Mall for lunch... but there wasn't a McDonald's there so Griffin packed a shitty... so we left without getting any lunch cos we were not going to pander to him....

We went down to Devonport where I visited a Patchwork Shop (Cushla's)... which is an amazing shop! I bought some fat quarters:
ABOVE: Some "Kiwi" inspired ones.... for a special event in October....

ABOVE: these one's to make a runner for my lounge mantlepiece... and:

ABOVE: this one cos it just tickled me fancy! LOL

After that we went back to Takapuna for lunch at a lovely Coffee Shop (The Coffee Club) where Griffin happily ate 'real' food, not bloody McDonald's! I HATE McDONALD'S. It's crap food. The kids only want to eat there cos of the free toy... which is a piece of crap too. Rant over.

Home now and I'm going to sew while Stew watches rugby... win, win for both of us.

End of Day: I've been sewing! It was neat. I even got to watch 'Knocked Up" and do the hand sewing too. nite nite.


  1. I'm a new visitor and found you on another blog. My husband is also trying to loose weight, but he starves himself. I must say, your eyes are gorgeous. I haven't read that book.

  2. LOL You shouldn't start reading at 10 p.m. anyway because of the very problem you encountered. :]

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you are crabby. I know the feeling. I hope your weekend gets better! (At least Stew is hanging the laundry so you don't have to.)

  4. I hate McD's as well. Like Griffin our grandkids find the toy the attraction.

  5. Those Kiwi inspired FQ's are wonderful...gee, I wonder what that's for.LOL
    Sorry that you are crabby!
    We all have those days!

  6. good job sticking to your guns about tantrums for McDonalds. :)

    It's okay to have grumpy days by the way! Having an understanding husband on those days are awesome.

  7. I love the patchwork cows Chris. Just catching up on what's been happening while I haven't been able to get on a computer. I hope the HRT stuff works. My hot flushes have stopped since I had acupuncture .... hmm I shouldn't have thought that!! Catch up soon.

    Luv Karen

  8. I collect McDonalds toys. Have had to limit the habit now but I am very happy to say a couple of the collections I have are worth four digit $$$

  9. Sorry you are still feeling a bit cranky! I know what that is like since I have had a cranky week myself! Glad that you like the Martina Cole book - Her book "Broken" was like that for me. A good writer!

  10. I love that cow fabric....does it have the design name on the selvedge? I'd love to get some of it.....I haven't seen that one before.

    Hugs n thanks for stopping by my blog for the giveaway...good luck.



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